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Current Management of Fistula-in-ano

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1 Current Management of Fistula-in-ano
Dr. Leung Tak Lun Canice Department of Surgery North District Hospital

2 Case Presentation M/47 Hx of perianal abscess
On and off perianal discharge P/E FIA with external opening at 4 oc position, 3cm from anal verge Internal opening at 4 oc, above dentate line

3 EUA and Rigid sigmoidoscopy
Transpincteric FIA with ext. opening at 4 oc Internal opening at 4 oc, above dentate line External tract at left ischorectal fossa excised Seton inserted Plan for tightening of seton in 4/52

4 At 2nd operation Seton already broken and lost
Basically healed fistula Curettage of granulation tissue done

5 Recurrence!! 4 months later c/o persistent discharge MRI offered

6 MRI finding -> transphincteric type of FIA with bifurcation tract near the anus and ending at 5 and 7 o’clock position

7 Reoperation Intra-op finding
Transphincteric FIA with external opening at 4 oc Internal opening at 4cm from anal verge just below level of levator ani but at the top of internal sphinter Curettage of the track done and seton inserted again

8 Follow up Well and no discharge

9 Etiology Pre-existing abscess Anal gland theory
Anal glands 8 or more in number Form small abscess at interspincteric plane when infected Other causes include congenital, pelvic sepsis, trauma, hidradenitis suppurativa, haemorrhoid, iatrogenic, inflammatory bowel disease, TB, maligancy

10 Parks Classification

11 Clinical presentation
Anal discharge preceded by episode of pain and perianal swelling Repeated episode of perianal sepsis

12 Clinical assessment History Physical examination
Palpation of the perineum Digital examination

13 Clinical assessment EUA Light GA Palpation
Methylene blue, hydrogen peroxide injection probing

14 Imaging modality Fistulogram Endoanal ultrasound MRI

15 Fistulography Disappointing Accuracy 16% only
Difficult to relate the track to the sphincter and levator ani The acute track are just column of inflamed granulation tissue without a lumen

16 Endoanal ultrasound High accuracy (93%) of predicting the site of internal opening of an anal fistula Overall concordance for type of fistula is 82% Colorectal Disease, 4,

17 Hydrogen peroxide improve the concordance with type of fistula from 80% to 89%
Colorectal Disease, 4,

18 Endoanal ultrasound

19 MRI Advantage of MRI Multiplanar imaging
High soft tissue differentiation to show the track system in relation to the underlying anatomy in a projection relevant to surgical exploration

20 MRI Concordance rate with surgical exploration of 86% to 88% in initial reports Currently Up to 100% sensitivity for primary tract 96% for abscess 100% for horse extension 96% for internal opening

21 Axial / Coronal view

22 T1 axial T2 axial

23 T1 coronal T2 coronal

24 Gadolinium enhancement with fat suppression – axial view

25 Gadolinium enhancement with fat suppression – coronal view

26 Role of Imaging FIA has significant recurrence rate up to 25%
Due to part of the track system not being recognised at surgery Inadequate drainage of sepsis False communication found by injudicious probing

27 Radiology can demonstrate clinically undetected sepsis, can guide initial surgery and reveal the site of residual sepsis

28 In one prospective study of MRI in primary fistula (BJS 2002)
30 patients MRI led to further exploration in 2 cases 1 patient require further surgery at a median FU of 12 months

29 Other prospective study (Lancet 2002; 360: 1661-2)
71 patients Agreement between MRI and surgery in 25 cases -> 12% recurrence MRI led to further surgery in 15 cases -> 13.3% recurrence Disagreement in 31 cases but no further surgery undertaken -> 51.6% recurrence

30 Recurrence rate for individual surgeons who always, sometimes or never acted on the discrepant MRI finding were 16%, 30%, 57% respectively

31 Treatment outcome Low FIA

32 Low FIA


34 Fibrin glue injection

35 The End

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