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Managing Blackpool’s Night Time Economy Steve Morton, Alcohol Harm Reduction Policy Officer Mark Marshall, Licensing & Health & Safety Manager Louise.

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2 Managing Blackpool’s Night Time Economy Steve Morton, Alcohol Harm Reduction Policy Officer Mark Marshall, Licensing & Health & Safety Manager Louise Scales, Alcohol Harm reduction Police Officer

3 The situation Approx 10 Million visitors Top 5 for Violent Crime One of the busiest A&E Departments Highest concentration of bars outside of London Concentration of Off Licences, one for every (approx) 200 people in some wards.

4 Tools used Night Time Economy Strategy Altn8 Night Safe Saturation Policy Designated Public Place Order

5 Night Time Economy Strategy Developed during 2008 by an interagency working group The strategy aims to – –Provide a single point of reference for initiatives and interventions –Highlight Blackpool’s uniqueness of place –Outline the future aspiration for the night time and weekend economy offer in Blackpool, and the measures we intend to implement to achieve this.

6 Blackpool’s Strategic Partnership Vision Goal 1: Improve Blackpool’s Economic Prosperity A key objective within this goal is ‘to create high quality, all-year-round reasons to come to Blackpool’ of which a successful and sustainable night time and weekend economy is an important feature. Goal 2: Develop a Safe, Clean, and Pleasant place to Live, Work and Visit Within this goal, two key objectives are of particular relevance to this document: ‘Create a Safer Blackpool’ ‘Create a Cleaner and Greener Blackpool’

7 Blackpool’s Strategic Partnership Vision Continued Goal 3: Improve Skill Levels and Educational Achievement 5% of Blackpool’s workforce is employed within licensed premise. A key objective for Goal 3 is ‘to foster a workforce with the vocational skills to meet the needs of Blackpool’s economy’ which includes ensuring that the night time and weekend economy is suitably managed to provide a positive customer experience. Goal 4: Improve the Health and Well-being of the Population There are obvious links between the binge-drinking culture associated with the night time economy, and the health and well-being of the population – be this through the short and long term effects of excessive alcohol consumption, or alcohol related accidents, violence and sexual promiscuity within the night time economy. Key objectives within this goal include: ‘Encourage healthy lifestyles and emotional well-being for the whole population’ ‘Reduce teenage conception rates and improve sexual health’

8 Saturation Policy Established 2007 Challenged successfully by Wetherspoons Consulted again Established new Cumulative Impact Policy in town centre Established off sales Cumulative Impact Policy in 3 wards.

9 Designated Public Place Order Increasing gatherings of young people drinking Collected data from Police, licencing, health Consulted Established Order in a range of areas across the town

10 Altn8 Poster Campaign Radio Campaign Polycarbonates Music Competition Altn8 Challenge

11 Police led activities Nightsafe Policing Operation Acrylic Education

12 Getting people home safely Taxi Marshalls Safe Haven Multi Agency Rapid Response Vehicle

13 Education The purpose- Sec 182 Guidance and the ability to demonstrate reasonableness Methods include monthly compliance training Licensing Manuals Funding NCPLH courses from Licensing fees Bespoke talks to business’s

14 Engagement Pub Watch meetings Advice or written warnings Consultation with area Managers & Licence holders ( key issue is to minute and include in Reviews ) Elected member engagement

15 Engagement Written warning re breach of conditions- point out the breach, time limit the issue, swift follow up failure to comply, prosecute Consultation- minuted meeting spelling out the issues, suggested improvements, time scale for improvement then follow up. Failure results in Review. Elected members receive a detailed power point presentation every quarter

16 Che Bar Underage Sale in January Increased popularity raised concerns regarding the management of numbers control and and the queues outside Glass Related Injury and potential for huge crime and Disorder resulted in voluntary closure



19 Enforcement Operations Reviews Prosecutions Results

20 Operations Op Accommodation- 9 month campaign on problematic hotels resulted in a 8%reduction in violent crime and ASB 29 Prosecution Reports, 2 Licensing Reviews,55 improvement notices Targeted Hotels in crime hot spots at key times. Serving to non residents and underage ( TP’s), Authorisation issues Fire safety and health and safety Conditions of licence.

21 The Washington 3 underage sales-Reviewed Conditions added ? Additional sale 6 months later- 28 day suspension Appealed – Further evidence obtained, accepted the suspension despite threats they were going to take the case all the way.

22 Tappas Bar 4 under age sales in 18 months period Multiple Licensing Breach’s Health and Safety matters Attempted to agree a term of suspension Given 6 weeks by the committee plus a raft of conditions and removal of DPS Appealed- further evidence obtained and eventually accepted suspension.


24 Close up of exposed electrical terminals, would carry 240v shock, human lethality most common between 100-250v Extraction unit not fit for purpose pulling the Gas fumes away from upstairs leaving Carbon Monoxide in the cellar

25 Inadequate storage of waste blocking the fire escapes Rotting food in the fridge

26 Result ? Immediate closure of the premises Extensive Improvement notices Licensing Review

27 Two Year Comparison Chart


29 Any Questions?

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