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Thinking outside the box!

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1 Thinking outside the box!
Jane Frankish Headteacher Broadheath Primary School Coventry, UK

2 About me and about my school: Broadheath Primary school
Head of a Community School in Coventry for 10 years 170 children in 2003, 510 children in 2013 and growing Ethnic groups include Afghans, French, Polish, Pakistani, Romanians , Libyans and many others So there are more than 25 languages spoken at home Sometimes there are tensions in the community between these groups. We must make sure that this does not come into school and hinder children’s learning. Ofsted (inspection service) judged us to be good with outstanding features Our community – children, parents, governors, staff, the Local Authority and the wider international community from lots of different countries BUT…… I have much in common with all of you here today.

3 What do leaders have to do to gain inclusivity?
What is your vision, what do you want to see happening? Broad Heath’s vision statement is quite simply based on 2 simple words “To Gain” The values of the school are clearly expressed and understood all over the world : Respect, tolerance, harmony We make sure that socio economic and domestic circumstances are not barriers to learning Have professional courage We have a behaviour system that is uniform, clear and understood by all . We make sure ALL children are valued We make sure ALL parents and stakeholders understand their role We respond positively to ALL concerns expressed by children or parents We care, we want all to succeed.

4 Structures we have……include:
Home School Contract High profile contact in the community Using our budget to target groups that need additional support Reviewing the quality of people and the quality of delivery Induction meetings in groups 1:1 meetings Timetable of community events Accessible web page that parents are taught how to use Everyone – staff, pupils and parents understand what will happen if the rules are not kept. What do we do?

5 Key Personnel in the BH Team
My staff- have all signed up to the vision that includes: affection, stability and a purposeful and structured experience. Behaviour Manager-Graham Learning Mentor- Ranjit Parental Support- Rehana and Ani Learning/SEN- Head/Laura Besides this responsibility, all are also teachers or teaching assistants. Nobody does just one job!

6 The role of the child They have to believe in the vision and the values and they have to want to be at your school Their contributions have to be valued They have to be listened to- have a voice (School Council, blogs, post box, circle time) School uniform has to be worn with pride Learning has to be fun They have to be noticed, everyone has a voice. Clear learning targets High quality student feedback Peer mentoring when it is needed.

7 An international curriculum
We have a national curriculum with prescribed standards but every 6 weeks we have project weeks. We do things such as: Learning about various countries Artists around the word Famous global scientists Us and anti-bullying options We want to be part of Coventry, the UK and the wider international community. Next Year we are hoping to visit Spain.

8 Harmony? You have to be passionate and want to believe that you can achieve The journey is not quick, it takes time It takes planning and clear targeted outcomes Reviewing impact and progress is essential Make sure that you praise and celebrate success Everyone’s opinion is valued Things can be sorted through the power of the word and not the power of the sword!

9 Broad Heath Have we got harmony? Let’s now look at evidence.
510 children with no exclusions (children sent out of school for bad behaviour) in the last 3 years Children who come to school attendance rate A waiting list to join the school Children who tell me daily they love coming to school Less than 5 racial incidents over the last 5 years Staff attendance exceptional Parents from the last survey telling us they are very happy with the school Individual children making progress Academic results getting better year upon year. Standing on the edge of forever at the start of whatever…….over to you!

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