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So, you’re going to Granada?

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1 So, you’re going to Granada?




5 Into which level will you place? This is difficult to know for sure. If you have already completed several ISU Spanish classes at the 200-level, it is more likely that you will place into the Curso de Estudios Hispánicos. If you have only taken or at ISU, it is likely that you will place into the Curso de Lengua y Cultura Espa ñ olas, but you won ’ t know for certain until you take the placement test upon your arrival. At the University of Granada, there are two levels: Curso de Lengua y Cultura Españolas, which is the Intermediate level and Curso de Estudios Hispánicos, which is the advanced level

6 What if I plan to be in the Curso de Estudios Hispánicos and end up in the Curso de Lengua y Cultura españolas?  This is why you must have a back-up plan. You must write down what you would take should you place into either level.  You must also have backup elective courses. Some students are unable to get into the elective course(s) that they had planned for. Write a list of these backup courses for each level.

7 Do you know which Spanish classes you have left to complete your major or minor? Look at the handout that I have given to you w/your specific details on it. Look on your Progress Toward My Degree under your major or minor plan and make a list of courses that you still need to take. Use this list to help you choose classes to take in Granada. You can also use this list as you register for the semester following your study in Granada. Look at your General Education courses. How many do you have left to take? Make a list of the ones you have yet to complete. Look to see if you can get credit for any of these in Granada. You can also refer to this list while as you register for the semester following your study in Granada. Keep in mind that when you register for Spring 12 while in Granada, you may need a “Prerequisite Override” because the computer does not recognize what you are taking abroad. Registration for any class requiring the prereq. of 213, 215, 233 or 243 will require this override. Contact me for this.







14 Filling out the Course Placement Sheet: DO’s and DON’T’s  Fill out all of your personal information at the top  Fill out the course title and the ISU equivalent number under Host Institution Course #/Title  Write which requirement will be met (major/minor, Gen Ed or Elective) under Requirement Fulfilled  Write 3 credits next to each course name in the Credits column  Do not write anything else.

15 Fill out course title and course number here: Write which requirement is fulfilled: major/minor/ Gen Ed or elective credit Credits earned here All personal info goes here: Major/minor advisor must sign here:

16 Which classes do you HAVE to take? You will earn elective (287.15) or repeat credit if you have already taken a course but must take it again in Granada. Intermediate level/Curso de Lengua y Cultura Españolas: Nociones de Gramática Española (213.15) AND Producción oral y escrita (223.15) Advanced level/Curso de Estudios Hispánicos: Producción oral y escrita (223.15) but NOT the grammar class

17 How should I fill out my form?  Nociones de Gramatica or  Produccion Oral y Escrita or  Curso Intensivo or  Literatura  Cultura Espanola  Historia de Espania or  Other electives (see next slide) write down AS MANY electives as you can.

18 Which classes do you NEED? Curso de Lengua y Cultura Españolas Choices: Literatura Española (hasta XIX) OC-H Literatura Española (S. XIX-XX) OC-H Historia de España or Civilización y cultura españolas Curso Intensivo or Electives: Variedades de Español Intro al español de los negocios Geografía de España Historia del Arte en España OC-FA Cultura islámica en España OC-SS Civilización y cultura hispanoamericanas Sistema político en España y en la Unión Europea Economía Española y Latinoamericana You may take more than one class Curso de Estudios Hispánicos Choices: Literatura Española (siglo XIX) OC-H Literatura hispanoamericanan (hasta XIX) “ “ Introducción a la lingüística Civilización y cultura españolas Curso Intensivo or Electives: Variedades de Español Intro al español de los negocios Geografía de España Historia del Arte en España OC-FA Cultura islámica en España OC-SS Civilización y cultura hispanoamericanas Sistema político en España y en la Unión Europea Economía Española y Latinoamericana You may take more than one class

19 Other elective choices from the Curso de Estudios Hisp á nicos  Politica y gobierno en Espa ñ a  Actualidad econ ó mica de Espa ñ a  Actualidad sociopol í tica en Espa ñ a  Flamenco y m ú sicas tradicionales  Historia de la m ú sica espa ñ ola  Traducci ó n ingles-espa ñ ol / (level)  Did á ctica del espa ñ ol como lengua estranjera  Did á ctica del ingles para hispanohablantes  Historia de Espa ñ a (1. Edad Moderna) (2. del S. XIX a la Guerra Civil) (3. desde Franco hasta la actualidad)  Arte Espa ñ ol (1. de la Antig ü edad al Renacimiento) (2. del Barroco a la Actualidad)  Historia del Cine Espa ñ ol (FALL ONLY)  Estudio comparativo de la literatura y de las artes visuales (SPRING ONLY)

20 How can you earn General Education credit in Granada ? There are several courses that meet Gen Ed credit, including these below and others. OC-SS: Cultura isl á mica en Espa ñ a OC-FA: Historia del Arte en Esp., Historia de la m ú sica Esp. OC-H: Literature classes You can also earn global studies graduation credit by taking Civilizaci ó n y cultura hispanoamericanas and Islamic Culture in Spain. ents/Granada_Articulation_Course_List.pdf

21 When in Granada, for quick reference go to: road/students/documents/Granada_Articulation_Course_List.pdf

22 What will I earn credit for in Granada?  Everything that you take!  What you see on these pages and on the link to Int’l Studies is exactly what you will get credit for. All classes transfer back as 3 credits each  Your grades in Granada count at ISU!  You do not need to me to ask if the classes you take in Granada will give you credit. They do.  If you wonder if classes will meet major/minor requirements, refer to the Academic Planning form that you take w/you to Granada and Progress Toward My Degree on iCampus.

23 Plan for your Spring 2011 courses  What will you have left to take in Spanish when you return to ISU? Write this on the back of your form.  Open a Word document, transfer this info. and save it to your account for future reference.  While in Granada, if you have questions, be sure to have referred to all resources (ISU course articulation link, your iCampus, as well as your advisement sheet) when ing me. I want to see that you know these things.

24 International Studies minor Several courses that you might take at ISU and abroad can be applied to an International Studies minor. The program’s features include a background in foreign language, a focus on issues related to internationalization or globalization of society, a focus on a geographic area of the world, and participation in a formal study abroad experience. Academic advisement is essential to this highly individualized program in order for students to construct programs that will fit their individual needs.

25 Requirements for Int’l Studies minor — 24 hours required, including LAN 115 or equivalent; 6-12 hours in Category A; 9-15 hours in Category B; and participation in a study abroad or alternative international experience. CATEGORY A—International Issues: — 6-12 hours required. Courses in the student’s first major may not count toward category A requirements. A maximum of 2 courses from any 1 department or school maybe taken. Choose from the following: AGR 201; ANT 175, 185; ART 275; CJS 369; COM 355, 369, 372; ECO 210, 245, 345; ENG 206, 255, 261; GEO 135; HIS 104, 230, 270; IDS 203; INB 190; LAN 206; POL 140, 150, 151, 251, 252, 254, 255, 344, 351, 358, 363; SOC 108, 366; THE 271, , ; WGS 120, or other courses approved by the International Studies Advisor. CATEGORY B—Area Studies: — 9-15 hours required. Only courses taken in 1 area listed below may be counted toward the minor. Many Illinois State University Study Abroad program courses count.

26 Category B-Int’l Studies minor cont. — Latin America: HIS 263; LAN(SPA) 116, 244, 305; POL 140, 240, 340. — Europe: ART 372, 379; GEO 240; HIS 102, 229, 234, 237, 366; LAN 116 (FR, GER, ITN, SPA), 217 (GER), 218 (GER), 243 (SPA), 305 (FR), 305 (SPA); POL 141, 242, 341. — Africa: GEO 250, HIS 266; LAN 325; POL 140, 246. — South and Southwest Asia (Middle East, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka): GEO 255; HIS 272, 378; PHI 207, 208; POL 140, 245, 247, 349. — East Asia: GEO 255; HIS 373, 375; LAN 116 (JPN), PHI 208; POL 140, 245, 345.

27 Who to contact if you want to add this minor: International Studies 308 Fell Hall, Campus Box 6120 (309) Advisor: Allison Anson 369 Fell Hall (309) ;

28 MINOR IN LATIN AMERICAN, CARIBBEAN, AND LATINO/A STUDIES  Director: Dr. Maura Toro-Morn,  Department of Sociology and Anthropology  361 Schroeder Hall, Campus Box 4660  (309) ;  Advisor: Janet Claus  Academic Advisement  340 Fell Hall, Campus Box 4060  (309)  24 hours required  A plan of study approved by the advisor including  courses from at least three of the following groups.  Group A - Department of Curriculum and Instruction (Bilingual Education): C&I 319, 320, 321, 322.  Group B - Department of Languages, Literatures,and Cultures: LAN (Spanish) 115, 116, 233, 240, 244, 325, 336.  Group C - Department of Geography and Geology: GEO  Group D - Department of History: HIS , 263, 282, 283.  Group E - Department of Politics and Government: POL 240, 336, 340.  Group F - Department of Sociology and Anthropology: SOC 109.  NOTE: Other courses with appropriate content may be approved by the advisor, particularly LAN (Spanish) 305, 360; HIS 306; and IDS when topic is Latin America.

29 Have you contacted Dr. Shively?  Everyone must have an interview with Dr. Shively as part of the application process.  Please sign up on the appointment form on Dr. Shively’s door. Meetings are March 3-4 in (STV 218)  Questions?

30 You MUST make a copy of this form  Give a copy to your parents  Take a copy to the Registrar’s Office in Moulton.  Take a copy with you to Granada (Don’t me from Granada asking me how your courses will transfer back to ISU – you should have this form to help you with that.)

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