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Note to Self Thomas Reid, Anang Srinivas Duke University.

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1 Note to Self Thomas Reid, Anang Srinivas Duke University

2 Concept – Connective Individuals Around Healthy Motivations Assist Individual Motivations Support motivation through connectivity within the community Open platform

3 Taking Responsibility for Better Health Who is responsible for one’s own health? – Self Requires motivation and support for in initial and sustained improvement. – Family/Friends Source of good and bad habits, encouragement, and support – Community Provides foundational opportunities, support, and risk information Self

4 Changing Habits – Focus on Self Inertia – Significant source of difficulty in changing habits – Capitalize on the will to change habits Evident in the act of seeking a helpful app Reorient person to this state through user defined messages Fueling Motivation – Remind Healthy thoughts lead to healthy actions. – Provide a sticky message A self constructed message carries more weight for the individual than a canned message – Repetition Randomized intervals of repetition will surprise user to think about the message while in different moods and settings to help think about it in new ways

5 A Tool for Self Improvement of Health Implemented and planned release as a free app in iPhone app store Allows the user to set a personal “Note to Self” You can control the content of the note Examples: “Call Mom” “Remember, Don’t Smoke!” Set frequency of reminders Turn on the note and you’ll be reminded about it when you least expect it (random time) between between 9AM and 9PM

6 Achieving Better Health Outside of the Self – Focus on the Community Use social platforms to initiate conversations among users – Increases knowledge, motivation, and fulfillment When the user is displayed the Note, the user is prompted to post a motivational microblog Microblogs are hash tagged with the users zipcode, and no other personal information – Provides a sense of geographic connectedness The community then be connected around changing health habits and the health indicators data can be part of the conversation Still in Concept Phase Health of the Individual Community

7 Future Functionalities – To Focus on Community Social Networking Interface – Prompt user to post a motivational or informative microblog – Hash tag messages with the users zip code to connect users – Pool expert advice in addition to community posts and display to user Additional Functions – Create functions specific to the type of reminder the user has initiated Example: “Call Mom” Provides the user an easy avenue for sending a video or text message to mother – User feedback Establish metrics to utilize user feedback to asses effectiveness and satisfaction

8 Thank You Thomas’s contact info Ani’s contact info Thanks to our mentor Dr. Ed Hammond at the Duke Center for Health Informatics Thanks to IOM-NAE for arranging this app competition!

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