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Gothia Forum for clinical research - Result of a unique collaboration.

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1 Gothia Forum for clinical research - Result of a unique collaboration

2 Generell titel Making good health care even better The aim of Gothia Forum is to make Region Västra Götaland the most attractive environment for high quality clinical research in Europe by 2015.

3 Generell titel What is Gothia Forum? A research collaboration aimed at strengthening clinical research which will in turn result in better health care for patients contributing to regional growth by making Region Västra Götaland more attractive for clinical research generating revenue and funding for clinical research

4 Generell titel Who are behind Gothia Forum? Region Västra Götaland The Sahlgrenska Academy Chalmers University of Technology The Pharmaceutical Industry

5 Generell titel What can Gothia Forum offer? Forums for the research community from the healthcare sector, academia and the research industry Collaborative platform for efficient & effective development Knowledge base that will make the healthcare system more attractive from a research perspective Support and tools for efficient & effective clinical research Resources for quality audit and business support

6 Generell titel Forum - meeting place The University of Gothenburg together with The Sahlgrenska Academy and other universities Records centre Statistics Clinical research studies Research industry Research resources Funding Region Västra Götaland Databases and records Experimental units Health care, researchers, healthcare providers Gothia Forum

7 A voluntary resource Aims to simplify and develop collaborations that already exist Aims to facilitate research Portal for large as well as small companies No one is obligated to consult Gothia Forum

8 Prerequisites for clinical research Access to e-databases and quality records researchers and research staff health care at the forefront

9 Generell titel Why collaboration with industry? Collaboration already exists - we are simplifying and clarifying it. Creates openness and transparency in relations Common goal – for the patient's best Excellent conditions (ethically) and distinct assignments Contributes to the development of health care

10 Generell titel Organizational affiliation Unit within Region Västra Götaland Belongs to the Board of Health and Welfare at the Regional Offices Advisory Board with representatives of the Academy (University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology), the Pharmaceutical Industry and Region Västra Götaland (SU and Regional Offices)

11 Generell titel Three pilot projects illustrate the way Project 1: Improved quality of clinical documentation Project 2: Delivery assurance during clinical trials Project 3: Monitoring pharmaceuticals

12 Generell titel What’s in it for me? Patients gain access to the best treatment more quickly Medical practitioners can initiate their research more easily Industry can produce/introduce their innovations, such as pharmaceuticals, etc. more quickly

13 Contact information Kaj Stenlöf, Executive director Address: Medicinareg 8b Tel: +46 (0)31-342 70 96 Mobile: +46 (0)708-76 01 30 Email: August 2009

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