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Research & Innovation Project Objectives –Rethinking –Technology –Increase profits –Innovative solutions.

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1 Research & Innovation Project Objectives –Rethinking –Technology –Increase profits –Innovative solutions

2 The Task Research: –Current technologies. –Current activities. –Identify needs. Conceptualization –Creating innovative solutions –Implementing the six thinking hats. –Implementing technology.

3 Technology Mobile technology –Pilotproject –Primary data

4 Mobileguide pilot project GPS GuideDanmark VisitDenmark Tourist unions Private business' Xml content KMS Digital Background cards Euman Theme Tours

5 TXT4 TXT4 and Visit Britain. –TIC –How –SMS –Call-back

6 English and German Hans Christian Andersen H. C. Andersen Museum The Tinderbox H. C. Andersen’s childhood home More sights: Danish Railway Museum Odense City Museum The Iron Age Village The Funen Odense Zoo art museums and galleries churches activities, accommodations: bike rides, canoeing, fishing, golf, swimming- pools, wellness, walking and cycling tours, river cruise, sculpture guides restaurants, hotels, youth hostels, theaters, bars, shops seasonal outgoings: festivals H. C. Andersen and Arts and Crafts Market Christmas

7 Activities Planned and Development “Den Kreative By” – “The Creative City” Budget: 1 billion DKK over a period of 10 years

8 High impact on tourism Arena Fyn: Sport arena with 4000 and later 5000 spectator Budget: 90.000.000 DKK Event house Odense: attract big events to Odense Kulturmaskinen: Studenterhus Odense, International Hus, Badstuen Budget: 31.000.000 DKK Music- and Theaterhouse: Budget: 90.000.000 DKK Rytmeposten: Budget: 11.000.000 DKK Water culture House Development of City Space: is Odense Idrætshal: Budget: 40.000.000 DKK Low Impact on Tourism

9 Who is involved? –Cities –Persons –Organizations Objectives of the Project –Local –International Pro vs. Contra

10 Interview with Lars Bojen Technical products made for communicate with tourists Liveable City Mobile Bristol Project in England Norway Have to think big!

11 Jette Flinch Nyrop Who is Jette? –What is her function? –For whom does she work? Liveablecity –How does it work? –What are the goals and objectives?

12 Identification of Tourist Needs Alot of activities currently. –Attraction value of each activity is low. –Current activities/attractions target people at the age of 30+ –Some planned activities will potentially attract 18+ Mobile technology implementation is very small-scale. Active marketing of Odense is limited. Shotgun marketing: Trying to be all things to all people. Think big!

13 Project Conceptualization Accomodations & Restaurants Viking festival (first week in July) Attractions all year around

14 Accomodations & Restaurants Viking Hotels & Restaurants

15 Accomodations & Restaurants Viking Bars & Pubs

16 Accomodations & Restaurants Giftshops with Viking clothes & attributes


18 Viking Festival (first week in July) Viking Music Festival – Viking Metal Bands & Folk musik Viking Battles -Shows theater, showing important historical viking events. -Try it yourself, become a part of the battle ( reinactment ) -Toy swords and axes for sale and to tryout. -Accsessories for sale

19 Viking Festival

20 Vikings in the streets


22 Mobile Technology Concept Consumer environmet –Technology – what? –Tourist – what? –O.T.S. Network environment –How? Client environment –Services? –Consumer?

23 Mobile Technology Concept Consumer environmet –SMS –Call-back Client environment –SMS –Call-back

24 Conclusion Research –Thorough. –Possibly too extensive. Concept –Wide concept. –Many possibilities. –Technology implemented. Learning styles –Different styles for different situations. –Language barrier –More activists please. The six thinking hats –Great for creative effort. –”Black-hatter”

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