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H OW TO M AKE THE B EST OF Y OUR S UMMER Natalie Walker, M.S Russell Conwell Center April 14, 2010.

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1 H OW TO M AKE THE B EST OF Y OUR S UMMER Natalie Walker, M.S Russell Conwell Center April 14, 2010

2 W ELCOME ! Thank you for “attending” the Making the Best of Your Summer Online Workshop. Whether traveling, working, or bumming around for the summer, we will learn how to make the most of your break and be prepared to take the quiz afterward. Ready? Summer, here we come!

3 F IRST T HINGS F IRST … Let’s examine what you think of when you think of summer…. Many times it’s…..


5 B UT LET ’ S RETHINK THAT … What does summer really mean for you? Let’s start with answering the most important question? Do you need to make money this summer?

6 YES: I DO NEED TO MAKE MONEY If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. Whether you need to make money to buy books next semester, pay your tuition, or help support your family, there are many opportunities to do so (and some of them can even help with a grade) Let’s look at some options and resources…

7 J OBS /P AID I NTERNSHIPS You can keep the job you have or start looking for a new one that offers better pay or more hours NOTE: Remember the #1 rule of job seeking. NEVER leave your current position without having another one in place. Not the promise or the hope of one, but a confirmed offer of employment Paid internships are the best of both worlds. They allow you to make money doing something related to your major while making money at the same time.

8 O BTAINING A J OB OR I NTERNSHIP 1. Create/Update your Resume - The TU Writing Center has some great tips on resume writing herehere 2. Check in with your Major Department and/or School to find out the requirements of your internship - How many hours? What kind of supervision? What will you be required to submit? Etc. 3. Start your research and look for jobs that offer a glimpse into the field you’re considering

9 F OR EXAMPLE.. Are you a Journalism/English major? Try the Daily News, The Inquirer, Citypaper or even your local newspaper (South Philly Review, Northeast Times, Delaware County) Are you interested in going to Law School? Contact local law offices to see about obtaining summer internships Do you love working with children? Try the local School Districts or Parks are Recreation Departments to inquire about their summer programs and opportunities BE CREATIVE!!

10 O THER R ESOURCES FOR J OBS philadelphia.shtml

11 I F YOU DON ’ T NEED TO WORK THIS SUMMER … What will you do?

12 R EMEMBER … At some point, you will be seeking a job after graduation. Let your future employer know that even if you didn’t work, you spent your time productively… Here are some suggestions….

13 O PTIONS FOR S UMMER Spend some time SHADOWING someone in your field. Take some summer classes to get ahead in your curriculum (check with financial services) Take a road trip and blog about it Discover your family history (MyHeritage has great free tools)MyHeritage Set some personal goals for yourself I will read at least 10 books this summer I will improve my English skills I will take a class at the local community center I will develop some healthy eating habits


15 B ALANCE = P LANNED A CTIVITIES AND S PONTANEITY What are 10 things that you’d like to accomplish this summer? Enter your answers on the survey

16 G OOD, NOW LET ’ S NARROW IT DOWN What are 5 of those things that are most important to you? Enter your answers on the survey

17 G REAT, NOW LET ’ S MAKE A PLAN … How would you go about making these things happen? Enter your answers on the survey

18 C ONGRATULATIONS ! You are well on your way to making the best of your summer! Remember, summer breaks only last so long so take advantage of each day. Have fun! Please complete the quiz in its entirety to receive credit for attendance. The survey/quiz can be found here or copy and paste this link into your browser:

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