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2 BUDGET OFFICER APPROVAL REQUIREMENTS 1.Check to see what requisitions need approving. 2.Verify the GL Number is correct (using the proper sub-account). 3.Review what’s being ordered or service to be provided to ensure it is required by your department. 4.Review approvals to ensure appropriate signing levels are on the requisition. If it is over your approval limit, make sure that the next approver box has your supervisor’s name listed.

3 1 AUTHORITY TO PURCHASE Per adopted College rules, the College’s District Purchasing Department is responsible for purchasing ALL materials, supplies and equipment and/or services. Exceptions to this policy have been specifically delegated in some instances to expedite purchases or for the efficient purchase of small dollar Items. These exceptions include petty cash and credit card purchases, library materials and agreements for services.

4 2 AUTHORITY TO PURCHASE Departments may not order goods or services without the issuance of a valid purchase order. Departments are not to pledge College resources or to order in advance with the promise of a purchase order to follow. Committing the College to a future obligation to pay for goods or services without the benefit of a purchase order may result in disciplinary action to the individual and a loss of Purchasing privileges to a department.

5 APPROVAL THRESHOLDS All requisitions must be approved by a Budget Officer. Additional approvals are required if the requisition amount exceeds your approval limit. Managers, Deans, Directors and Officers have approval authority up to $10,000. Campus Presidents and Vice Presidents have authority up to $35,000. The College President must approve all requisitions over $35,000.

6 QUOTE AND BID THRESHOLDS Requisitions under $10,000 are at the Buyer’s discretion. Requisitions between $10,000 and $35,000 require three (3) written quotes. Requisitions over $35,000 require sealed bids or proposals to be issued by the Purchasing Department. Note: All products and services over $10,000 should be coordinated with the Purchasing Department regardless of exempt or non-exempt status. Grant Funds are no exception. Products and services being purchased using Grant Funds still require quotes, bids, and/or proposals per the State of Florida.

7 RULES FOR BID THRESHOLDS Purchases over $10,000 or $35,000 should NOT be split into two (2) different requisitions to the same vendor in order to avoid the quote or bid process. Purchases over $10,000 should NOT be split to avoid sending a requisition to the next appropriate approval level.

8 CREATING QUOTES, BIDS AND PROPOSALS The department should coordinate, in advance, with the Purchasing Department to acquire quotes for any requirement over $10,000. A minimum of three (3) quotes is required. The following are required for quotes, bids, proposals: 1.List of products required with part numbers. 2.Specifications on the products or services required. 3.Scope of work for services.

9 EXEMPT FROM THE BIDDING PROCESS Florida State Contracts for products and/or services. City, County and Purchasing Cooperative contracts. University, College and School Board contracts. Technology - computers, peripherals, hardware, software. Note: The College may now use out-of-state government contracts, including counties and cities. Departments should check with Purchasing to determine if these contracts meet the required criteria for College use.

10 CENTRAL RECEIVING All products being shipped to the College must go through Central Receiving except for the following: A.Products that are being installed by the vendor. B. Office products that are ordered from your Blanket POs. C. Emergency items that impact the safety of the students and staff. Duplication of Orders: We occasionally get duplications on orders. This is due to staff members placing an order before or after a PO has been issued. The vendor receives the PO and also fills the order placed per the staff member’s request. DO NOT ORDER ITEMS UNLESS A PO HAS BEEN ISSUED. This goes for Services also. If you place an order over the phone, you must give the vendor a PO number with a note instruction the vendor not to duplicate the order upon receipt of the hardcopy PO.

11 CENTRAL RECEIVING (CONTINUED) DO NOT CHANGE THE DELIVERY ADDRESS BY PHONE FROM CENTRAL RECEIVING TO YOUR OFFICE. This causes a delay in the payment process to the vendors and creates unnecessary paperwork for your office and the Accounts Payable Department. All POs that start with a “P” must be shipped to Central Receiving.

12 STARTING THE APPROVAL PROCESS Logon to Datatel (see next slide). Click on APP at the top of the screen and change to CF if it’s not already there. Click on PU – Purchasing. Click on APR – Approvals then click on APPW – Approval Password Maintenance. This step is done one time to set your approval password.


14 SETTING UP YOUR APPROVAL PASSWORD Enter your Login ID in the Approvals Lookup box and click OK. Type in the password you would like to use and click OK. The password can be the same as your Datatel password or you may choose to use another.

15 SETTING UP YOUR APPROVAL PASSWORD Re-enter the password you selected for verification and then click OK. Your password is now set. You may change your Approval Password at any time by repeating these steps. To save your password click the Save Button.

16 SETTING UP YOUR APPROVAL PASSWORD Click update button. To exit the screen for Approval Password Maintenance, click the Cancel button.

17 APPROVAL PROCESS Click on Approvals Needed (APRN). Type your Datatel Login ID into the Authorization Lookup box and then click OK.

18 APPROVAL PROCESS Type the current Fiscal Year into the Fiscal Year Lookup box (i.e. 2013 for FY12/13; 2014 for FY13/14) and then click OK. Type your approval password at the prompt and then click OK.

19 APPROVAL PROCESS A list of requisitions that require your approval will appear. The list will include a requisition number, the vendor name, date created, and approval status for each requisition. The Approval Status will display a “No” for a requisition until you enter the requisition and approve it. Then the status will change from “No” to “Yes.” To approve a requisition, click the Detail button to the left of the requisition number that you wish to approve.

20 APPROVAL PROCESS This will take you to the Requisition Maintenance Screen (REQM). After reviewing the vendor information, click on the Detail button to the right of the number of Line Items to view the products or services listed on the requisition.

21 APPROVAL PROCESS A new tab will display the Requisition Item List containing the products or services. Click on the Detail button to the left of each line item’s description to view more information. Review the information provided and ensure that the correct GL Account Number is being utilized. Departments should be using specific account numbers, not pooled accounts. For example: Requisitions for office supplies should contain a GL with a sub-account of 65501 or 65502; not the pooled sub-account 65500. In the screen shot illustration, the sub-account, 64508, is utilized instead of a pooled sub-account such as 64500. (See the next slide for Fund Approval information.)

22 FUND APPROVALS Funding for Grants, the Student Government Association (SGA), Faculty, Staff, & Program Development (FSPD), Lab Fees, and Unexpended Plant Funds must be approved as per the following: Fund Type/Object CodeFund CodesApproval Personnel Grants21, 24, 26Jana Irvine SGA23, 64Michael Reid Lab Fees14Teshia Minnifield Unexpended Plant Funds71, 72, 73, 74, 76, 77Ben Marshall, Sandra Colon Current Fund – State10, 11Budget Office Capital EquipmentObject CodesRodney Bohach InsuranceObject CodesStacy Beasley

23 APPROVAL PROCESS If no changes are required, then click the Exit button. This will take you back to the items list. If changes are made, click the Save button and then click the Update button at the prompt.

24 APPROVAL PROCESS This will refresh the screen to allow another line item to be entered. Simply click the Exit button and then the Cancel button at the prompt to return to the items list. Click the Save button and then the Update button at the prompt return to the main screen.

25 APPROVAL PROCESS The next step is to approve the requisition. Always click the Detail button to the right of the Approvals field when approving requisitions. This will allow you to view who has previously approved the requisition. It will also aid you in determining whether another person needs to be added to the Next Approvals based upon the dollar amount and/or the type of Fund Code within GL Account Number.

26 APPROVAL PROCESS Notice that there are two (2) columns within this screen. The right column, Next Approvals, should contain the name(s) of the appropriate Budget Officer(s) needed to approve this requisition. If a Budget Officer’s name is not listed in this column, then it will not appear in their respective list of requisitions needing their approval. The left column, Approvals, will list name(s) of the Budget Officer(s) who have previously approved the requisition and the date that it was approved, if any. If an individual types the name of a Budget Officer into a blank field within this column, then the system will prompt the individual for the Budget Officer’s approval password.

27 APPROVAL PROCESS Type your Datatel Login ID here or type “…” to perform an Approval Lookup. To select a name, either check the box located to the left the line containing your name, or type the number listed beside your Approval ID into the box at the bottom of the screen. Then press Enter or click the Save button located to the right of the box.

28 APPROVAL PROCESS The system will prompt you for your approval password. Enter your password and then click OK. If your approval password is accepted, then requisition will be approved, and you will see your name move from the right column into the left column. Click the Save button to return to the Requisition Maintenance (REQM) screen.

29 APPROVAL PROCESS Your name will appear in the Approvals field. If your name does not immediately appear, simply click into the box and press the Up Arrow on your keyboard to make the name appear. If your name still does not appear, then you have made a mistake and will need to repeat the approval process. Once you have approved the requisition, click the Save button and then click the update button at the prompt. This will return you to your Approvals Needed screen.

30 APPROVAL PROCESS In your Approvals Needed list, the “No” in the Approve column will change to “Yes.” This will confirm that you have successfully approved the requisition. If the “No” does not change to “Yes,” repeat the approval process steps again. Then you may select and detail into the next requisition and repeat the approval process until all of the requisitions have been approved. Once all of the requisitions are approved, click Save button and then click the Update button at the prompt.

31 APPROVAL PROCESS The system will return you to the Approvals Needed (APRN) screen. To exit this screen, click the Cancel button on the Authorization Lookup prompt. Then you will be returned to the main menu.

32 BUDGET OFFICER APPROVAL REVIEW  Set up your Approval Password.  View requisitions needing your approval via the Approvals Needed (APRN) screen.  Detail into the requisition that needs approving.  Detail into the line items screen to view the items being purchased and verify that the correct GL number is being used.  Detail into the Approvals screen and approve the requisition.  Save the requisition and proceed to the next requisition that needs your approval.

33 Requisition Inquiry Screen RINQ

34 Requisition Inquiry Screen RINQ The Requisition Inquiry function is used to check the status of your requisition within the purchasing process. Using this function will provide you with information such as the requisition’s assigned PO number once a PO has been created. It will also list who has approved the requisition.

35 Requisition Inquiry Screen RINQ Enter your requisition number into the Requisition Lookup prompt.

36 Requisition Inquiry Screen RINQ If you cannot remember the number you can enter the vendor name and do a search until you find your name (or your staff’s)as the initiator tied to the vendor you were looking up. Using the scroll bar, scroll down to find your requisition enter it and click the save button.

37 Requisition Inquiry Screen RINQ Requisition status. PO number if assigned. Check who has approved. Items ordered. To view the PO, if one has been assigned, click the detail button to the right of the PO.

38 Purchase Order Inquiry Screen PINQ This will show the PO that was created from your requisition. Date Created. If your PO is a P type purchase order you can see the order status (If the product has been received or not). Note: On this example one item is outstanding and one has been accepted. To see additional line items click the scroll bar.

39 Purchase Order Inquiry Screen PINQ To view the printed comments or comments click one these Buttons. To view additional information on the line items click the Detail button.

40 Purchase Order Inquiry Screen PINQ Once you’ve finished looking at the PO simply click the single X. Then click Cancel. This will return you to the RINQ screen.

41 Requisition Inquiry Screen RINQ Once you’ve finished reviewing the requisition click the single X. Then click Cancel to exit the Requisition Inquiry Screen (RINQ).

42 Requisition Register RREG

43 Requisition Register RREG This is the requisition register screen. This can be used to pull up requisitions that you have done. This report can be ran using various search requirements such as Initiator, GL account number and by vendor. We will be discussing the lookup by Initiator this will be the main use of this screen for the user.

44 Requisition Register RREG The Range requests that you enter a beginning and ending figure in the boxes as shown. In this case we want requisitions from 7/1/06 thru 8/29/06. If you want just today’s date then you would put today’s date in both boxes. The same goes for the other boxes. The next requirement is the Initiators, simply type in your Datatel login ID or your staff members name and hit enter the field will populate with the name or give a list of names to choose from.

45 Requisition Register RREG Click the save button at the top of the screen. Click Update.

46 Requisition Register RREG No changes are required for this screen. Click the save button. Click update.

47 Requisition Register RREG With this screen you can determine how you want to view your search results. The P shown to the right of Output device indicates it will go to the printer. You can change this to a H (Hold) if you want to view it on screen. To send it to the printer do a lookup of the printers by typing “…” next to Printer and hit enter.

48 Requisition Register RREG This will bring up all of the network printers currently assigned in Datatel. Scroll down and select the printer in your area. Enter the number to the left of the printer in the search box. Click save button.

49 Requisition Register RREG Once you have selected the printer click the save button. Click Update.

50 Requisition Register RREG This screen will appear. There is no input required, click the save button and click Update when prompt is displayed.

51 CHECK REQUEST VERSUS REQUISITIONS FOR PURCHASE ORDERS The following is a list of requirements that should be treated as Check Requests and not as Requisitions for Purchase Orders. Travel Membership dues Subscriptions Refunds “emergency” repairs (facilities)

52 Training Complete Questions and Answers


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