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How the Egyptians viewed the Afterlife By: Oneisha Leonard, Tyler Sutton, & Kenyetta McCalop.

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1 How the Egyptians viewed the Afterlife By: Oneisha Leonard, Tyler Sutton, & Kenyetta McCalop

2 Preparing Dead For Afterlife Egyptians believed that afterlife would be just like life on earth Buried dead with everything they would need for eternity Egyptians perfected skills in mummification (preserving dead bodies by wrapping them in cloth) They believed there was a heavenly place with a heavenly Nile river and they called it ‘ the land of Two Fields’

3 Preparing Dead For Afterlife In the beginning pharaohs could board Ra’s magical boat and travel to the land but Osiris changed it. The god Osiris is an important part because he opened up the door to afterlife for everyone. Dying would not get you a place on Ra’s boat, to be on Ra’s boat your heart had to be light, otherwise known as spending a lifetime doing good deeds. Crime became very low because of this because everyone wanted a spot on Ra’s boat and a place in the land of two fields.

4 Preparing Dead For Afterlife 1 st you had to pass the test of heart in the hall of Maat. That gave you a spot on Ra’s boat. 2 nd But you also had to have your name written down in a cartouche ( cartouche – an oval circle with a name written in it, like a name plate) In the early days, one was attached to each coffin because the ancient Egyptians believed that if you did not have your name written down anywhere, you would disappear when you die. And 3 rd you had to have a preserved body.

5 Tyler, Oneisha, Kenyetta Examples:

6 Preparing Dead For Afterlife The reason they had to have a preserved body is because they believed that everyone had a two souls. They called the souls Ba and Ka. Ba returned to watch over the rest of the living family and Ka went to live in the land of the Two fields. At night, they both went to their tombs and waited for the next heavenly day. If something happened to your preserved body or your name was not written down, Ba and Ka would be lost forever and you would disappear and not be able to find your afterlife. Grave robbing played a big role because it didn't’t mean they stole someone’s wealth, they stole their chance to live happily ever after in the land of Two Fields.

7 Osiris and “the book of the dead” Osiris was the god who changed how every got into the afterlife The book of the dead basically clarifies the Egyptians beliefs and religion. Life and death were considered stages of progress to better the nest world or where ever you would be after death. In order to keep the soul alive they went through mummification.

8 The book of death considered certain animals to be very holy Animals such as bulls, cats and crocodiles They had about 2000 gods and goddesses To win eternal life there was said to be a test you had to pass In this test you were 1 st carried across a lake of fire then to the hall of Osiris 2 nd : your heart would be weighed against the feather of truth. The book of death contained spells, charms and formulas used in the afterlife

9 They relied on the book of the dead to survive to journey of the afterlife. The book of the dead was written by a royal scribe named Ani. The book was originally 78 feet long and divided into various chapters. The book is a scared document that was studied by only the well-educated Egyptians.

10 The Pyramids Because they believed in the afterlife, Egyptians would preserve bodies and provide them with what they would need in the next life. Pyramids would take so long to build so pharaohs would start construction as soon as they took office.

11 Resources; mummies/egyptian-book-of-the-dead.htm mummies/egyptian-book-of-the-dead.htm

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