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Activity: Pretesting the Campaign Logo Activity Venue: MTWG/ManCom meeting and Discussion with Target Audiences Activity Date: August 16-20, 2013 Pretesting.

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2 Activity: Pretesting the Campaign Logo Activity Venue: MTWG/ManCom meeting and Discussion with Target Audiences Activity Date: August 16-20, 2013 Pretesting Details 1.What have you understood of the picture that I have shown to you? 1.The picture represents the current activities of upland and coastal resources of LGU-Bindoy. 2. The black spots remind us about the MANTALIP RESERVE 3.This picture would tell us of our responsibility towards concerning the MPA more particularly its protection against the intruders. 4. No problem about the slogan “Ang mga Sangktwaryo: Atong Bahandi, Atong Ampingan: because it can be understood easily.

3 2.What do you like about the campaign logo? 1. The picture of campaign logo looks like very good but we should add another color to make it more attractive and all the fishers can distinguish it very easily. 2. The tagline nga “Ang mga Sangktwaryo ; “Atong Bahandi,Atong ampingan” since this means Calling for action to protect the marine resources. 3. The colors used are very appropriate for our on going activities in the upland and marine resources. 4. Our campaign logo has originality and uniqueness.

4 3. What are your suggestions about the campaign logo? 1. Add more colours so that it will looks very nice and beautiful. 2. Instead of the word “ sancutaries” change it to sanctuaries. 3. The sIlhouette of Mantalip marine guardhouse/facility appear on the black spot cannot be easily be recognized and should be improved.

5 Activity: Pretesting of Mascot Pre-Testing Details What did you observed about the mascot? -very cute and beautiful -can be easily recognized as black spotted snapper How do you know that fish is black spotted or Labongan? -Because of its distinguishing features of the mascot which is the blackspots. Suggestions: - ready for production

6 What did you feel if you see this mascot? Malipay kay daghang labongan nga nagpuyo sa Mantalip Reserve, nga morag nag bantay sa maong dapit. You will not be afraid if this will become our campaign mascot ? - Dili siya kahadlokan kay ilado man siya mga tawo ug mga bata -Depende sa naggamit niini pod, kung maayo modala, makigsandurot sa mga tawo mohalog-halog ug mo-akbay para dili na mahadlok ang mga bata ug ubang tawo. What are your suggestions about the name of Mascot? labo -Pero babaye man ang atong mascot lovi -Mas maayo kay babaye man ang hitsura sa mascot ug mahigumaon nga ngalan -Maanindot nga paminawon ang maong nga ngalan “lovi”,dali ra nga mahinumdoman Alo - But it sounds not good because the “alo” means loko sa bisaya What are the characteristics sa Mascot? -Hinayaw, kosog moabi-abi, hingumedya, makig hugoy-hugoy, abtik, mahigalaon sa mga bata ug mga tigulang

7 Activity: Pre-testing of Billboard What is your observation about the picture of Billboard? -Lack of essentials elements that will explain the purpose of the picture -Ang mensahe klaro nga mahalon nato ang mga sangtwaryo -Dungagan ug laing mga picture -Butangan ug asa mo taho sa mga tawo nga managat sa solud sa sangtwaryo ug ilabina kon kinsa ang gapasiugda niini. -Kinahanglan syang usbon ug lantawon namo ug osub. - Dugangan ug colors ang poster

8 Malipay mo makakita ani? -Malipay kay maka-agni sa mga tawo sa pagbantay sa atong sangktwaryo. -aron ang tanan mga tawo mahibalo ug unsa ang sangtwaryo nganong atong ampingan kini. -Magduha-duha na ang mananagat sa pagsulod sa sangtwaryo aron managat kai basin sila ereport pinaagi sa hotline number. Unsay suggestion ninyo asa ibutang ang billboard? -Adto ibutang kon asa mag stambay ang mga mananagat -Kinihanglan daghan ang makakita niini bisan pa ang taga laing lugar -Anha ibutang doul sa sangtwaryo. -Butangan ug billboard ang entrada sa pagsolud ug gawas sa bindoy.


10 Results: - Campaign Logo – needs a little modification; just add one color (yellow) to make it attractive. Mascot – no changes and ready for production, Bill board – majority decided to modify and right after it will be pre-tested again by the MTWG/Mancom and the Fisher. - Billboard will be installed where the fishers spend their drinking session.


12 745 ha. Reef System Mantalip Reserve


14 Legend: ----- 72 has. Mangrove ----- 52 has. Seagrass ----- 745 has Total Coral Reef System

15 THREATS: Encroachment of Commercial Fishing Boat near the boundaries of the MPA Sites. Fishing with the use of compressor inside the MPA area. Illegal fishing Fishing Pressure

16 Target Audience Using fine-meshed nets Muro-ami fishers Hook & Line fishers

17 Campaign Solutions: (Barrier Removal) 1. Alternative Livelihood Projects other than fishing Livestock dispersalSwine Dispersal Seaweeds culture Mud crab Fattening

18 Strict implementations Fishery Laws and Ordinances and Seaborne Patrol Activities conducted regularly by FLET. Presence of working Speed boat PL 480 from BFAR-7 used for seaborne patrol activities and as deterrent for the local fishers from doing illegal fishing.

19 INTER –LGU ALLIANCE: ( “A Network of Marine Protected Area “) BATMan Municipalities: B indoy A yungon T ayasan Man juyod

20 Pictures of Lead Agency Team and Site Partners

21 “Marine conservation is not only my concern but it is everybody’s concern” DAGHANG SALAMAT!

22 Definition of Theory of Change (ToC): The Theory of Change is a general formula using strategic plan that shows the conservation impact of our Pride Campaign and also a complete package in a simple way that We will be able to use to run at our site. This strategy has concise documents which biodiversity threat due to the negative actions of our local fishers that i will focus on and how i will change this group of behaviors so that the threat in our MPA sites will be reduced and could possibly achieve our positive target which is sustainable fishing because of our environmental conservation in order for us to live and survive.

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