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Rapidis Logistics Planner (RLP) Vehicle Routing Problem(VRP) version for distribution and service technicians.

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1 Rapidis Logistics Planner (RLP) Vehicle Routing Problem(VRP) version for distribution and service technicians

2 Route planning and fleet optimization Optimization and planning for organizations with multiple tasks at multiple locations: Distribution Service technicians Home care Logistics is both complicated and costly to operate, and restrictions and constraints will indeed complicate the planning. At Rapidis we aim to make our tools for planning and optimization able to handle a wide variety of requirements making the tools useful across industries. We call it: Rapidis Logistics Planner Highly scalable multicore planning Highly configurable

3 Benefits, who and how Benefits: Travel distance and carbon footprint is reduced Travel time and number of vehicles is reduced All plans meet restrictions and constraints Faster planning - complete plans in minutes 10 – 30 % cost reductions are common Highly configurable Highly scalable multicore planning How to get it: Planning as a service (REST API) Subscription service with little entry costs Integrates with costumer systems Who should get it: Transport- and distribution companies Organizations with many service technicians Online supermarkets Municipalities and private firms doing home care Organizations doing waste collection

4 Simple vs Advanced Planning Simple Planning: 1 resource at the time Tasks are locked to resources Planning within predefined districts Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) Reductions in travel time and distance are generally 5 – 7 % Advanced Planning: Tasks not locked to resources All resources/cars can perform all tasks if they meet qualifications etc. Best overall transport plan Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) Reductions in travel time and distance are generally 10 – 30 %

5 How the plan evolves A complete and cost optimized transport plan OD cost matrix – travel time from all-to-all locations A preliminary plan is done and the resulting costs are calculated Costs are minimized by swapping tasks between resources When costs for the overall plan stops decreasing the plan is optimized and ready

6 Cost minimizing for the best plan Drive time for resources Task time Start costs for additional resources Wait time for the resources The total costs for the overall transport plan can consist of the cost elements listed below. Each cost element can be calibrated making the plan fit most scenarios. Logistics Planner minimizes the total costs for the overall plan – that is the ”best plan” Each cost element can be scaled to fit specific scenarios. Drive time is often scaled higher than task time, which makes Logistics Planner focus on reducing drive time Resources can be individually scaled faster/slower on drive time and/or task time

7 RLP is controlled with parameters Tasks can be specified with: 1 or multiple time windows where the task can/must be performed Duration Qualifications required to perform the task Resources/vehicle can be specified with: Capacities Qualifications Breaks required Max work time and possible working hours Logistics Planner has proven capabilities to: Minimize operational costs (number of vehicles, travel time and travel distance) Respect all constraints and restrictions On the following pages we will introduce some of the tools and parameters making it possible to design the actual planning to meet specific needs.

8 Multiple time windows on tasks A time window has a start time and an end time Tasks can have zero, one or multiple time windows Tasks can be allowed only to begin in the time window and complete after A time window is the period time in which a task must be completed. A task can have zero, one or multiple time windows. Using multiple time windows can improve optimization when planning inspection tasks.

9 Refill depots Depots for refilling can be defined by their location Duration for refilling can be defined Each resource can either be allowed or disallowed to refill Refilling will be at the nearest depot In some scenarios refilling of the resources is necessary and Logistics Planner has tools to include this in the planning. The tools can also be used for the unloading of waste trucks.

10 Loads and Capacity Vehicle capacities vs loads for each order Each vehicle can have 1 or 2 capacities attached Every order/task can require 1 or 2 capacities Examples: 35 m³ 2.000 kg 35 m³ and 2.000 kg 200 units specified by the user

11 Qualifications and resource groups A task can require a resource/vehicle with certain qualifications and/or a vehicle that belongs to a specific resource group. A resource/vehicle can have 1 or more qualifications and it can be a member of a specific resource group. Resource groups can be used to make sure that a certain task in performed by a preferred resource – this could be a delivery where the receiver prefers a “known face” – something that can be hard to describe as a qualification.

12 Individually prioritized tasks In many planning scenarios the number of tasks that serve as input will exceed the number of tasks that actually can be performed given the resources available. Tasks can be prioritized making sure that they will be planned before tasks that are not prioritized; maybe because they are not urgent and can be performed the next day or by external resources.

13 Start and end locations for resources Delivery trucks often start and end their working day at the depot. Service technicians may begin their working day at home and perhaps finish at the location of the last task. Logistics Planner handles a wide variety of scenarios related to resource locations. A resource can start and end routes at individual locations Drive time to the first task can be excluded from work time and costs Drive time from last task to depot/end location can also be excluded

14 Full-hour scheduling Online supermarkets offer deliveries in predefined time slots. To meet this specific planning scenario we have introduced “full-hour scheduling” that ensures that every time slot is planned as close to the full hour as possible.

15 New features on request Many features in Rapidis Logistics Planner are developed to meet requirements from specific costumers. All new features has been and will be added to the core Rapidis Logistics Planner.

16 Rapidis: Founded 2003 11 employees ESRI Business Partner We develop software and tools for simulation, analysis and planning in transport and logistics Consultancy in the same business areas About Rapidis History of Rapidis Logistics Planner: First version in 2007 VRP version Postal version PD version (DRT/paratransit) launched in 2013 – Please ask for information In 2014 available as an extension for ArcGIS In 2014 available as a cloud service (REST) Leif Dahl Petersen, MSc Man. Director Rapidis Logistics ApS., Partner

17 Selected references Falck Teknik, planning +100.000 visits for service technicians In cooperation with our parter SimaTech Dansk Kabel TV, 35 technicians doing scheduled installation together with acute service tasks In cooperation with our partner Pro-Sat, online supermarket offering delivery in 1 hour time slots In cooperation with our partner Informi GIS IDDesign, chain of furniture shops offering delivery with 35 trucks + 35 subcontracted trucks In cooperation with our partner PCSYS Fynbus, regional bus authority planning +500.000 trips (Demand Responsive Transport - DRT) In cooperation with our partner Data Power Roskilde Brand, large municipality fire department performing paratransit (DRT) In cooperation with our partner SSD – Secure Software Development Please ask for detailed information about Logistics Planner for pickup and delivery with specific tools for courier services and Demand Responsive Transport for passengers.

18 Business model – your next step Partner network RLP is sold in a partner network. To become a partner you are probably a software company already selling solutions like Transport Management Systems, ERP or systems for Mobile Workforce Management. Rapidis Logistics Planner – documentation and test access If you like what you have seen so far – perhaps it is time to take a look at the full documentation. If you like to try it out, we can provide you with an access to the service. Please contact Leif Dahl Petersen,, +45 5310

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