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Pathogenic Enteric Bacteria I Dr A. Aziz Djamal MSc.DTM&H.SpMK(K)

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1 Pathogenic Enteric Bacteria I Dr A. Aziz Djamal MSc.DTM&H.SpMK(K)

2 Topics 1.Escherichia. 2.Vibrio 3.Klebsiella 4.Proteus 5.Enterobacter

3 Escherichia Klebsiella Proteus Enterobacter All are member of Enterobacteriaceae family Rod shape Gram negative Facultative anaerob

4 Genus Vibrio belong to the family of Vibrionaceae Curve rod shape Gram negative Facultative anaerob One single polar flagel

5 Escherichia coli Found by Theodor Escherich ( Austrian ) 1882 Bacteria coli commune Normal inhabitant of intestinal human and warm blooded animal By the time proceed it is also in process of adaptation and change

6 It is used as standard for fecal contamination. Water quality for household purpose. MPN test / Index. Lactose fermenter

7 Pathogenic strains 1.EPEC ( Enteropathogenic ) 2.ETEC ( Enterotoxigenic ) 3.EIEC ( Enteroinvasive ) 4.EHEC( Enterohaemorrhagic ) 5.EAEC ( Enteroadherent )

8 Enteropathogenic E coli Infantile diarrhea Attachment to immature intestinal mucosal cells Destruction of mucosal villi Causing diarrhea followed by fever and icteric Fatal infection especially on neglected labor.

9 Enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC) Produced Enterotoxin. Plasmid mediated enterotoxin production. There are 2 kind of Toxins : Lt ( Labile toxin ) St ( Stable toxin)

10 Lt ( Labile toxin ) Big Molecule. Antigenic. Cross reaction with Cholera toxin. Activate Adenylate cyclase enzyme -- Cascade reaction-end product cyclic -5--AMP ( Adenosine Mono Phosphate )--Profuse watery diarrhea. Dehydration--Electrolyte and Acid-Base derangement—metabolic acidosis –renal failure – death.

11 Stable toxin (St) Smaller molecule Non Antigenic. Activate Guadenylate cyclase enzyme system—cascade reaction—end product cyclic –5– GMP (Guadenosin Mono Phosphate ) –Low quality energy resouces– mild diarrhea.

12 Enteroinvasive Escherichia coli (EIEC) Site of infection mucosal cells layer of Colon. Shigella like infection. Shiga like toxin – toxic to colonic mucosal cells- necrosis—ulcers—bleeding ( Blooded diarrhea), fever – tenesmus ani ( Trias Bacillar Dysentery)

13 Enterohemorrrhagic E coli EHEC Firstly dairy product contamination, meat on refrigerator—Produce toxin ( Shiga like toxin )—strain O157 H7—Fever, diarrhea, abdominal cramp- Hemolytic uremic syndrome. Newly strain O104 H4, outbreak in German,May 31 found 470 cases with HUS---9 deaths. Raw lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes.

14 Enteroadherent E coli Multilayer colonization on intestinal mucose. Biofilm formation Inhibit water and nutrition absorbtion. Malabsorbtion syndrome.

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