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Yabancı Dil I Bölüm - 3. Yabancı Dil - I  Have Got / Has Got.

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1 Yabancı Dil I Bölüm - 3

2 Yabancı Dil - I  Have Got / Has Got

3 HAVE GOT/HAS GOT Yabancı Dil - I  v LONG FORM I have got I’ve got You have gotYou’ve got We have gotWe’ve got They have gotThey’ve got He has got He’s got She has gotShe’s got It has gotIt’s got.. SHORT FORM

4 HAVE GOT/HAS GOT Yabancı Dil - I have got I have got a cat. have got We have got a garden. has got Tom has got green eyes. has got My sister has got two children. have got Jane and Tom have got a beautiful house. have got They have got a big class room.

5 Fill in the blanks using have got - has got  1-My father _______ a car.  2-I ________ a headache.  3-Mary’s boy friend ______blue eyes.  4-This car _________four doors.  5-Mary and Jane ________five cats.. Yabancı Dil - I

6 vv I I You We They He She It have not got has not got haven’t got hasn’t got LONG FORM SHORT FORM

7 Have got/Has got  I have got long hair  I have not got long hair.  She has got a new computer  She has not got a new computer Yabancı Dil - I

8 H AVE GOT / HAS GOT  1. Ann hasn’t got a camera.  2. Mr. and Mrs. Brown haven’t got any children.  3. Aydın hasn’t got a sister.  4. My sister hasn’t got a car.  5. They haven’t got a house.. Yabancı Dil - I

9 Making questions Have they got a car? Has he got a bicycle ? Yabancı Dil - I

10 SHORT ANSWERS I  Yes, we have you they No, I we haven’t. you they Yabancı Dil - I

11 SHORT ANSWERS he  Yes, she has. it he No, she hasn’t. it Yabancı Dil - I

12 Have got/has got  You have got a wallet.  Have you got a wallet? –Yes, I have./No, I haven’t  She has got dark hair.  Has she got dark hair? –Yes, she has/No, she hasn’t  He has got blue eyes.  Has he got blue eyes?-Yes, he has/No, he hasn’t Yabancı Dil - I

13 WHEN DO WE USE HAVE GOT/HAS GOT?  Possessions I have got a mobile. She has got some photos.  Families I have got a sister He’s got two brothers  Descriptions She’s got short hair. He has got blue eyes. Yabancı Dil - I

14 SOME AND ANY  Some positive sentences  Any negative and questions  I’ve got some books.  I haven’t got any books.  Have you got any books? Yabancı Dil - I

15 EXERCISES  They __________three children.  Charlie _______Internet.  John’s ______ one cat.  Mrs Tyler __________got a new kitchen.  We _______ got a computer.  6. Have you _____any time?  7. ___________Monica got a car? Yabancı Dil - I

16 Correct the mistakes  A) Are you have got money?  B) Have you any ideas?  C) Have she got classes today?  D) Jim have got long hair.  E) I am not have got a cell phone. Yabancı Dil - I

17 Make up sentences with have got / has got  1. Jim / blue eyes.  2. Jane / a bicycle.  3. I / a motorbike / but / I / a car. Yabancı Dil - I

18 Fill in the blanks using have got/haven’t got, has got/hasn’t got  1-A dog..................four legs.  2-Ali: What’s wrong? Oya: I................ something in my eye.  3-Ali:........... you...........your handbag? Oya:No, I............... It’s in my room. and I...................... the key. Ali:...........your mother...........the key? Oya:Yes, she........, but she isn’t at home. Yabancı Dil - I

19 Complete the paragraph with the correct form of the verb ‘have got’  Hi! My name’s Alex. I’m sixteen years old and I’m from London. I ______ a very big family. I ______ two grandmothers and two grandfathers. I______ three sisters and a brother. My brother’s name is Robbie. He is twenty-eight and he is married to Jackie. They ______ two children, Mick and Andy. My sister, Julia, ______ a boyfriend, Dave. Jenny and Elaine, my other two sisters, are eight and eleven years old. They like pets. Jenny ______ a dog and Elaine ______ two cats. We ______ a big house in London. Yabancı Dil - I

20 Fill in the blanks using “the verb to be “ and “have got-has got”  1-Ali..........young.  2.My aunt.............. a big house.  3-Who............... a summer house in Kemer?  4.My sister and I.............. two cats.  5.The old lady.......... in front of the car. Yabancı Dil - I

21 Fill in the blanks using “the verb to be “ and “have got-has got”  6- The flowers.......... in the garden.  7. Jimmy....... from England.  8- Who............... blue eyes?  9. She.............. a gold pen.  10. Our teacher.............. eye glasses.. Yabancı Dil - I


23 Subject Pronouns (Kişilik zamirleri)  She is my best friend  It is my dog.  Is he ill?  You and I are at school.  We aren’t happy.  They are at the cinema. Yabancı Dil - I

24 POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES Singular Plural Subject I we Pronouns you you he, she, it they Possessive my our Adjectives youryour his, her, its their Yabancı Dil - I

25 POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES Examples  My name is Emily  Your father is Jackson  His mother is Jane.  Her name is Marie.  This is our dog. Its name is Rover  Their names are Rani and Nelson. Yabancı Dil - I

26 Be careful! 1.its=Possessive adjective Its name is Rover.’s=It is What is it? It’s a bag. Yabancı Dil - I

27 POSSESSIVE ’S  Possessive ’s Bir isim+’s sahiplik bildirir. Homer’s story is famous. His story is famous. Yabancı Dil - I

28 POSSESSIVE ’S  It is Ali’s car.  Where is Michael’s book?  Ryan is Cindy’s friend.  My father’s name is Ali.  His sister’s name is Cansu. !!!!!This is Melis’ car. (Özel isimlerin son harfi –s ile bitiyorsa kesme işaretinden sonra tekrar –s konulmayabilir. Yabancı Dil - I

29 Whose?  Whose book is it? It is Ayşe’s book.  Whose books are they? They are Ayşe’s books. P They are Ayşe’s. P They are her. x Yabancı Dil - I

30 Exercises  Complete the sentences with possessive adjectives (my, your, his, her, our, their, its, your)  1. Maria is sixteen and ______ brother is seventeen.  2. This is my brother. ______ name is Alex.  3. Hello, ______ name is Andrea. I’m from Hungary.  4. That’s a picture of a dog and this is ______ head.  5. We are students at a Vocational College. Those are ______ books. Yabancı Dil - I

31 EXERCISES Complete the text by using “am, is, are, my, his, her, their”  ______ name’s Emily Walker. I ______ sixteen. My family and I ______ from Cambridge in England. My father ______forty. ______ name’s John. My mother ______ thirty-eight. ______ name’s Anna. My grandparents ______ from London. ______ names are Alexander and Eve. What’s your name? How old ______ you? Yabancı Dil - I

32 EXERCISES  Answer the following questions  Whose is this book? (Mary)  Whose are these books? (Chris)  What is your mother’s name?  What is your brother’s name?  Who is John’s friend? Yabancı Dil - I

33  FAMILY MEMBERS Yabancı Dil - I

34 Family members  Mother: anne  Father: baba  Parents: ebeveyn  Sister: kız kardeş  Brother: erkek kardeş  Uncle: amca, dayı, enişte  Aunt: teyze, hala, yenge  Grandfather: büyükbaba  Grandmother: büyükanne  Grandparents: büyükannebaba  Son: erkek evlat  Daughter: kız evlat  Grandson: erkek torun  Granddaughter: kız torun  Child: çocuk  Grandchild: torun  Grandchildren: torunlar Yabancı Dil - I

35 Family members  cousin: kuzen  niece: kız yeğen  nephew: erkek yeğen  husband: eş (erkek)  wife: eş (bayan)  son-in law: damat  daughter-in law: gelin  brother-in law: kayınbirader  sister-in law: baldız, görümce  father-in law: kayınpeder  mother-in law: kayınvalide Yabancı Dil - I

36 EXERCISES  Your mother’s sister is your __________.  Your wife’s sister is your ____________.  Your brother’s daughter is your ________.  Your father’s brother is your __________.  Your uncle’s wife is your ____________.  Your uncle’s son is your ____________.  Your aunt’s daughter is your __________.  Your cousin’s mother is your __________.  Your son’s son is your _____________.  Your mother’s mother is your __________. Yabancı Dil - I

37 Nancy is Mr Lynch's daughter. Bill is Mr Lynch's son. Mr Lynch is Nancy's and Bill's father. Mrs Lynch is Nancy's and Bill's mother. Nancy and Bill are Mr Lynch's ________. Mr and Mrs Lynch are Nancy's ________. Nancy is Steve's ______. Steve is Nancy's ________. Nancy is Bill's _________.

38 Yabancı Dil - I Bill is Nancy's _________. Laura is Bill's and Barbara's _________. John is Laura's _______. John is Alan's _________. Alan is Bill's __________. Lisa is Bill's ________. Lisa is Mr Lynch's _________. Alan is Mr Lynch's ________.

39 Yabancı Dil - I Mr Lynch is Alan's _________. Mr and Mrs Lynch are Alan's _________. Alan, Lisa, Laura and John are Mr Lynch's _________. Mrs Lynch is Alan's ___________. Barbara is Nancy's _____________. Steve is Bob's ____________. Mr Lynch is is Steve's ___________. Mrs Lynch is Steve's ___________. Barbara is Mr Lynch's ___________. Steve is Mr Lynch's ___________.

40 references  1. Puchta, H. &Stranks, J.(2012). Mind your English. Cambridge University Press.  2.  3. family.php Yabancı Dil - I

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