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Studio360 Overview How to standardize, simplify, & streamline your most valuable product… your knowledge Lonnie Caroon – Standards, Applications and Solutions.

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1 Studio360 Overview How to standardize, simplify, & streamline your most valuable product… your knowledge Lonnie Caroon – Standards, Applications and Solutions Manager Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas

2 2 What is Studio360? Design360? Esitmate360? ●Studio360 – Where you store it… ●Automated file management tool for all project information ●Estimate360 – Where you price it… ●Used to create complete estimates for systems including Parts, Labor, and Subcontracts ●Design360 – Where you create it… ●Used to create submittal, installation, record drawings

3 3 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Engineering Platform Architecture Templates Reports Std Systems Office Parts Office Data Project Data Office Files Templates Project Files User Parts Office Parts User Library Library Files Project Files Standard Project Directory Structure File Versioning / Backup Online / Offline Sync Project File Archiving User Roles / Permissions Search & Reuse Project Solutions Search & Reuse Standard Systems Automatic Parts / Pricing / PDF Updates Studio360 Studio360 + Estimate360 + Design360 Global Parts User Licenses New Builds

4 4 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Shortcuts ●File ●Launches Studio360 in background – upload file to server when finished ●Folders ●Launches Studio360 server project open to the folder ●Projects ●Launches Studio360 server project open to the root folder ●Servers ●Launches Studio360 Open Project Windows – choose from any project

5 5 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Remote Login ●Share projects files and resources between offices / locations ●Does not require Box, Dropbox or other FTP services ●Must be on same network or VPN ●Time saving access ●Shortcuts ●Favorite Projects ●Recent Projects ●Must be give permission to login to other branches ●User can request access / admin adds permission ●Selective permissions model – share or hide as needed

6 6 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Opening Projects ●Local / Server ●Online / Offline ●Filters ●Project types ●Project groups ●Search ●Recent Projects ●Adjustable ●Favorite Projects ●Any project ●Any server

7 7 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Project Folder Templates ●Create standard folder structures for all projects ●Separate templates based on job type ●Find files in common locations ●Reflect business processes: sales to service ●Include: ●Tasks lists ●Documents / links ●Shortcuts ●Project properties

8 8 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Project Properties ●Enter data once – reuse throughout the project ●Minimize mistakes ●Auto populate: ●Reports ●Letters ●Submittal documents ●Schedules ●Any MS Word, Excel or Visio file

9 9 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Document Version Control ●Keep all project files in one central location ●Keep each file safe using version control ●Ensures working with latest and greatest ●Great for team collaboration ●Reduces risk of “losing” work ●File conflict resolution ●Lock files / folders ●View previous versions ●Recycle bin / recover ●Server storage of deleted files ●Enables business process quality

10 10 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Custom Templates ●One copy of office templates – distribute to all users ●Keep users up-to-date, no user actions ●Right click – Add new files ●General files (letterhead) ●Based on folder name or type ●Organize templates with folders / subfolders ●Maintain file naming standards – create as “file name” ●Auto populate templates with project properties

11 11 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Searching for Documents ●Quickly locate files in a project ●Can do a simple search on file name ●Advanced search on multiple criteria ●File size ●File type ●Modified date (before and after) ●Specific text (in filename) ●Document state (Preliminary, Submitted, etc.)

12 12 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Storing Emails ●Emails are project documentation ●Often end stuck in someone’s inbox ●Store in Studio360 Email tab ●Available to all users (permissions) ●View messages and attachments ●Search subject, author, or body for keywords ●cc: project for automatic routing to folder ●Drag and drop

13 13 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Parts Database ●Global parts database (PREP) ●Available in iPortal ●Schneider Electric manufactured ●Strategic vendors ●What is the database? ●~25,000 + parts ●Manufacturer / vendor information ●Part status ●Alternate parts ●Current pricing ●Current PDF documents

14 14 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Searching The Database ●Tools -> Browse Parts ●Search Filters ●Keywords ●Part Number ●Manufacturer ●Vendor ●Categories ●Criteria Filters ●Top parts – branch favorites ●Current parts – no obsolete ●Tested parts – tested with Design360 ●SE Strategic Parts ●SE Manufactured ●Strategic Vendors ●SE Rating

15 15 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Part Information ●Select part from filter results ●Right click – View Part ●Description ●Part status ●Alternate part ●Vendor information (pricing) ●PDF files (double click) ●Estimating factors ●Misc. fields (dimensions, certifications, etc.) ●SE Branch Pricing (SE branches only) ●Right click – View PDF ●Copy to Clipboard ●Part number ●Description ●Mfg list price ●Vendor Price ●Entire Row

16 16 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Task Lists ●Create a task list for each project ●Apply tasks to project template ●Tasks assigned to folders ●Monitor task completion ●Not started ●In Progress ●On Hold ●Waiting for someone ●Process Exception ●Complete ●Assign to S360 users (notification future) ●Run complete Excel reports to see task progress

17 17 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Multi File Libraries (MFLs) ●Simplify the search process ●Common nomenclature system ●Single source search tool ●Search across business unit or company ●Search by criteria, equipment, customer, or capability ●Multi File Library is a container for any file type ●Design360 and/or AutoCAD drawings ●Sequences ●Graphics ●Application programs ●Start-up / commissioning docs ●Estimates

18 18 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Finding Proven Solutions ●Search solutions based on: ●Keywords ●Categories ●General Criteria ●Equipment ●Features

19 19 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas MFL System List ●Contains a list of all systems ●Search to narrow list ●Compare libraries to see differences ●All files on local workstations ●Enterprise and office distribution ●New uses: ●Distribute Drawing Standards ●Standard VAV Applications

20 20 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas MFL System Contents ●Design360 drawing ●System diagram ●Controller wiring ●Device / wiring details ●Panel Layout ●Sequence of operation ●Sequence of operation (Word) ●Roll up bill of material ●Checkout sheet ●System point list ●Preview image ●Estimate360 export ●Parts ●Points ●Application file export ●Program binding template ●IO binding template

21 21 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Getting the SE Multi-File Libraries ●Smartware hosts files ●Office admin downloads files ●Admin -> Parts Database ●File -> Dashboard ●Other Distributables tab ●Click arrow ●Users choose content ●Tools -> Options ●Local Files tab ●Download Options … ●Select SE Multi-File Library Files ●Videos ●Updating the parts databaseUpdating the parts database ●User selection of downloadable filesUser selection of downloadable files

22 22 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Estimate360 ●Create Estimates By System ●Easy to duplicate ●Easy to re-use ●Add System Parts ●Add System Points ●Add System Labor ●Compare Estimates with Design

23 23 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Valve / Damper Schedules ●Valve selector tool ●5000+ valve assemblies ●Cv calculator ●Choose on valve properties ●Choose on actuator properties ●Pictorial of parts ●Right click on part for more info ●Valve schedules ●Populated from valve selector ●Advanced calculations ●Part of project ●Available for BOM reporting ●Order in iPortal with tags ●Damper schedule similar

24 24 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Design360 ●Separate module – license added to Studio360 ●MS Visio 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013 ●D360 Templates ●Table of contents ●System diagrams ●Custom templates (SE custom templates available) ●Stencils / Shapes – Drag and Drop ●Default shapes ●Custom shapes (SE Custom shapes available) ●Used to create: ●Airflow / piping diagrams ●Controller diagrams ●Wiring / device details ●Installation details / standards ●Panel drawings ●Floorplans ●Valve / damper / airflow schedules ●Assemble / print PDFs ●Reports ●BOM ●Checkout sheets ●Point lists ●iPortal imports / purchase requisitions ●SmartStruxure IO import

25 25 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas System Diagrams Indicates Relative Position of Devices Indicates Controller Location and Terminations Indicates Wiring Terminals Depicts Required Wire Conductors Sensor Shapes are assigned to Controllers for easy wiring configuration.

26 26 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Controller Diagrams ●Product Lines supported ●SmartStruxure AS & IO ●Contiuum b3 and i2 ●Vista ●IA Series – MNB, MNL, NW8k, DMS ●I/Net ●SE Room Controllers – SE7000 & SE8000 ●SmartStruxure Lite ●Automation ●Auto Insert ●Power configuration / wiring ●Resistors / DIP switch / Jumpers ●More…

27 27 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Controller Configurations Controller power – correct every time Choose LAN order from a list of controllers IO configured automatically or entered manually Update point names, point type (0-10V, 4-20 ma, Thermistor…), shield Automatically configures DIP Switches, Jumpers and Resistors based on point type Choose between Current or Voltage outputs Include transformer wiring or show at device Connect IO Modules from list

28 28 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Misc Drawings ●Panel Drawings ●Scaled controllers and devices ●BOM compatible ●SE Custom Shapes ●Wiring / Device Details ●Ladder logic ●Installation details ●Sequences of Operation ●Import from MS Word ●Roll up BOM ●Import from BOM report ●Table of Contents ●Automatic / configurable

29 29 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Design360 Automation Tools ●Update Bill of Material ●Automates BOM – no more manually counting parts ●Valve selection tool ●Quickly create valve schedules ●SmartStruxure power supply calculator ●Maximize IO modules – no more “best guess” ●Error checking ●Automates identifying common mistakes ●Automate materials management ●Import iPortal shopping carts

30 30 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Importing an MFL Drawing ●Demo

31 31 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Network Tree ●Model of BAS and IP network ●Each controller object stores: ●Addressing information ●Application files & graphics store ●Tasks / notes / emails / files ●Passwords ●Instantly generate Network Drawings ●Store workstation backup or entire site ●Combine client projects into one network ●Import Continuum.dmp files to build tree ●Add controllers to network easily ●Document existing client networks ●Invaluable tool for SmartStruxure transitions

32 32 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Reports ●Bill of Material ●Material cost ●Recommended Alternatives ●Checkout sheets ●System point list ●Point statistics ●SmartStruxure IO ●Custom reports ●Select any default and modify ●Use standard fields from project

33 33 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Part Ordering ●iPortal Shopping Cart ●Manual Purchase Requisitions

34 34 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Design360 Tools ●Page Wizard ●Select drawing to include ●Rearrange page order and update #s ●Updates Visio drawings automatically ●Table of Contents ●Generate TOC drawing quickly ●Print Manager ●Send to printer in drawing order ●Create PDF in drawing order ●Revision Notes ●Add / annotate drawing revision ●Remove revision bubbles quickly ●Valve Legend ●Generate a piping detail for each type of valve ●Gather PDFs ●Quickly assemble all PDFs from BOM ●PDFs updated from database ●Copy to folder or zip / print to PDF

35 35 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Submittal Generator ●Generate a PDF electronic submittal including: ●Any document in the project ●Any drawing or selection of drawings ●Order specified in Page Wizard ●Run and “print” any report (checkout sheets, BOM, etc.) ●Part PDFs from hardware engineering ●Specify order and grouping ●Features of the electronic submittal ●Output to a single pdf file ●PDF bookmarks to pages and section ●Section pages and dividers with or without TOC ●Overall page numbering scheme for entire package ●Re-generate quickly if individual docs change

36 36 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Maximize Your Savings ●Full SE Branch adoption in 2012 ●10% Savings on Total Hours/Point on 360 Projects vs all other Projects ●Savings in Hardware Design ●Automated Design tools ●There was a learning curve ●Savings in Field Labor ●Consistent Drawings ●Accurate Solutions eliminate re-work ●Up-to-date data ●Savings on Management ●Less time coordinating and correcting issues between field, install, and Engineering

37 37 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas How to Get Started ●Contact Smartware for Hardware requirements ●Existing multi-use Server vs. Dedicated Server Purchase or Designate Server Hardware ●Install the software on your server ●Create, configure and manage the SQL Server database ●Create, configure and manage the shared folder on your file server ●Set up file server permissions ●Install the software on Workstations Appoint an IT Administrator ●Create and manage User Accounts and Permissions ●Manage and issue Workstation License codes ●Manage, customize and add to the Parts Database ●Manage and control software updates for other users ●Create and distribute custom templates for Design360 Appoint an Office S360 Administrator ●Quantity of Licenses Required ●Type of Licenses required ●Group Permission definitions Determine Users and Roles

38 38 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Order and Implement ●Pricing ●Setup Fee - $500 (one time per company) ●Studio360 (required on all workstations) ●$300/user up-front ●$60/year renewal ●Design360 (optional) ●$1,000/user up-front ●$225/year renewal ●Estimate360 (optional) ●$1,000/user up-front ●$225/year renewal ●Ordering ●Studio360 required; Design360 and Estimate360 additional modules ●Free upgrade from Designer Suite 2005 to Design360 ●Contact Smartware directly (

39 39 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Training is Available ●Schneider Electric Technical Training ●Online Studio360 Basics ●3 hour webinar ●available monthly ●Online Estimate360 Basics ●3 hour webinar ●available monthly ●Design360 Project Design & Engineering ●5 day Instructor led course ●available quarterly ●Register in the Buildings Business Training Center ● ●Example Project Files ●Available at

40 40 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas Ongoing Support ●Support ●Smartware Technologies ●Administrator guide available: Studio360 Help menu and ●User guides available: Studio360 Help menu and ● (716) ●Schneider Electric ●Area360 Americas - http://buildingscommunity.schneider-electric.com ●Area360 Quick Help - ●MFL / Custom Stencils / Templates –

41 41 Schneider Electric – Buildings Americas In Summary ●Studio360 is ready today ●Tools, processes and training are constantly improving ●Schneider Electric and Smartware are partnered for your success ●You can begin immediately to: ●Automate the mundane ●Improve quality and consistency ●Reduce cost and cycle time ●Protect and share information ●Store proven solutions and reuse easily ●Increase face time with your customers ●React quickly to new product offerings Standardize, simplify, & streamline your most valuable asset… your knowledge

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