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RFID in Healthcare Presented by Francis DiDonato, RN.

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1 RFID in Healthcare Presented by Francis DiDonato, RN

2 Objectives 1.Describe RFID in Healthcare 2.Describe RFID hardware and software 3.Describe RFID software usability 4.Describe RFID Information System

3 Objectives, continued 5.Describe advantages and disadvantages of RFID 6.Describe the ethical and legal issues of RFID 7.Describe RFID nursing informatics competencies 8.Describe the nursing functions and responsibilities

4 What is RFID? Radio Frequency Identification Tags transmit identification to reader Stores up to 2 kilobytes of data Can be used on people, animals, or objects

5 RFID in Healthcare Hospitals adopting RFID to track: Pharmaceuticals Blood Products Equipment Lab Specimens Patients

6 Why RFID in Healthcare? “RFID enables healthcare facilities improve overall safety and operational efficiency because it operates without line-of-sight while providing read/write capabilities for dynamic item tracking.” (Reiner, 2005, p. 1)

7 RFID Hardware RFID Tag RFID Antenna RFID Reader

8 RFID Tags Unique Identifier Two types: Passive and Active Receive data Transmit data

9 RFID Software RFID Anywhere BarTenderGuardRFID Alvin Healthcare

10 Alvin Healthcare Software Designed specifically for healthcare industry Allows user access to patient data Name, medical record number, blood type Allows user to access/input patient data Vital signs, blood type, medications administered

11 Software Usability Three Axioms for developing effective human- computer interactions: I.Users must be an early and continuous focus during interface design II.The design process should be iterative, allowing for evaluation and correction of identified problems. III.Formal evaluation should take place using rigorous experimental and/or qualitative methods. (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2009)

12 RFID Information Systems Clinical Information System Most commonly used type of patient care support system Designed to collect patient data in real time Provides data at clinician’s fingertips Enables decision making at the bedside (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2009)

13 Information System Review Clinical Information System Used by nurses and physicians Functions include documentation, identification, and tracking Microcomputer configuration Electronic Product Code Information Services data sharing standard

14 RFID Advantages Ensures patient safety Improves medication administration Provides tracking of supplies Provides tracking of patients (MacIver, 2006)

15 RFID Disadvantages Cost Security Concerns Dead areas

16 Ethical and Legal Issues Privacy and Security

17 Informatics Competencies Computer Competencies Information Literacy Information Management

18 Nursing Functions and Responsibilities Maintain Records Maintain Patient Privacy Have a Backup System in place

19 Summary Future of Nursing Patient Safety Documentation Easy to Use

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24 References Alliance for Nursing Informatics. (2009). Future of Nursing: Acute Care, Focusing on the Area of Technology. Retrieved November 20, 2009, from %20RWJ_IOM%20on%20The%20Future%20of %20Nursing.pdf

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