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Science and Spiritualism: Bleepy Things River Kaster & Denise Keenan Engage your own creativity.

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1 Science and Spiritualism: Bleepy Things River Kaster & Denise Keenan Engage your own creativity

2 Consider All Possibilities If you can think it, It can happen

3 In the Beginning…. There was attraction, and the first wave was formed and the first wave was created in the analog form

4 But the analog was sinned against by the digital What the β leep … ? →

5 Vital Antithesis: A very Human Dilemma Yes/No Light/Dark Right/Wrong Good/Bad Full/Empty Half Full/Half Empty Everything/Nothing

6 We perceive our world in a “either – or” mode This is Digital Perception Digital Perception Analog Perception

7 Digital Perception is followed by Digital Response 00000 1 111 Digital abrupt change, reactionary response, sudden flow change, asynchronous, containment, quantum particle Analog smooth transition, measured response, continuous flow, synchronous, continuity, quantum wave bleep etc.

8 We live better, healthier, and fuller by measured response Sensing, feeling, and knowing create a continuity with attraction

9 Analog is rhythm

10 Analog Rhythm Cascades Environment Perception Response Attraction F l o w

11 Analog Rhythm Cascades Environment Perception Response Attraction F l o w Body - Mind - Spirit

12 Analog Rhythm Cascades Environment Perception Response Attraction F l o w Breaking Patterns

13 Body-mind-spirit will perfectly shape to its environment The desert’s form is perfectly shaped to the condition of its winds The perception – response process is the target site where the inner self can break down old patterns and form new ones with desirable attraction

14 How do we break patterns? 1. Big Experience – Wake Up Call 2. Concerted effort over time using structure, discipline, and consistency 3. Engaging higher, non-ordinary states of consciousness meditation, breath work, hypnosis, body-work Voila! …….Transformation

15 ANKR Breathing

16 A  Accelerated N  Neural K  Kinesthetic R  Re-patterning

17 Breath is your currency

18 Breath facilitation to alter redundant patterns

19 Breath streams from deep within and is given back to all others

20 Paradigm Shift: A change in frequency ([{Shift Happens!}])

21 Computers are digital The quantum world is digital Or is it? Containment is digital What the β leep … is a quantum? →

22 E = mc² Quantum? Shall we begin at the beginning? E = hƒ Max Planck Albert Einstein

23 “Quantum” is defined as an incremental unit of energy

24 Nothingness and Everything are the same thing. How can that be? Think of nothingness as a homogeneity in which everything is the same This is pure empty space The first something is a wave distortion of the homogeneity -- a distortion of space It is a wave quantum It is the most fundamental of particles Huh? Particles?!?

25 One wave distortion produces another and another Each with a tiny distortion of warped space around it These are the fundamental wave-particles of atoms Wave-particle distortions Atoms You Molecules Elements Cells

26 Because the quantum wave is a distortion of space, and you are a composite of billions of quantum waves, you too are a distortion of space, as is all matter You are created from nothing but have become everything hummm

27 What if Einstein misinterpreted the curvature of space, that is gravity, as being separate from matter? Because matter is a distortion of space, the space around us is an extension of us Everything is literally connected Yikes!

28 Can a mathematical outcome (general relativity) that solves a conceptual idea (mass is the source of curved space) be redirected to a different conceptual idea (mass continuity with curved space) while conserving the mathematical integrity? This shift of conceptualization changes none of Einstein's mathematics. In other words: Right Mathematics --- Wrong Concept G = 8 π T

29 Matter and space are continuous, they are one You and all matter are continuous with space curvature connecting the two Everything is universally connected Evolution has cleverly designed matter so that we recognize it as solid The neutrino speeding through you at this moment hits not a single atom You are primarily space Holy Moly

30 Everything is connected, literally You are the rock, and the rock is you For thousands of years the shamans, mystics, and the thinkers have suggested that everything is connected Creatio ex nihilo Creation occurred as quantum waves from nothing - a simple distortion of a homogeneity that now travels the universe carrying information as waves

31 If you can shift matter, you can shift energy (recall E = mc²) Impingement = to come into a relationship with Much of the healing arts relies on shifting energy When the body worker redistributes tissue (matter), energy is also redistributed The trained body worker can feel the energy without touching because she is connected to you – she impinges on you and you impinge on her

32 Law of Attraction Life on earth is permeated with attraction Our biology science is based on it. Reconstitution Multicellularity Gonochorism

33 Pure and Simple Law of Attraction

34 We are each a beacon continuously emitting electromagnetic waves that carry data

35 Are you out there? From the time you are born, until the time you pass to the other side, you are a beacon of data transmission.

36 Do these transmissions decay, or do they extend our individual presence throughout the universe?

37 Light rays, radio waves and other electromagnetic energy travel across the universe Why wouldn’t your energy?

38 Your inner self protects and points the direction From this, attraction flows

39 Live with and treat all others with dignity, you are one

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