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Monday, October 21 st, 2013 Key Club General Meeting.

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1 Monday, October 21 st, 2013 Key Club General Meeting

2 “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi Leader of Indian independence movement

3 President: Kenny Nguyen Vice President: Mary Carson Secretary: Arisa Sato Treasurer: Bradley Petrella Webmaster: Affan Bhutta Public Relations: Michael Heinz Advisor: Mrs. Moss State Ohio District Governor: Natalie Hagy State Bulletin Editor: Laura Hagy


5 Thanks to everyone who participated! Please see Arisa Sato to receive your certificate!

6 Please submit ALL HOURS ONLINE! PowerPoints and agendas will be posted Sign up for events and track your hours If you are unable to enter hours, please see Affan Bhutta after the meeting Join our Facebook page! Check often for updates….. Like, quite often Contact the Board

7 Due TODAY!!! In cash, no change please Please give them to Bradley Petrella after the meeting If you don’t have yours today, Please put it in Mrs. Moss’s mailbox in an envelope This year, we have a more efficient system of tracking people ;)

8 Officially finished! Mrs. Moss will be sending out the requisition to Key Club International Get dem online surveys in!


10 1.Take pictures at all events/volunteer opportunities 2.Email your picture to Arisa Sato 3.Winner will be selected, and winning picture will be shown at the next Key Club meeting 4.Reward: Receive a King Size candy bar :D Pictures are for the Key Club scrapbook

11 There will be two huge Key Club bins One in the Main Office Other in the cafeteria next to the microwave Please place pop tab from sodas in there This helps support the Ronald McDonald House Foundation If you submit a small zip-lock bag full = 30 min. Sandwich bag If you submit a large zip-lock bag full = 1 hour Gallon bag

12 NEXT GAME: OSU vs. Penn State Saturday, Oct. 26 th Around 8:00pm, but please show up at 5:00pm 6 volunteer hours A lot of volunteers needed! If interested, email Kenny

13 Dipesh Patel Ani Patel Kacie Lang Ella Wilson Saurin Patel India Hinton Kat Nydegger Melissa Hong Celeste Morales Wednesday, October 23 rd 6:00pm – 8:00pm Is your name below? You have all been assigned spots Jackie Chapman Hillary Hunt Mikayla Graham Ethan Wilson Cassie Joseph

14 What: An annual state-wide Key Club meeting! You will be doing hands on activities, meet your Ohio District Board (*cough* Natalie), and interact with different Key Club members from around Ohio Where: The Student Union at The Ohio State University When: October 27 th, 2013 at 10:00am What to wear: Your Davidson Key Club shirt Registration: Fill out the forum on the Key Club website Please bring $20 for registration, and extra for food

15 November 4th – 8th Opportunity to show your community what Key Club is truly about: service Each day places a different emphasis to promote Key Club within homes, schools, and communities

16 Monday, Nov. 4 th Show your K in every way Wear your Key Club gear, and publicize it Tuesday, Nov. 5 th Kudos to the Key players Personally thank all Key Club supporters /teachers (i.e., bring food?) Wednesday, Nov. 6 th Connect the K’s Celebrate the entire family of Kiwanis—connect with Builder’s club at Weaver? Thursday, Nov. 7 th Bring a friend to Key Club! More members = more service! Introduce your friends to Key Club, and bring a friend or two to the next meeting Friday, Nov 8 th Your way Come up with your own project!

17 November 9 th from 4:00pm – 7:30pm Need 15–20 volunteers Early set-up, two serving times, and clean-ups You may stay for the entire time Dress in a Key Club shirt, with khakis or black pants…. NO jeans! Please email Kenny if interested

18 Also on November 9 th A day where elementary students come to Davidson, to play games and have fun :D We need leaders for our five rooms! Please email Kenny if interested Our games include: 1.Crafts (Thanksgiving) 2.Ohio Energy activities 3.Wooden Tower Power 4.Lava Field 5.Turkey Cannon Game

19 November 15 th – 17 th A weekend experiential leadership conference This life-changing event focuses on service leadership as the first, most meaningful leadership-development experience Activities include: Large and small group workshops, discussions, and team-building activities Wanna start a club? Interested? Visit Or talk to Carol Parker after the meeting

20 Helps provide kids in need with health care, clean water, nutrition, education, etc. You can help! Going trick-or-treating?? Come talk to me after the meeting Only a limited number of UNICEF boxes

21 NEW! The Board and I will select a Key Club member that we believe displays the positive values and traits of leadership Given out at the end of every general meeting Make sure we know you! Try your best to attend every meeting

22 Kiwanis Advisor: Carol Parker Email:

23 Our volunteer opportunity every Monday Helping the CATS Crew Cleaning up the football game decorations after school Washing windows, tearing down streamers, etc. INTERESTED? CATS Crew needs some senior leaders, for those interested! Please talk to Anna Kennedy

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