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Sergio Rojas was diagnosed with colon cancer. A section of his colon was removed.

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4 Sergio Rojas was diagnosed with colon cancer. A section of his colon was removed.

5 Eventually, the colon will be reconnected.


7 This evening [June 20, 2014] in Detroit, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA approved divestment from three companies which do business with Israel–Hewlett-Packard, Caterpillar, and Motorola Solutions–on the grounds that their products abet the Israeli occupation. The motion passed narrowly 310-303.

8 Earlier this week, one Presbyterian minister, Larry Grimm, told Jews to leave Israel and that America was really their “Promised Land.”

9 There once was a man named Korah Who's in this week's portion of Torah He rebelled against Moses Now he's pushing up roses So he ain't rebelling no morah

10 B’Midbar בְּמִדְבַּר (Numbers) 16.12-14 (from) Korach (Korah) קֹרַח

11 Moshe accused In Ch 12, accused in regard to whom he married and hearing from G-d Ch 14: giving them an impossible task: Giants This parasha: promoting himself to cohanut / priesthood

12 Bamidbar/Nu 16.1-3 Now [three groups] Korach the son of Yitz'har, the son of K'hat, the son of Levi, along with Datan and Aviram, the sons of Eli'av, and On, the son of Pelet, descendants of Re'uven, took men and rebelled against Moshe. You take too much on yourselves! After all, the entire community is holy, every one of them

13 Bamidbar/Nu 16.1-3 After all, the entire community is holy, every one of them and A DONI is among them. So why do you lift yourselves up above A DONI ’s assembly?"

14 B’Midbar (Numbers) 16.12

15 B’Midbar (Numbers) 16.13a

16 Exodus 3:8 CJB I have come down to rescue them from the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that country to a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey, the place of the Kena'ani, Hitti, Emori, P'rizi, Hivi and Y'vusi. Exodus 3:17 CJB and I have said that I will lead you up out of the misery of Egypt to the land of the Kena'ani, Hitti, Emori, P'rizi, Hivi and Y'vusi, to a land flowing with milk and honey."'

17 Exodus 13:5 CJB When A DONI brings you into the land of the Kena'ani, Hitti, Emori, Hivi and Y'vusi, which he swore to your ancestors to give you, a land flowing with milk and honey, you are to observe this ceremony in this month. Exodus 33:3 CJB You will go to a land flowing with milk and honey; but I myself will not go with you, because you are such a stiffnecked people that I might destroy you on the way.“

18 Leviticus 20:24 But to you I have said, "You will inherit their land; I will give it to you as a possession, a land flowing with milk and honey."I am A DONI your God, who has set you apart from other peoples. Numbers 13:27 What they told him was this: "We entered the land where you sent us, and indeed it does flow with milk and honey - here is its fruit!

19 Numbers 14:8 If A DONI is pleased with us, then he will bring us into this land and give it to us -a land flowing with milk and honey.

20 B’Midbar (Numbers) 16.13b From sar שַׂר שֵם (government) minister

21 B’Midbar (Numbers) 16.14a

22 B’Midbar (Numbers) 16.14b

23 Moshe is accused This parasha: promoting himself to cohanut / priesthood How to respond to accusations

24 Rev. 129-10 The great dragon was thrown out, that ancient serpent, also known as the Devil and Satan [the Adversary], the deceiver of the whole world. He was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him. Then I heard a loud voice in heaven saying,

25 Rev. 129-10 "Now have come God's victory, power and kingship, and the authority of his Messiah; because the Accuser of our brothers, who accuses them day and night before God, has been thrown out!


27 First optional reponse: Moshe’s test BaMidbar/Nu 16.28-31 Moshe said, "Here is how you will know that A DONI has sent me to do all these things and that I haven't done them out of my own ambition:if these men die a natural death like other people, only sharing the fate common to all humanity, then A DONI has not sent me. But if A DONI does something new -

28 BaMidbar/Nu 16.28-31 - if the ground opens up and swallows them with everything they own, and they go down alive to Sh'ol - then you will understand that these men have had contempt for A DONI." The moment he finished speaking, the ground under them split apart -



31 Accusations that are patently absurd don’t hurt at all. Usually laughable. 2. Innocence response.

32 Mishlei/Prov 26.2 CEB Like a darting sparrow, like a flying swallow, so an undeserved curse never arrives. ESV Like a sparrow in its flitting, like a swallow in its flying, a curse that is causeless does not alight. כַּצִּפּוֹר לָנוּד, כַּדְּרוֹר לָעוּף -- כֵּן קִלְלַת חִנָּם לא תָבֹא.

33 A pro-govern- ment Turkish newspaper has publishing an anti-Semitic article with the lead headline "The boss's son-in-law is a Jew"

34 T’hillim/Ps 10917-20 He loved cursing; may it recoil on him! He didn't like blessing; may it stay far from him! He clothed himself with cursing as routinely as with his coat; May it enter inside him as easily as water, as easily as oil into his bones.

35 T’hillim/Ps 10917-20 May it cling to him like the coat he wears, like the belt he wraps around himself." This is what my adversaries want A DONI to do, those who speak evil against me.


37 Accusations are usually half truths because we all always could do better.

38 Received this email recently: The 34 year old son of an Israeli woman committed suicide. He left a note that blamed his mom, ex- wife, and current girlfriend for the choice that he was making.

39 The family found out about the death when a friend of the family called the youngest daughter (age 17) and gave her condolences. It was not until quite a number of hours later that the police finally notified the family. Naturally, this was a shock to all concerned, and they are still reeling from it.

40 Shaul/Paul was accused being an unfaithful servant of the Messiah. 4. Open hearted response.

41 1 Cor. 4.3-5 And it matters very little to me how I am evaluated by you or by any human court; in fact, I don't even evaluate myself. I am not aware of anything against me, but this does not make me innocent. The one who is evaluating me is the Lord. So don't pronounce judgment prematurely, before the Lord comes;

42 1 Cor. 4.3-5 for he will bring to light what is now hidden in darkness; he will expose the motives of people's hearts; and then each will receive from God whatever praise he deserves.

43 Yeshua was accused of being demon possessed.

44 Yn 8.46-49 Which one of you can show me where I'm wrong? If I'm telling the truth, why don't you believe me? Whoever belongs to God listens to what God says; the reason you don't listen is that you don't belong to God." The Judeans answered him, "Aren't we right in saying you are from Shomron and have a demon?"

45 Yn 8.46-49 Yeshua replied, "Me? I have no demon. I am honoring my Father. But you dishonor me.

46 Shaul/Paul was accused being an a false teacher; there were more spiritual and powerful teachers. 5. Resumé response.

47 2 Cor. 11.1-5 I would like you to bear with me in a little foolishness - please do bear with me! For I am jealous for you with God's kind of jealousy…and I fear that somehow your minds may be seduced away from simple and pure devotion to the Messiah…For if someone comes and tells you about some other Yeshua than the one we told you about,

48 2 Cor. 11.1-5 or if you receive a spirit different from the one you received or accept some so-called "good news" different from the Good News you already accepted…For I don't consider myself in any way inferior to these "super-emissaries."

49 2 Cor. 11.21-28 But if anyone dares to boast about something - I'm talking like a fool! - I am just as daring. Are they Hebrew-speakers? So am I. Are they of the people of Isra'el? So am I. Are they descendants of Avraham? So am I. Are they servants of the Messiah? (I'm talking like a madman!)

50 2 Cor. 11.21-28 I'm a better one! I've worked much harder, been imprisoned more often, suffered more beatings, been near death over and over. Five times I received "forty lashes less one" from the Jews.

51 2 Cor. 11.21-28 Three times I was beaten with rods. Once I was stoned. Three times I was shipwrecked. I spent a night and a day in the open sea. In my many travels I have been exposed to danger from rivers, danger from robbers, danger from my own people, danger from Gentiles, danger in the city, danger in the desert, danger at sea, danger from false brothers.

52 2 Cor. 11.21-28 I have toiled and endured hardship, often not had enough sleep, been hungry and thirsty, frequently gone without food, been cold and naked. And besides these external matters, there is the daily pressure of my anxious concern for all the congregations.

53 6. Romans Response to accusations

54 Roman 8 Therefore, there is no longer any condemnation awaiting those who are in union with the Messiah Yeshua. Why? Because the Torah of the Spirit, which produces this life in union with Messiah Yeshua, has set me free from the "Torah" of sin and death…

55 Roman 8 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor other heavenly rulers, neither what exists nor what is coming, neither powers above nor powers below, nor any other created thing will be able to separate us from the love of God which comes to us through the Messiah Yeshua, our Lord.

56 7. Discerning response T’hillim/Ps 141.5-8 Let the righteous strike me, let him correct me; it will be an act of love. Let my head not refuse such choice oil, for I will keep on praying about their wickedness. When their rulers are thrown down from the cliff, [the wicked] will hear that my words were fitting.

57 T’hillim/Ps 141.5-8 As when one plows and breaks the ground into clods, our bones are strewn at the mouth of Sh'ol. For my eyes, E LOHIM Adonai, are on you; in you I take refuge; don't pour out my life.

58 Summary of responses to accusations 1.Pray for a ground fissure. 2.Laugh and rejoice at absurdity 3.Grieve at broken fellowship 4.Vulnerable reasoning 5.Present resumé, CV 6.Romans Ruakh relief 7.Discern the good, pray for the accuser’s bad attitude.

59 7. Discerning response T’hillim/Ps 141.5-8 Let the righteous strike me, let him correct me; it will be an act of love. Let my head not refuse such choice oil, for I will keep on praying about their wickedness.

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