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Digital Content Center & Div. of Digital Content TaeSoo Yun Pre-Visualization System AmI assisted Pilot Project of IAI Pre-Visualization System AmI assisted.

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1 Digital Content Center & Div. of Digital Content TaeSoo Yun Pre-Visualization System AmI assisted Pilot Project of IAI Pre-Visualization System AmI assisted Pilot Project of IAI 2007.09.07

2 Pilot Project of IAI : Pre-visualization  Motivation ( Mission )  In terms of Nation : Film industry is one of the future key driving industries of the domestic industry  In terms of District : the authorities of the Busan Metropolitan City have appointed the film industry as one of their four major strategic driving forces.  Environment of film industry changing from 35mm Analog film to DI(Digital Intermediate) Overall stage of Pre-production, Main production, Post production Projection is done by cable network ( film = cinema, not any more ) 2

3 Digital Cinema Making Process  Technical Component to be develop to construct D-cinema making system : Digital Pre-visualization sys. DI(Digital Intermediate), Digital Effect Studio, CG 3

4 Pre-Visualization System  (also known as pre-vis, pre vis, pre viz, pre-viz, previs, or animatics) is a technique in which low-cost digital technology aids the filmmaking process.filmmaking process  the usage of a Pre-Visualization system can essentially support and facilitate most parts of any audiovisual but especially movie production such as the storyboard, conceptual arts, action design, photography direction, art direction, location hunting and the direction of dresses, sets and make up.  As a first step to U-cinema, pre-vis is the key technology(or solution) and has become an essential tool for large scale film production.  While a pre-visualizing system can economize huge amounts of time and money by simulating movie-making processes in advance, in an earliest stage it can also be a key-element for finding investors by presenting the movie outline in motion pictures. 4 Ex) pre-visualization

5 U-cinema  Ubiquitious computing + D.I(Digital Intermediate) of Cinema = U-cinema  Pre-visualizing, Movie making process management, CG/VFX, Archiving & Digital distribution 

6 Technical Specification of pre-viz (1) itemContent (Detailed Specification)etc 1. Project Management part Development Planning - Planning/Marketing - Feasibility Analysis - Pre Test Planning It shoud be progress by outsourcing or other methods when bring about (get) a big budget projects from the Korean Gov. or FP7 Executive Planning - Asset Analysis - Planning by Cases - Bid & Contract Management - Risk Management - Integrated Visualizatio Planning Budget Planning - Budget according to making solution - Budget according to componet, Scene/Shot, manning, degree of difficulty 6  We define : pre-visualizing part includes not only Art part (3D animation + 3D set construction + camera walk etc ) but also project management part.

7 Technical Specification of pre-viz(2) itemContent (Detailed Specification)etc 2. Art Part Conceptual Art - High Concept Visual - Main Sequence Design - Character and Costume Design - Environment Design - Color Emotion Chart We’d love to co-work with INI- GraphicsNet in IAI. It should be need to derive more detailed technical spec. Related companies : MiRi. Gible etc Storyboard/2D Conti Animatics / 3D Previz - Promo Previz - Drama/Rough Previz - Environment Previz - Technical / Detail Previz 3. Engineering Part - Production Management System Web –based & Asset management system. Developed animation part by DSU, so we have to extend to the movie 7

8 Animation production management sys.  Ani-Conductor  Is a web based animation production management system made by DSU (DCC) in 2005  Functions : Profile, Resource, Story B’D, Task Assign, Task Approval, progress check  Future direction : 8 8

9 Applications  installed in DCC(digital content center) at DSU. Chalie and the Chocolate Factory (Team Burtin, 2005.7 open) Alexander The Great, Saint Anthony ( to be distribute World wide 2007) To be display on MIPCOM (france) 2007.10 Carol : on going project 9

10 Animation production management sys. 10 Overall structure of Digital animation management system Developer Production Prof. TD. Professor. Pre-productionMain-productionPost-production Invest TD Supervise MarketingPlanning Analyzing/reflection Applying (Animation Asset Management) (Ani-Valut) Profile Resourc e StoryB’D Task Assign Task Approval progress Production Pipeline based on production management system Animation Production Management (Ani-Conductor) Ani- production Utility (?)) Task Save With- drawal version search Archiving /restore Utility App. Server Art App. Animation App. TD App. Comp App. Publish App.

11 HD/DC Archiving & Transfer system. 11 HD/DC production Meta Data High resol. Iamge compression Video tagging Formatting & post- processing Storage DBMSPreview Eng. HD/DC image tranfering control sys. Networks HD/DC remote searching sys. broadband Networks

12 Future Direction (Strategy) 12  Directions for the Goals  Make the pre-viz sys. by collecting opinions of industry, and participate in high quality & big budget movie production  Co-propose to Korean government project, FP7 etc. Present the beginning of the next month to the KOFICKOFIC Regiolal innvation R&D Cluster Construction Enterprise by MOCIE ( 15 billion$/5yr)MOCIE  Related Company  MiRi corp. : VFX(special effects), Pre-viz  Gible corp : 3D Game Engine “G-blender”

13 Related Links  Authorities of Korean government related film industry  영화진흥위원회 : Korea Film CouncilKorea Film Council  문화관광부 (Ministry of Culture & Tourism), 한국문화콘텐츠진흥원 (Korea Culture&Content Agency) 문화관광부 한국문화콘텐츠진흥원  산업자원부 (Ministry of Commerce,Industry and Energy) 산업자원부  Movies via. Pre-viz  Star Wars Episode II~III(by George Lucas), War of the worlds (by Steven Spielberg)  Matrix trilogy, Lord of the Rings trilogy, X-Men, Superman returns  Etc……  The VFX companies offer Pre-viz solutions(services)  Halon Entertainment, Pixel Liberation Front, Nvizage, Proof, The Third Floor Inc., David Dozoretz's Persistence of Vision Digital Entertainment, Storyboards Online, Animatic Media, Unit Eleven, Versailles studio, Ammo Previz Liberation Front http://www.persistenceofvision.comhttp://www.storyboardsonline.com 13

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