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LGBTQ Healthcare Reform Opportunities for Engagement.

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1 LGBTQ Healthcare Reform Opportunities for Engagement

2 Objective 1.Start the discussion 2. Identify opportunities for advocacy 3. Encourage LGBTQ people to get involved!

3 Background and Mission To advance the health and wellness of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer communities through research, education and advocacy.

4 Rainbow Health Initiative advances health equity for all LGBTQ people by: Deliver essential resources to improve community health. Expand access and availability to culturally competent care. Improve the health of the LGBTQ community. Ensure that LGBTQ health is part of the public dialogue. Impact Goals

5 Healthcare Reform Task Force Who: Commissioners Legislators Private Sector Representatives Charged with developing strategies that: -Improve access to health care for all Minnesotans - Lower health care costs by reforming how we pay for health care and changing the incentives, so we encourage preventative care and reward healthy outcomes, not sickness. - Improve the health of all Minnesotans and address the huge health disparities that plague our state.

6 Roadmap to a Healthier Minnesota Draft Document Recommendations of the MN Health Reform Task Force to Governor Dayton

7 Opportunities and Challenges DRAFT Open for comment Meetings are open to the public History Controversial Lack of federal mandate

8 What we can do! Provide Public Comment in 3 Easy Steps: Step One: You don’t need to understand every inch of healthcare reform to have a valid opinion of how our systems should be inclusive of all people. Step Two: Look at the Roadmap (or skim it). It is very large (37 pages) Step Three: By December 10 th, 2012 let the task force know what you think about the fact that their recommendations leave out the LGBTQ population in MN.

9 Read the Roadmap Step Two: Look at the Roadmap (or skim it). It is very large (37 pages) Find the document here: Please see page 29-Strategy Element #22 Implement best practices for collection and reporting of data by healthcare providers and payers on detailed categories of race, ethnicity, and language linked to health disparities. If we are not counted, we do not exist! We need to ensure that sexual orientation and gender identity are added as detailed categories. Not doing so perpetuates the HEALTH DISPARITIES experienced by people due to their orientation and identity. LGBTQ people will continue to experience significant health disparities until we fix this system of exclusion!

10 Why Focus on Data Collection? If you don’t ask you don’t know If we are not counted we do not exist Health disparities, documentation, improvement Funding, resources, research, programming Ultimate goal of health equity for all communities!

11 Deadline is December 10 th,2012 Comment By: Writing a letter, emailing and using social media Providing Public Comment Step Three: let the task force know what you think about the fact that their recommendations leave out the LGBTQ population in MN.

12 Take Action: Ensure LGBTQ Inclusion Email: A comment in the body of the email Attach a letter to the task force More Ways To Get Involved: A good ol’ fashon organizing Make a phone call Have a one on one

13 Take Action: Continued @GovMarkDayton prioritize health equity in MN Healthcare reform @rainbowhealth #LGBTinclusion @GovMarkDayton Minneapolis ranks 4 th in the nation for LGB population MN Healthcare reform needs to include this population! @rainbowhealth #LGBTinclusion Also make sure to follow us! @rainbowhealth

14 Take Action: Continued Update your status about the Roadmap or anything you learned today Share Rainbow Health Posts about reform Ask ONE friend to do the same

15 Thank you! Contact Us: Ani Koch Director of Programs 612-206-3180 A new website coming soon!

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