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UNIT 5 SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Kelas/ Semester: V/ 1 Petemuan: 9 & 10 Waktu : 1 x 35 Menit.

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1 UNIT 5 SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Kelas/ Semester: V/ 1 Petemuan: 9 & 10 Waktu : 1 x 35 Menit

2 Standar Kompetensi 1. Memahami intruksi sangat sederhana dengan tindakan dalam konteks sekolah 2. Mengungkapkan instruksi dan informasi sangat sederhana dalam konteks sekolah Kompetensi Dasar 1.Merespon intruksi sangat sederhana dengan tindakan secara berterima dalam konteks kelas dan sekolah. 2.Merespon instruksi sangat sederhana secara verbal 3.Bercakap-cakap untuk meminta/memberi informasi secara berterima yang melibatkan tindak tutur: mengenalkan diri. Indikator 1.Memperkenalkan orang lain dengan menyebut namanya dengan benar. Tujuan pembelajaran 1.Siswa dapat merespon instruksi sangat sederhana dengan tindakan 2.Siswa dapat bertanya jawab tentang orang lain 3.Siswa dapat memperkenalkan dirinya sendiri atau orang lain

3 MATERI LISTENING Wulan : Good morning, Ratih? Ratih : Good morning Wulan Wulan: Do you remember that we have picket today? Ratih : Yes, I do. I remember that we have picket to make up the classroom today Wulan: OK, let’s go. We clean our classroom right now Ratih : Let’s clean together! Miss Ratna: Good morning students Students : Good morning Miss Ratna Miss Ratna: Do you have picket, today? Students : Oh, yes Miss. I have duties as a picket today Miss Ratna: Let’s work in the yard Students : OK friends, let’s go to the yard. Let’s clean together

4 READING Read the text carefully and answer the questions OUR SCHOOL This our school. It is on Jln Dr Sutomo No.105 Denpasar. It’s in front of the bank. Our school is large building. There are an office, a library, a laboratory, and six classrooms. The office is wide. There are toilets behind the library. There are three toilets in this school. One toilet is for the teachers and two toilets are for the students. The toilet is narrow. There are also two others rooms. They are the headmaster’s room and the teachers’ room. Their rooms are always clean. We clean their rooms everyday. Our school is clean, beautiful, and safe. All of the students clean the school every morning. The boys work in the school yard. They sweep the yard and collect all rubbish. They water the flowers in the garden. There are beautiful gardens around the school yard. They cut the grass in the yard. We also keep our school clean by putting the rubbish in the rubbish-bin. We don;t want anyone throw the rubbish in the gutter. The girls work in the classrooms. They sweep the floor by brooms. They make up the classroom clean. They clean the glasses of the windows. They use the glass cloth for cleaning the glasses. They dust all of the tables and the chairs by cotton cloth. They clean the blacboard and prepare the chalks and an eraser. They put a chalk and an eraser on the teacher’s table. We are very happy. We love our school very much. We keep our scool safe. We don’t want anyone to disturb the safeness of our school.

5 Answer the questions 1.How many classrooms are there in the school? 2.Is there a laboratory in the school? 3.Where are the toilets? 4.How many toilets for students are there in the school? 5.Is the toilet wide? 6.When do the students clean their school? 7.What do they use to sweep the floor? 8.What do they use to clean the glasses of the window? 9.Who has duties to clean the classroom? 10.Who has duties to collect the rubbish in the school yard?

6 LISTENING Task 1. Listen and repeat after your teacher. Then while listening for the second time, you write that words on your exercise book. 1.Classroom7. Long stick broom13. Rubbish 2.Library8. Grass knife14. Dust pan 3.Laboratory9. Gutter15. Glass cloth 4.Toilet10. Dust16. Grass 5.Office11. Broom17. Cotton cloth 6.Yard12. Floor cloth Tasks 2. Complete these dialogues Example: sweep / rubbish Ani : Excuse me, could you help me to sweep our classroom floor? Ayu : Sure. I will seep the floor and then pick up the rubbish. Ani : Thank you Ayu : You’re wlcome

7 Complete these dialogues 1.Clean / Chalks Sari: Excuse me, could you help me to....... The blackboard? Wulan: Sure. I will clean the blackboard and then put...... On the teacher’s table. Sari: Thank you Wulan: You’re wlcome 2. Sweep / The flowers Anton: Excuse me, could you help me to........ The school yard? Toni: Sure. I will sweep the school yard and then water........... Anton: Thank you Toni: You’re welcome

8 READING Task 3. CANTEEN There is a canteen in our school. It’s located behind the library. It’s clean and confortable. We clean it together everyday. The canteen sells foods and beverage, such as: rice, noodle, bread, candy, ice cream, pudding and juice. The canteen opens at the same time with the student’s break time and closes when the lesson begins. The student can buy food and beverage in the canteen. We are very happy because the food is delicious and the price is not expensive. Answer these questions: 1.Where is the canteen located? 2.How is the canteen? 3.Who cleans the canteen everyday? 4.What does the canteen sell? 5.What food does the canteen sell?

9 Task 4. Task 5. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c or d Complete the sentencesChoose True(T) or False(F) 1. There........ A canteen in our school1. T – F. There is not canteen in our school 2. The canteen is.........and...........2. T – F. The canteen is clean and comfortable 3. We clean the canteen........... everyday3. T – F. There are many books in canteen 4. The canteen sells........... And..........4. T – F. The canteen sells pens 5. The canteen......... The same with break time 5. T – F. There is beverage in canteen 1.The canteen is in........... a.At home c. The market b.School d. The city 2. The canteen sells........ And beverage a.Book c. Food b.Pens d. Pencil 3. The food in the canteen is........ a.Expensive c. Delicious b.Beautiful d. Happy 4. The canteen closes when the lesson..... a.Begin c. Finish b.Close d. Closed

10 Task 6. GENERAL CLEANING At the moment the students are working in their school area. The boys are working in the school yard. They are sweeping and collecting all of the rubbish. Ketut is cutting the grass with grass knifes. Made is watering the garden. Nyoman and Ketut are putting the rubbish in the rubbish bag. Wayan and Made throw the rubbish in the rubbish been. They never throw the rubbish in the gutter. The girls are working in the classroom. They are sweeping the floor and dusting the windows. Sari is dusting the desks and the chairs. Ani is cleaning the blackboard. They keep their school beautiful, clean and safe. Answer the questions according the text. 1.Where are the boys student working? 2.Where are the girls student working? 3.What do they use for dusting the desks? 4.Who is cutting the grass of the yard? 5.Who is putting the rubbish in the rubbish bin?

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