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OptIPuter Infostructure: East of I-5* Tom DeFanti, Maxine Brown, Jason Leigh, Oliver Yu, Tom Moher, Bob Grossman, Joe Mambretti, Valerie Taylor, Cees de.

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1 OptIPuter Infostructure: East of I-5* Tom DeFanti, Maxine Brown, Jason Leigh, Oliver Yu, Tom Moher, Bob Grossman, Joe Mambretti, Valerie Taylor, Cees de Laat

2 “East of I-5” OptIPuter “East of I-5” OptIPuter is focused on large-data applications using experimental technology Experimental means that –It is obtainable and affordable –It works 99% of the time –It is programmable –Brute force is acceptable Our goal: to make photonics controllable by Grid middleware as soon as possible

3 What is a Lambda? A lambda, in networking, is a fully dedicated wavelength of light in an optical network, typically used today for 1-10Gbps. We are now working with 1Gb dedicated layer2 circuits that act like lambdas We need enough to schedule and manipulate: up to 40 1Gb “sub” lambdas will be available to the OptIPuter locally, regionally, internationally We expect 10Gb lambdas to be available to the OptIPuter in a few years; first locally, then regionally, then (inter)nationally

4 Gross Optical Burst Switching (GOBS) Move a terabyte or petabyte on a schedule Roam a 375600 x 375600 pixel remote database Applications will be able to request dedicated Lambdas using the routed infrastructure Bypass the routers in between PC Photonic Switch (Glimmerglass, Calient)

5 Cluster Visualization 5x3 Grid of 1280x1024 Pixel LCD Panels Driven by 16-PC Cluster Resolution=6400x3072 Pixels, or ~3000x1500 pixels in Autostereo

6 NTT 4Kx2K Compressed Video from Chicago to Los Angeles Pre-compressed to 300 Mbps in Chicago using an experimental JPEG 2000 SHD codec Received in LA at USC Zemeckis Center by an NTT real-time decoder, and fed to NTT's prototype SHD frame- buffer and 8-megapixel full-color D-ILA projector for display on a large screen. SHD= 4xHDTV or 16xDVD

7 Lambdas for high bandwidth applications: –Bypass production network –Middleware request for optical pipes Rationale: –Lower the cost of transport per packet Application Middleware Transport Application Middleware Transport Router UvA Router CA*net4 Router ams chi SURFnet5 UBC Vancouver Switch GbE Lambda Switch Lambda Switch Lambda Switch Lambda Switch Router High bandwidth application

8 Scale 2-20-200


10 OMNInet Chicago 2x10GE LambdaGrid Scale: 2ms A four-site network in Chicago -- a 10GE service trial A test bed for all-optical switching and advanced middleware Partners: SBC, Nortel, iCAIR at Northwestern, EVL, CANARIE, ANL 2x10GE Northwestern U Optical Switching Platform Passport 8600 Application Cluster Application Cluster Optical Switching Platform Passport 8600 2x10GE StarLight OPTera Metro 5200 Application Cluster Optical Switching Platform Passport 8600 2x10GE 8x1GE UIC Carrier Hotel Optical Switching Platform Passport 8600 2x10GE 8x1GE Loop back

11 UIUC/NCSA Starlight (NU-Chicago) Argonne UChicago IIT UIC Illinois Century Network James R. Thompson Ctr City Hall State of IL Bldg 4 pair 12 pair 4 pair 2 pair 4 pair 18 pair 410 pair 12 pair 2 pair Level(3) 111 N. Canal McLeodUSA 151/155 N. Michigan Doral Plaza Qwest 455 N. Cityfront UC Gleacher 450 N. Cityfront Illinois’ I-WIRE

12 I-5/PLR

13 A Production Network 1GigE and 10GigE exchange An Experimental Network lambda exchange A Research Network 1GigE and 10GigE MEMS-switched exchange Host to DTFnet, the TeraGrid’s 4x10Gb T640-based Experimental Network, perhaps for future collaborations A co-location space with 66 racks for networking and computing and data-management equipment An OIX with fiber and/or circuits from SBC/Ameritech, Qwest, AT&T, Global Crossing, Looking Glass Networks, Level 3, RCN, Deutsche Telekom/T-Systems, I-WIRE A facility for links coming from NetherLight, CERN/DataTAG, CA*net4, and proposed from UK-Light and APAN forming Trans-Light StarLight supports the OptIPuter as

14 Clusters East of I-5 Each site (StarLight, UIC, NetherLight) has –Several clusters with dual processors and dual GigE cards –Electronic switching and routing –Optical switching –Specialized Clusters Computing Data Mining and Serving Visualization Upgrade to Itanium Clusters in progress Upgrade to 10GigE NICs next year

15 Lambdas East of I-5, 2003 Illinois –16 GigEs to UIC –8 GigEs to NorthWestern/Evanston –GigEs to ANL, NCSA Canada –8 GigEs Chicago to NYC –8 GigEs Chicago to Seattle Europe –16 GigEs Chicago to Amsterdam –4 GigEs Chicago to CERN –2 GigEs CERN to Amsterdam

16 Optical MEMS Switching

17 Why Optical Switching? No need to look at every packet when transferring a terabyte of information –1% the cost of routing –10% the cost of switching –64x64 10Gb: $100,000 O-O-O switched $1,000,000 O-E-O switched $10,000,000 O-E-O Routed Spend the savings on links, computing and collaboration systems instead! Replaces patch panels; allows rapid reconfiguration of 1 and 10Gb experiments

18 UIC Procurement of 3D MEMS Switches Sent out bid request for (2) 64x64 3D MEMS Switches GlimmerGlass Networks and Calient switches were tested with a small cluster –Using both MMF (with adapters) and SMF NICs –Computer controlled –No problems encountered Calient won the bid for 2 switches; UIC is upgrading one switch to 128x128 GlimmerGlass Networks will provide EVL a loaner 64x64 switch

19 Optical Switches at StarLight and NetherLight N E T H E R L I G H T A “groomer” is a box that accepts multiple circuits of varying types (e.g., 1GigE, 10GigE) and aggregates and/or disseminates over the 10Gbps transoceanic link. As the amount of transoceanic connectivity increases, we aim to “bandwidth match” the amount of data being sent and/or received by clusters across continents. GigE = Gigabit Ethernet (Gbps connection type) 8-processor cluster 16-processor cluster Switch/Router 8 GigE16 GigE 8 GigE16 GigE Control plane Data plane “Groomer” at StarLight 8 GigE 2 GigE 128x128 MEMS Optical Switch N-processor cluster 8 GigE N GigE “Groomer” at NetherLight Control plane Data plane 2 GigE OC-192 (10Gbps) N GigE 64x64 MEMS Optical Switch Switch/Router


21 Hard Infostructure Problems Internet is not designed for single large-scale users—TCP is not usable for long fat applications Circuits are not scalable, but neither are router$ All intelligence has to be on the edge Tuning compute, data, visualization, networking using clusters to get order of magnitude improvement Security at 10Gb line speed

22 Thanks to… StarLight planning, research, collaborations, and outreach efforts are made possible, in major part, by funding from: –National Science Foundation (NSF) awards ANI-9980480, ANI- 9730202, EIA-9802090, EIA-9871058, ANI-0225642, and EIA-0115809 –NSF Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (PACI) cooperative agreement ACI-9619019 to NCSA –State of Illinois I-WIRE Program, and major UIC cost sharing –Northwestern University for providing space, engineering and management NSF/CISE/ANIR and DoE/Argonne National Laboratory for StarLight and I-WIRE network engineering and planning leadership NSF/CISE/ACIR and NCSA/SDSC for DTF/TeraGrid/ETF opportunities The OMNInet Initiative UCAID/Abilene for Internet2 and ITN transit; IU for the GlobalNOC Bill St. Arnaud of CANARIE, Kees Neggers of SURFnet, Olivier Martin of CERN, Michael McRobbie of IU, and Harvey Newman of CalTech

23 OptIPuter: East of I-5

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