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Things Fall Apart game Gender Roles & Rituals. Rules of the game This is the game which faster people win You have to put your hands overhead when the.

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1 Things Fall Apart game Gender Roles & Rituals

2 Rules of the game This is the game which faster people win You have to put your hands overhead when the question is told. After the question you can hit the bell or take the hammer first If someone takes the hammer first, you can protect yourself with the file provided The one who gets two out of three questions right first wins and has the chance to play in the next round

3 How to win In round 1, you must hit the bell first to answer the question In round 2, you must take the hammer first to answer the question In round 3, whoever wins the rock-paper-scissor gets to answer first In final round, the one who answers first wins Don’t be so disappointed that you lost because you might be playing again in round 3! (the losers will play a repechage round after round 2)

4 Repechage AllisonAndrew BrianDeanGinnaHeejoJaeNick Winner JenniferEric Amy


6 Question 1 What should be the word in blank? Gender role is a set of perceived _________ norms associated with males or females in social group or system.

7 Answer 1 Behavioral Gender roles are attitudes or behaviors, class stereotypical identity

8 Question 2 In Korea, which thought changed the legal status of Chosun Dynasty?

9 Answer 2 Confucianism ( women were not to be seen by anyone outside the family and they remained confined at home)

10 Question 3 What are the changes of gender roles in Korea? (Name only one)

11 Answer 3 These days in Korea, majority of women go to university Many women are business leaders Even some women go to work instead of their husbands

12 Round 1 Brian VS Dean

13 Question 4 In Things Fall Apart, women are _____- class citizens.

14 Answer 4 Second-class citizens

15 Question 5 How are women treated in the society of Umofia?

16 Answer 5 Women are neglected, voiceless, and oppressed entitles, for example, no right to participate in meetings.

17 Question 6 What does men plant in Igbo society?

18 Answer 6 Men plant yams “Yam for manliness”

19 Round 1 Ginna VS Heejo

20 Question 7 What’s the word in blank? Males have the jobs of protecting the family, and supposed to be active and _________.

21 Answer 7 Aggressive

22 Question 8 After this event, men has control of everything than women. What is this event?

23 Answer 8 Marriage

24 Question 9 What was women’s main job after marriage?

25 Answer 9 Produce children

26 Round 1 Jae VS Nick

27 Question 10 What did women have to be to tell the young children the origin of their life?

28 Answer 10 The women needed to be STORYTELLERS

29 Question 11 How are women to be raised in Igbo society? (name one)

30 Answer 11 They are raised to be soft, weak, and tender.

31 Question 12 What is custom? (Explain in your own words)

32 Answer 12 Custom: A traditional and widely accepted way of behaving or doing something that is specific to a particular society, place, or time

33 Round 1 Jennifer VS Nick VS Amy (five questions)

34 Question 13 What is the custom of having more than one wife?

35 Answer 13 POLYGAMY

36 Question 14 How does tribe choose man’s worth?

37 Answer 14 The tribe chooses men’s worth by the number of titles, wives he has, and also by the number of yams that he grows.

38 Question 15 Name one traditions or rituals in Igbo society

39 Answer 15 Week of Peace Feast of New Yam Sacrifice for gods Wedding Ritual (Isa-ifi)

40 Question 16 How is the justice of Igbo village made?

41 Answer 16 by ancestral spirits, also from oracle of caves and hills

42 Question 17 What do people drink in the Feast of New Yam?

43 Answer 17 They drink palm-wine

44 Question 18 How do people prepare for Feast of New Yam?

45 Answer 18 hut-cleaning decorating cooking body painting head shaving

46 Round 2 You must take the hammer as fast as you can!!!! * You will also have three questions, and the one who answers two first has the chance to play in round 3!

47 Round 2 1st match: Question 19 What crime does Okonkwo commit during the Week of Peace??

48 Answer 19 Okonkwo beats one of his wives that she didn’t prepare dinner quickly for him when he was back home

49 Question 20 Feast of New Yam is the time to give gratitude to this earth Goddess. Who is she?

50 Answer 20 ANI Ani is the goddess that judges moral conduct

51 Question 21 What happens in the second day of Feast of New Yam??

52 Answer 21 The wrestling match takes place during the second day of Feast of New Yam.

53 Round 2 2nd Match: Question 22 What is Isa-ifi?

54 Answer 22 Isa-ifi is a ceremony of confession, bride sit in middle of big circle and asked questions about her virginity. It was to determine if she was faithful during their courtship

55 Question 23 Who was sacrificed to avoid war?

56 Answer 23 Ikemefuma

57 Question 24 What are the negotiations for Obierika’s daughter??

58 Answer 24 Economic custom of dressing up the bride, drinking palm wine

59 Repechage RounD!! If you know the answer, just raise your hand and call out the answer!!

60 Repechage Question...25 Who is the only woman respected in Umofia?

61 Answer 25 CHIELO, the priestess who stands for divinity

62 ROUND 3 match 1: question 26 What does boy mean in Igbo society?

63 Answer 26 The boy means happiness and joy in Ibo society

64 Round 3 match 2:Question 27 What is Polytheism? and name two people related to the term polytheism.

65 Answer 27 Polytheism is the belief in or worship of more than one god God Ani, Ifejioku


67 Question 28 Explain the gender role in Igbo society (you have to name at least 5 features)

68 Answer 28 1.In Igbo society, men are dominant figures and women are second class citizens. 2.In society, women are neglected, voice less and oppressed entitles 3.Women cannot participate in meetings 4. Women raise beans, maize and melons while men raise Yams 5. Men have jobs of protecting the family 6. boy means happiness and joy. 7. women’s main job was to produce children

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