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Cultures of Ukraine Singers. Ani Lorak She is so talented and beautiful! ! She is the best female singer of all time in Ukrainian showbiz.

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1 Cultures of Ukraine Singers

2 Ani Lorak She is so talented and beautiful! ! She is the best female singer of all time in Ukrainian showbiz.

3 One of the most actively touring singers of Ukraine. Each of her songs - absolute hit. At age 19, she received the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine, thus becoming the youngest singer of those who have ever received it. The winner of numerous awards, five gold disc according to the sales of albums, " There you are... ", " Ani Lorak », «Smile», « Rozkazhy...", " 15". Winner of prestigious international and Ukrainian festivals and ratings, including television contest "Morning Star" (Moscow, 1996 ), and winner of the World Grand Prix competition of young performers «Big Apple Music - 96 " ( New York ).

4 Ani Lorak - Silver medalist at the international song contest "Eurovision-2008", awarded the «Artistic Award Eurovision Song Contest», which is awarded to the best artist of Eurovision. Her hit «Shady Lady» is a leader in the rankings of the leading radio stations in Russia, CIS and Europe, that brings the singer British award «Best Female Singer 2008 ESC Radio Award». Ballad "The Sun" from the eponymous album takes more than one month the first places in the charts of radio stations.

5 Tina Karol She represents Ukraine globally. she is young and talented. her voice mesmerizes like in heaven as well as echoes like in disc.

6 Immodestly Tina Karol can be called one of the best actresses of Ukrainian show business. Young talented performer, which harmoniously united, seemingly incompatible things: the fighting spirit of the Ukrainian army, peacekeeping, rapid music career and a genuine smile. Creative way singer rich and saturated. Here and a number of prizes to children's music competitions, and soloing in ensemble songs Armed Forces of Ukraine and the second prize at the International Vocal Competition in Jurmala - "New Wave", while receiving another very honorable and prestigious names award from Russian pop legend Alla Pugacheva. After the " New Wave " Tina Karol became world.

7 In 2006 singer took seventh place in the contest "Eurovision-2006" in Athens. Published in the 2006th and 2007th's albums «Show me your love» and "The Night" received the status of "gold". Tina Karol was also leading all three seasons of the TV program "Dancing with the Stars." And in March 2008 received the title of "most beautiful woman of Ukraine" by the readers of glossy magazine «VIVA!». Video works: "Above the Clouds" (2005), «Show me your love» (2006), "Poppet" (2006), "The Night" (2006), "I love it" (2007), "Attraction Pole" (2007) "Key» (2008), "Do not worry, boy" (2009), «Radio Baby» (2009).

8 Dzidzo Mehapopulyarnyy dude with a beard and mustache. Antyhlamurnyy singer, songwriter, artist, philosopher, playwright, singer. Favorite dish - mackerel with bread. Do not fear (exception: earwigs and spiders). Character - positive Kipish, walking kindness. Kolyehy - Lesik, Yulik, Mason. The first teacher - Kuzma Skryabin. At Easter and Christmas - always Novoyavorivsk. Vocals. Education - Musical higher. Successful maximalist.

9 DZIDZIO - Ukrainian group that was created in Novoyavorivsk Lviv region in September 2009, the two artists : Michael Thomas ( Dzidzo ) and Oleg Turku ( Lesik ) with the support of their countryman - Andriy Kuzmenko. Therefore Dzidzo often called Kuzma his " first teacher." Shortly after the appearance of Kuzma song " Old Photos " in the unusual performance of a new musical project DZIDZIO confidently entered the media space Ukraine. Dzidzo the Internet became popular thanks to its well- known monologue about a pig Mason yakyye is " ideological mastermind group." Fan Club group on the social network " VKontakte " is the largest in Ukraine and more than 176 thousand followers, but only for a year Views reels group only official channel of " Dzidzo » in «YouTube» over 10 million

10 Today the group consisting of three musicians - Dzidzo, Lesyk and Yulik working in the genre of " comedy antyhlamurnoho " In 2011, Spain held shooting the video for the song " Sama -sama."

11 С.К.А.Й Group "SKAY" existed since 2001 and now it can be called one of the most popular rock bands in the Ukrainian show business.

12 Children left behind a huge number of live performances, as well as participation in festivals such as the " Ruta ", " Pearls season ", " Tavrіyskі іgri " and others. In the autumn of 2007 in the light of the second album "Planet SKAY ", which not only brings fame and recognition by the public, but also award - Award " NePopsa " from the radio station " Jam FM " went frontman Oleg Sobchuk for victory in nomination "Best vocalist ", as well as noted album "Planet SKAY " in nomination " Best album of the Year." In 2009, the radio station " Jam FM " again was awarded the title of "best" group " SKAY " - " The best video of the year " (video work for the song "Give Svitlo ") and " Best Tour of the Year" ( a concert tour together groups "DDT " and " The Brothers Karamazov" )

13 GORCHITZA GORCHITZA - a musical project, the main idea is to create a "real" music, primarily focused on quality. After GORCHITZA loudly declared themselves - were on the same stage with the legendary electronic band Faithless and rocked almost all of his hit radio «Kiss Me Loneliness», - this project was well known, critical acclaim and interest of music fans across the country.

14 Search for new opportunities to realize their own ideas and reduced way Alexei Alloiz one whose name "GORCHITZA". In early 2008, the group signed a contract with Lavina Music. Already in April of this year was the presentation of the first album "live electronic project" called «Highlights». The first release includes six original tracks - three of which are already well-known radio hits - as well as remixes from Ukrainian and British musicians.

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