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Contact Center Trends & Collaboration Environment

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1 Contact Center Trends & Collaboration Environment
Terri Patrick – Solution Specialist, Western Region Bret Lathrop - Senior Director, Contact Center Practice

2 our time together Trends Enabling Next-Gen Customer Experience
Approach and Use Case Examples

3 Now-Gen, Mobile, Connected World
More Access Connected Cars & Planes Wearable Technology Digital Kiosks Always Aware More Influence

4 Companies Need Ways to Stay Ahead of Customer Expectations
Brands must ensure a consistent experience across channels and understand the nuance of designing for different devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, large format interactive signage and more. Greater Visibility and Control Deliver Better Omnichannel Service Improve Proactive Engagement Improve Customer Lifetime Value Improve Satisfaction and Loyalty Create New Opportunities to Grow Revenue 4 4

5 Contact Center Managed Services
Contact Center Pillars: Customer Experience Multi-Channel Admin & Monitoring BI & Analytics CRM Integration Self Service Work Force Optimization Scope of Offering Contact Center Foundation Enterprise Vendor Management System Admin & Move, Add, Change Software Release Management Backup & Configuration Management Monitoring – Basic Health Contact Center Application Support Performance Management Critical Linkage Monitoring & Updates Custom Application Restoration Custom Application Routine Adaptation IT Lifecycle Management & Roadmap Specialist on Call Demand & Capacity Management Assessments Pulse & Stress Testing aaS offers (key contact center technologies as a hosted/cloud service Voice of the Customer Technology Consultancy Contact Center Signature Services

6 Enabling the Context-Aware Customer Experience
Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment Media and Devices Avaya Aura Experience Portal Collaboration Environment Snap Ins WebRTC Collaboration Designer Real-Time Speech Context Store Work Assignment Unified Desktop Reporting & Analytics Proactive Outreach Manager Intelligent Customer Routing Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment Orchestration Designer CUSTOMERS Session Manager System Manager Avaya Media Server Avaya Aura ENTERPRISE Performance and Analytics

7 Application and User Provisioning
Single Common Application Platform Simple, Consistent, Easy Scalability 35,000 Users Security Highly Secure Virtualization VMWare Reliability N+1 Geo-Redundant Manageability Dynamic Application and User Provisioning In Memory Data Grid Capture, Store, Integrate

8 Beta in May 2014, Available 2H, 2014 WebRTC Real-Time Speech
Collaboration Designer Work Assignment Context Store

9 Persistent Conversation ... Across the Whole Customer Journey
ID: AO External ID: (UCID) Context Record Style: “Sympathetic” Approach: “Supportive” Routing/ Resource Decision Routing/ Resource Decision ID: AO External ID: (UCID) Context Record Customer ID: “K48327” Product Category: “Credit Card SMS ID: AO External ID: (UCID) Context Record Type: “Personal Advisor” Previous Contact: “Y” Preferred Contact “Y” Routing/ Resource Decision Editable events so that this can be changed for the an individual customer meeting ID: AO External ID: (UCID) Context Record key1: “Sentiment” value1: “Angry” key2: “Language value2: “English” key3: “CustomerLevel” value3: “Gold” CustomerID: 28651 CustomerName: Tony Peters CellNumber: Segment: Gold ID: AO External ID: (UCID) Context Record AccountID: A8T4LGH OrderStatus: Dispatched DeliveryDate: 06/02/2014 OrderNumber: 398HT3457 ANI: MenuSelection: Orders PreviousContact:: 03/02/2014 E Routing/ Resource Decision Personalized, Exceptional, Seamless Customer Experience Optimal Utilization of Resources

10 Examples… Storing contact context information for cross channel persistent conversations Collection and export of contact context to data warehousing/reporting/analytics Leverage a unique context ID per contact Enable desktop screen pops Centralized secure secure context encryption for PCI compliance Enable DNIS pooling for transport of context

11 WebRTC is an API definition being drafted by the World Wide Web Consortium to enable browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing without plugins. Heavily encouraged by WebRTC features (text chat, voice chat/audio calling, video chat, real-time file/data sharing, peer to peer capabilities) CC Market Trends: Enhanced websites for customer sat Immediate connection options with agent (no IVR) Context-aware agent and customer communications Greater acceptance of using computing device as phone

12 CC Market Implications & Advantages
Remote Agents scenarios Display Queue info before/during a contact Skip IVR (website/apps having segmentation data) Mobile/Embedded apps Screen/Video sharing apps (could make video a real option in the contact center) Co-browsing Advantages (if done properly) Embeds RTC capabilities directly into web pages Decreased costs due to a potential decrease in contact handle time (better qualified contacts, Context-sensitive support) Better BI through tighter integration Mobilizing the contact center and better support for remote based agents.

13 WebRTC Challenges Browser Market Share IE usage dips on weekends. Still dominate in enterprise business market.

14 WebRTC Challenges WebRTC vs. Microsoft’s soon to be released CU-RTC- Web Signaling protocols (SIP/XMPP/Custom) Video encoding (V8/H.264) Other technical issues: Interoperability, QoS, lack of IE support, persistent web client, limited browser support CC Adoption Issues: Agent training, video shows everything, need Chrome/Firefox/Opera. Can increase contact volume Browser based UI & Enterprise recording.

15 Now, Near and Future Now Near Future
Avaya CE “snap-in” business process flows. Cisco is pushing ‘Finesse’, a web based desktop, setting a path for WebRTC interactions. Basic video enabled B2B scenarios. Near Hosted solutions Mobile & Web apps will drive & dominate. Managed Services to help adoption. Future Industry is heading in the right direction Consumer continues to outpace the enterprise for adoption. Open Source Solutions (Doubango, Asterisk, FreeSwitch) Customer Agent ACD/ PBX CRM WebRTC-enabled website page Voice / video / browser view context shared between customer & agent

16 Support for video streaming, supporting VP8 video compression
Avaya WebRTC Roadmap Provides ‘Click to Call’ audio support with accompanying web data elements Ubiquitous availability of WebRTC solutions across mobile as well as desktop devices Support for video streaming, supporting VP8 video compression With 3.0 What’s Next On the Horizon

17 Spanning 25 years of Industry Experience
The Routing Evolution ACD ANI DNIS Skills Routing Individual Skills Expected Wait Time Business Advocate Predicted Matching Least Occupied Agent Reserve Agents Work Assignment Multi-Modal Customer Intent Customer Attributes Match to CC KPI Single Pool Enterprise-wide Analytics Driven Business Agility 1:1 Matching Rich Context Time Spanning 25 years of Industry Experience 17 17

18 Routing in the Contact Center Today Skills Based Routing
Queue for Skillset 1 Skillset 1 Skills Based Routing Agent N Agent D Agent K Agent P Queue for Skillset 2 Skillset 2 Agent T Agent L Queue for Skillset 3 Skillset 3 Agent X Agent R Agent E

19 Business Value For Customer Experience Work Assignment
Context Based, Best Match Routing across the Enterprise Pool of Work Pool of Resources Agent K Specialist5 Mark Agent P Agent T Agent T Specialist3 Best Match Specialist5 Agent E Agent X Joe Agent R Specialist4 Specialist1 Agent W

20 Attribute Based Routing Example Customer Needs Expert Assistance In Branch
Customer arrives at the local bank branch with a specialized question about a particular investment product 1 Bank representative enters customer question into a web application powered by Workflow 2 The application locates expert at the corporate office and connects him to the bank representative 3 Although each Smart Finder solution is tailored to individual business requirements and infrastructures, they all utilize a consistent underlying design for locating and accessing expert resources. Here is a typical scenario for Smart Finder in action in a customer-facing environment. Walk through the scenario step-by-step… In addition to face-to-face situations, be sure to explain that Smart Finder works equally well when the customer is calling in to a contact center for support and it is the agent that reaches out and interacts with the expert Bank representative is able to answer question and customer signs up 4 20

21 Avaya Work Assignment Roadmap
Workflow Snap-in Integration with System Manager for Administration and Third Party resource state via SDK Integration with Enterprise applications supporting use cases such as: Dynamic Team Formation Expert Finder Integrate non-legacy CC applications ICR Agent Match feature for routing voice contacts in ICR / Elite based contact centers New Integrations ICC Elite Performance Center Snap-in Intelligent Call Routing (ICR) Avaya Control Manager With 3.0 What’s Next

22 Avaya Collaboration Designer
Empower Enterprise Resources to Easily Produce Customer Journey Maps Utilizing a Single, Graphical, Intuitive Canvas Utilize extensive, expandable palette to tailor and customize workflows Long terms storage (days, weeks, months) of workflows The Experience layer in the Model is the Customer Experience Management “Brain” which enables your organization to deliver the type of customer experience you require. It transforms customer experience from Dated Routing, Queuing, and Agent Allocation to 1:1 Matching of Customers to Resources Using Contextual Awareness. In so doing, it ensures that the Right Enterprise Resources are engaged at the Right Time to deliver the Right Customer Experience, as designed by the organization. This delivers two key benefits namely optimal resource utilization across the organization and exceptional customer experience The Experience layer essentially performs the following key activities: Processes Contextual and drive Awareness – the Experience layer knows and applies the “DNA” of your customers (for example, customer needs and preferences, account information, purchasing history, etc.), your business (for example your business policies, resource expertise, resource availability, customer segmentation, etc.) and the environment within which your customers and your business operate (for example, a customer’s location, the device they’re using, the environment, promotions available that may be of interest to them, etc) and it processes all of this information in real time. Best/1:1 Matching - Leverage contextual awareness to identify best resource for customer needs (agent or automated) and ensure execution across right media at the right time. It executes the right match of people and information across right media at the right time Connects to the Back-Office - Connect business processes, back office functions and information with enterprise routing, agent selection, and workflows to ensure persistent conversation. It uses context provided from back office systems and linked with the Customer Experience Management applications to determine what the next best action should be. The Experience layer KNOWS the NEXT BEST ACTION TO ENFORCE and this is REALLY UNIQUE TO THE BUSINESS. And as previously mentioned, the key thing here is that customers can take advantage of the Experience layer irrespective of whether your heritage is Elite or AACC, you are on one of two paths that both lead you to Experience Management. Our strategy is to ensure that no one has to turn off what they have today, whether that’s their call vectoring, their CMS, or whatever else. Greater enterprise control over workflows and journey maps

23 Accelerating the Developer Community
Avaya Aura Collaboratory™ Secure access to a dedicated sandbox w/optional development environment Jumpstart without up-front infrastructure upgrades Pre-configured, ready for immediate use Subscription model Enterprise Corporate Developers ISV Developers Systems Integrators Avaya Aura® Collaboration Environment Avaya clients & PSTN access Scalability Management Serviceability Collaboration Environment Security Virtualization Reliability Communication Manager System Manager Session Manager Media Server Avaya Aura® Platform stack Avaya Scopia® video infrastructure & SMS service support

24 Eco-System Snap-in Build
CE- 2.0 CallNACK Improves Call Handling, Customer Service Integrating Business Intelligence and Outbound Dialing Balancing act of compliance and pro-active outreach is challenging. The CallNACK application “snap-in” was custom-designed by NACR on ACE originally and converted to the CE 2.0 pallet. With CallNACK, your outbound dialer “talks to” the NACR application, which performs a database lookup to automatically allow or block a call depending on the established parameters. The application is designed for adaptability, with multiple uses and options.

25 Under Investigation Phase Roadmap
Unified Desktop Reporting & Analytics Mobile Video Browser Plug-in Automated Chat Co- Browsing WebRTC Video More!

26 Summary There a some amazing new ways to solve the old and new form of the customer service challenge. It seems magical, open and easier…but it has new layers of complexity to consider. You need to leverage your expertise for adoption and business unit translations to technology. More dynamic, constant tweaking/evolving. Consider alternate day to day management.

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