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So, You are Secretary of your 4-H Club! Montana 4-H Center for Youth Development.

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1 So, You are Secretary of your 4-H Club! Montana 4-H Center for Youth Development

2 Congratulations ! Your job is essential to your 4-H club. You have a VERY important role to play in keeping the history of your club.

3 As Secretary, you are responsible for… Keeping minutes of all 4-H meetings Handle 4-H club correspondence Call roll and keep records of attendance Read minutes of previous meeting

4 Secretary Responsibilities Read program for the following meeting Send minutes to county extension office Keep copy of club’s constitution and by-laws Inform president and organizational leader if you plan to be gone

5 Checklist for Secretaries Arrive at meeting ahead of time Discuss business with leaders and president Sit next to or near president Work with other officers; especially the reporter Read minutes and make corrections if necessary Take accurate notes of events of each meeting

6 Checklist for Secretaries Assist president during meeting by writing the motions as stated and restating the motion if necessary Read correspondence and write letters sent from group (thank you notes) Maintain record of all officers and committees

7 Minutes Should Include Kind of meeting (regular or special) Name of group Place and date of meeting Who presided Time meeting started Number of members and guests present

8 Minutes Should Include Statement that minutes were read and corrected Approval of minutes of previous meeting Treasurer’s report Report of other officers and committees

9 Minutes Should Include Complete motions, name of person making the motion and whether the motion carried or lost Name of person seconding the motion is not needed; many clubs include this information Persons appointed to committees and assignments

10 Minutes Should Include Type of program presented and who provided it Acknowledgement of service to club (refreshments provided) Secretary’s signature

11 Sample Minutes Secretary’s Book – Montana 4-H Clubs 2FM045S South Dakota 4-H Club Secretary’s Record of Minutes YD4H218 (electronic version) es/YD4H218.doc

12 Club Secretary Very important role to play in your club Secretary reports you send in to the county extension office are important, not only this year, but for the years to come Very important history of your club

13 Have fun and learn as much as you can!

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