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HIIT-NRC Seminar 2.10.2007 Marko Turpeinen Network Society.

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1 HIIT-NRC Seminar 2.10.2007 Marko Turpeinen Network Society

2 Mission Human-centric multidisciplinary anticipation and development of ubiquitous information and communication technology, which is based on deep understanding of needs and practices of our everyday life and our social relations in a network society.

3 Network Society Research Groups Digital Content Communities: Prof. Marko Turpeinen, Dr. Risto Sarvas, Dr. Timo Saari Ubiquitous Interaction: Dr. Giulio Jacucci, Dr. Antti Oulasvirta, Prof. Martti Mäntylä Digital Economy: Prof. Jukka Kemppinen, Dr. Perttu Virtanen, Dr. Olli Pitkänen, Prof. Pekka Himanen Distributed Applications: Dr. Ken Rimey

4 Research Domains 1.Mobile and ubiquitous interaction 2.Open media creation, management and distribution 3. Tools and methodology for service innovation 4. Development of a sustainable network society Future User Technology Ecologies Performative Interaction Mobile Group Media Snapshot Media Games for Future Virtual Economies P2P Production and Distribution Privacy Digital Media Licensing Innovation Systems

5 Future User: Field Quasi- Experiments The construction of research equipment for data-rich field studies A new version allows the use of both user-”implanted” and environmental minicameras with an operational duration up to 4 hours. The light-weight equipment fit to the belt of the user.

6 CityWall


8 Start up: MultiTouch Oy provides three solutions: Software & SDK with hardware specifications Pre built installations End to end, custom installations

9 CoMedia: mobile group media for spectators Event Pamphlet Group Schedule of event Media Stories Collective media Member List Member’s context Story: “Moksi-leustu” (a rally special stage) (to appear in CHI2007)


11 MMM-1@Berkeley with Futurice 20032004 2005 2006 2007 MC2@HIIT with Futurice MC2@HIIT Immortalidad@HIIT with KCL, Futurice, Yliopistopaino User-centric mobile phone photo sharing system. Metadata-centric mobile phone photo system. A more commercially oriented version of MobShare. A full-blown commercial service with MTV3. Dr. Risto Sarvas receives the best computer science thesis in Finland 2006 award

12 Media in Transition 18-20 55+ childhood teenage young adult parenthood “3rd age” retirement grandparenthood New Life as an adult end of childhood end of childhood end of school end of school own home own home new social networks new social networks Transition of Technology 1st “real” camera 1st “real” camera media as memorabilia media as memorabilia media as communication media as communication new social services new social services A media generation unlike any other… New Market wealthy and will spend it wealthy and will spend it how will the ICT sector react to this? how will the ICT sector react to this? 30% of developed countries how to include in e-society? how to include in e-society? knowledge transfer from retirement knowledge transfer from retirement Digital Divide current ICT is not for older people current ICT is not for older people difficult technology will not be accepted difficult technology will not be accepted difficult technology will broaden the divide difficult technology will broaden the divide “Facebook for seniors” is waiting to happen…

13 Basic research econometric analysis of virtual economy data (EVE Online) economic modeling studies of user behaviour in virtual economies using surveys and fieldwork methods Advanced applications prototypes of innovative mobile and online services game worlds social networking sustainable consumption enterprise applications Virtual Economy


15 On-going Collaboration with Nokia  Understanding mobile context of use  HIIT: Antti Oulasvirta; NRC  Location-based tagging  HIIT: Risto Sarvas; Nokia: Christoffer Winquist, Miriana Spasojevic  Open mobile platforms  HIIT: Kai Kuikkaniemi; Nokia: Juha Kaario, Riku Suomela  Peer-to-peer media and legal issues  HIIT: Herkko Hietanen; Nokia: Heikki Kokkinen  Personalised Ubiservices  HIIT: Patrik Floréen; Nokia: Christian Prehofer

16 Personalised Ubiservices in Public Spaces (PUPS) TEKES Ubicom programme project, 1.8.07-31.7.09 Participants: 3 HIIT research programmes, VTT Mobile Interaction, Bitlips, Ekahau, Elisa, Idean Enterprises, K- Plus (Kesko), Nokia, Ramblas Digital, Tuulia International, UpCode, Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired The company partners contribute also in content (software, hardware, data, consulting) Funding for 2 years: TEKES 550000 (77%), companies 125500 (17%), VTT 42000 (6%), total 717500 Project coordinator: doc. Patrik Floréen (HIIT)

17 PUPS Project Content Project objective: Designing, implementing and field trialling prototype ubicomp applications that combine context-awareness with personalisation in order to provide a better user experience in everyday tasks in public spaces, in particular outside the home and workplace User experience research with user trials Probabilistic context and user modelling for combining personalisation with context-awareness Service development and prototyping on different mobile platforms (incl. combination of positioning techniques) Business models [Elisa & VTT] Applications: Mall assistant (MAssi) in K-Citymarket Itäkeskus; social mobile media (AndroMedia) in Itäkeskus shopping mall

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