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Tele99 Program Updates 30 th May 2010. 2 Summary Attendees : Abinesh, Ajith Krishnan, Ani, Aravind, Ashams, Chery, David, Hari, Joy, Prem, Rajneesh, Sudeep.

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Presentation on theme: "Tele99 Program Updates 30 th May 2010. 2 Summary Attendees : Abinesh, Ajith Krishnan, Ani, Aravind, Ashams, Chery, David, Hari, Joy, Prem, Rajneesh, Sudeep."— Presentation transcript:

1 tele99 Program Updates 30 th May 2010

2 2 Summary Attendees : Abinesh, Ajith Krishnan, Ani, Aravind, Ashams, Chery, David, Hari, Joy, Prem, Rajneesh, Sudeep Date & Time : 30th May 2010, GMT 01:30 PM to 04:00 PM Mode of Contact : Voice call thru Skype  Rajneesh elaborated the Dept’s expectation for the student’s meet on 02 nd July 2010.  The group agreed on the following tentative timeline:  Initial draft (skeleton) of our presentation to be put together by 10 th June.  Refined draft to be sent to Shabu Sir for his review on 22 nd June.  On 02 nd July, our team to visit our department, equipped with a good presentation (introduction & content) tailored to suit Shabu Sir's expectations.  Every individual in the call presented his view of the program.  Aravind shared a ppt on his viewpoint of orienting the S1S2 students during the telecon.  Next meeting on 13 th June. Details of the deliberation in the following slides

3 3 Vision Comments during the telecon: - Let’s not worry about the vision now. Initiate something and things may take wings on their own. (Ani) - We need to write down an overall vision, no need to aim for perfection, but we need to leave scope for refinement. Connect all the dots in the learning process. (Chery) - There is a need to develop personal bonds with the students and involve S1S2 also. Need to have a broad understanding so that people can realize their strong points. (Hari) - The opportunity to create what we missed as first year students, is what attracts me to this program. (Aravind)  To help students cherish the true essence of engineering studies.  To stimulate their minds in a way that helps them identify career paths that they can passionately follow.  Making students aware about all the non-software options also, highlighting electronics, telecommunication, instrumentation jobs as well as higher studies & research areas.  “The” job vs. “A” job as Shabu Sir had put it.  To create an environment that fosters sustained personal interaction between students and alumni of Electronics department.  Expose students very early on to practical applications of what they will learn so as to make them interested in studies /motivate them to learn and get more out of the course.  Helping students connect the dots between the various subjects they study in 4 years, and helping them understand how these relate to real life.

4 4 Implementation Modes of Interaction – Sessions delivered at the Dept Generic audience (e.g. S1S2 orientation) Targeted special interest groups – Topics David mentioned (VHDL, Robotics) probably comes under this – Web Interface / Forum / Discussion groups – Personal Mentoring (based on area of interest) Mainly remote personal kind of interaction and may be at least once a year personal interaction This is where more participation from our batch mates becomes important – And more… Comments during the telecon: - We need to understand any logistics difficulties in conducting sessions for a large audience. Not a primary concern, but the batch sizes have grown considerably. (David) - I would like to help establish the link between academia and the industry (Ani) - We should make use of the current opportunity even if it does not immediately accommodate S1S2 participation (Sudeep) - Let’s keep radical ideas for subsequent sessions - once we gain credibility with the dept (Ashams)

5 5 What we need to do operationally? - David recommended that we send a summary and speaker profile to the department so that they can display it in the notice boards in our department. - Contact other members of our group individually to request 3 things: - Their opinion / new ideas about this initiative (need to determine how we divide and conquer this; will send out a spreadsheet with info as the first attempt) - Enroll in - Participate in a short survey (Prem to send out the link) - Determine how we can leverage information from Aravind’s presentation to make a case for S1S2 involvement in our initiative. How do we get the buy-in from Mr. Shabu? (Rajneesh to take a first stab at this one) - Profile our classmates in Collect information about proficiencies, interests as applicable to our objectives. (Will need to pick Renjith’s brain on how best to achieve this on the portal)

6 6 Core Action Items Provide an initial draft of the presentation by June 10 th – Rajneesh Provide input to Rajneesh – All others Joy recommended that we send in our suggestions to Rajneesh starting NOW (that will help him get to a better initial draft) Reviewing the contents of survey - All the people to whom it has been circulated Website layout, format and features - Renjith to lead the effort – Determine user groups, permissions etc – Publish guidelines for portal use Visiting the college as part of the initial session on July 02 nd (Rajneesh, David, Aravind) Tentatively

7 7 Open Issues Should we start engaging with all the 4 batches now? Should we start engaging with S1S2 students and extend our program to cover all the four years by the time these guys reach final year? Should we focus on final year students first and then extend it all the way to first year (we can pace it according to how this progresses) Do we have rough consensus about the content of the first session on July 2 nd Visibility for at least next 3 months and plans to ensure continuity after the initial engagement Agenda for next conf call on June 13 th Every one, especially those who are working need to ensure that this is kept separate from their jobs and there is no conflict of interest. If need be please get prior approval from your organization. Comments during the telecon: - We will try convincing our Dept that S1S2 should be involved from the beginning (Rajneesh to try using information from Aravind’s ppt to supplement this argument) - We will start e-mail discussions about the oncoming presentation content so that the agenda for the next conference call can better focus on conclusions and disagreements.

8 8 Next Steps Getting more participation from our batch mates Defining a framework Steps to ensure further buy-in and support from the faculty Evaluating the outcome of the first engagement, especially how the students are taking it. The Journey has begun…

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