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Programming graphical user interfaces PGUI 2003

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1 Programming graphical user interfaces PGUI 2003

2 2003-09-16Jarkko Leponiemi2 Description The course provides basic and some advanced information on programming graphical user interfaces After attending the course the student is able to implement applications including a graphical user interface with medium level of complexity

3 2003-09-16Jarkko Leponiemi3 To do! Learn the fundamental programming techniques of GUI Practice the techniques in concrete environments Prove your skills by implementing a programming project Utilize your new abilities in future projects…

4 2003-09-16Jarkko Leponiemi4 What have we been up to so far… Mac OS Windows APIX Window Amulet JavaWindows API Win APIMFCJava Win APIMFC.NET 1989 - 1993 2003 2000 - 2002 1994 - 1995 1997 - 1999 Mac OSWindows API 1996 Java.NET 2004 - ????

5 2003-09-16Jarkko Leponiemi5 The environments Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) –cross-platform application development with advanced UI lilbraries Windows API –low-level functions for windows user interface programming Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) –an object oriented layer around the Windows API.NET Framework –a general-purpose application framework for Windows development

6 2003-09-16Jarkko Leponiemi6 OSCU Open source courseware Shared implementation of courses between different universities The participating universities in PGUI 2003: –University of Tampere (responsible) –Tampere University of Technology –University of Oulu

7 2003-09-16Jarkko Leponiemi7 The main topics Structure of a GUI application Producing graphics Event handling Basic interaction Model-view-controller User interface components, windows, dialogs, controls, … Advanced topics?

8 2003-09-16Jarkko Leponiemi8 You are required to… Implement at least 40% of the weekly exercise assignments –computed from points –25%, if going for 2-5 cu (Tampere, Oulu?) Implement the programming project –write an UI design document –implement a prototype –implement a full version (different target environment from the prototype) No exam!

9 2003-09-16Jarkko Leponiemi9 Programming project Organization chart editor UI design document –a complete description of the UI –pictures of the UI Prototype implementation –see project description for the requirements Full version implementation –complete application –see project description

10 2003-09-16Jarkko Leponiemi10 Weekly exercises Assigments are available at least a week before the exercise group gathering Assigments are usually based on the previous lectures Prepare your answers by yourself before the gathering Prepare to present your answers in the gathering

11 2003-09-16Jarkko Leponiemi11 Further information See the course web pages for further information! Ask!

12 2003-09-16Jarkko Leponiemi12 Local arrangements The ”course masters”: –Mika Käki (, UTA –Inka Vilpola (, TUT –Dan Bendas (, Oulu Contact course masters (and other local personnel) for arrangements Contact lecturer for content Introduction to the local arrangements follows…

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