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Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health.

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1 Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health

2 World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative (WBTi) Perspectives in challenges and future actions Dr M. Homayoun Ludin National Nutrition Officer/MoPH Phone: 0093700604649 Afghanistan


4 What has changed since 2005 assessment Indicator20052009 Initiation of Breastfeeding (within 1 hour) N/A36.7 Exclusive Breastfeeding (for first 6 months) No Data83% Median Duration of Breastfeeding No Data18 M Bottle Feeding(<6 months)No Data40%

5 What has changed since 2005 assessment Indicator20052009 Complementary Feeding (6-9 months) 29 %

6 What has changed since 2005 assessment -Code of BMS has been endorsed and Trained 26 trainers by support of IBFAN/BPNI (Dr. Faridi) April/09 - IYCF Policy and strategy has been developed and finalized

7 What has changed since 2005 assessment

8 Afghanistan Breastfeeding Report Card 2005= 30/150 2008= 84.5/150

9 National Policy, Programme and Coordination Implementing Code of BMS 10/10

10 List of partners for the assessment process NoNameTitle Organization Address Dr. Zarmina Safi Acting Director Public Nutrition Department MoPH 1 Dr M.Homayoun LudinIYCF National officer MoPH 2 Dr M.Qasem Shams CMAM-EMN National officer MoPH 3 Dr. Ahmad WaliMI National officer MoPH 4 Dr Zhuria HabibIYCF Assistant officer MoPH 5 Dr Ahmad Khalid RahinMSM National officer MoPH 6 Henry mdbweNutrition Espicialist UNICEF 7 Dr Zakia MaroofNutrition officer UNICEF 8 Dr Shah Mahmood NasiriNutrition officer UNICEF 9 Charlotte Dufour Nutrition and Food Security Consultant BASICs 10 Dr Ani BegumNutrition –MCH incharge WHO

11 Challenges faced during the process Lack of update data since 2005 No standard surveillance system for IYCF No specific survey on IYCF/Caring practice since 2005 lack of budget for conducting IYCF survey Security instability

12 Methods used to tackle the challenges Meeting and discussion with partners Collecting information from different sources Incorporated the collected information with the questioner (WBTi) Censuses workshops with partners Sharing the findings with partners Incorporated partners comments Finalizations and submit to WBTI

13 Positive experiences during the process Understanding WBTi questionnaire and assessment Increased awareness of policy makers by presenting the IYCF strategy 2009-2013. Improve MoPH high authority advocacy through opening of CODE MBMS/TOT (Deputy Minister). Including of Breastfeeding indicators in HMIS of MoPH Encouraged NGOs to add IYCF in their proposal especially in CTC/CMAM Interring BF indicators in MICS survey(2010)

14 Suggestion for improving the process Conducting specific BF survey for the country Establishment of standard IYCF Surveillance system Technical support from IBFAN Capacity building of PND/MoPH in IYCF Regular meeting of between MoPH policy makers and IBFAN on IYCF advocacy Sharing IBFAN survey and researches Improving IYCF committee at national level for better coordination among partners.


16 Thank you Any Questions Tomorrow’s success depends on today’s efforts

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