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AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 1. The Agenda Discussing the latest trends in the HVAC Industry. Handshaking with the leaders and continuously innovating the.

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1 AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 1

2 The Agenda Discussing the latest trends in the HVAC Industry. Handshaking with the leaders and continuously innovating the EC Technology, we provide the latest in Pharma HVAC solutions. AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 2

3 Why is Power Important ? What is 1 Kwh ? 1 KWh ~ Rs. 90,000 ( 8760 hours p.a. @ Rs. 7.50 / Kw including Heat load gains) For AAD Tech We See saving of 1 Kw as 10.57 metric tons per year of CO2 Emission saved 1 Kw saved can account for 11 people throughout the year in India The average footprint for people in India is 1.20 metric tons The average for the industrial nations is about 11 metric tons The average worldwide carbon footprint is about 4 metric tons The worldwide target to combat climate change is 2 metric tons AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 3

4 Power in Air Movement Air Flow x Static = Input Power Input Power / ɳ = Output Power Power Can be saved in air movement by Reducing the Air Flow Or Optimizing the Air Flow Designing the system for Optimal Static Pressures Increasing the system efficiency How much energy do you actually require ? What is good power consumption ? AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 4

5 Introducing Specific Fan power (SFP) Mathematically SFP= Power/Airflow = Watt/CMS The SFP of a system is dependent on The Pressure drop in the system, in other words, the quality and accuracy of the component level design. Efficiency of the power consuming equipment ie. The Impeller, Motor and VFD Open Topic of Discussion Lower the static pressure in the system Lower the power --- Then why design for higher ? Higher the ACPH * higher the power requirement – Then why not run at Optimized ACPH? * Air Changes Per Hour AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 5

6 Specific Fan power (SFP) Specific Fan power is a measure of Power used per volume of air = W/CMS Power – Watts Volume – Cubic meter second For Ex. SFP 1 is more efficient than SFP 5 by upto 400% – 600%. Categories SFP [W/(m^3/s)] SFP-1 <500 SFP-2 500-700 SFP-3 750 -1250 SFP-4 1250 -2000 SFP-5 2000 -3000 SFP-6 3000 -4500 SFP-7 >4500 All our equipment’s like Air Showers, Laminar Air flow, Pass Boxes etc. are designed keeping in mind the concept of SFP in mind AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 6

7 We Design ! We Deliver ! We Implement ! AAD Tech has been using the latest technology available in the world to design the AHUs. We Pioneered the integration of the latest EC drives in the Air Handling Units making them the most technically advanced with little or no maintenance for the critical area of Drive, Motor and the Impeller. Advanced features such as sequential control of output signals to each entity in the environment and integration with complex Building Management Servers in user-friendly method, to allow centralized monitoring, with/without skilled manpower or an Intelligent stand-alone AHU. Starting with our belief “Conserve Energy” and adding the vast experience, in our understanding of Air Handling Systems, we have pioneered, building Air Handling Units [AHU] with specific fan power of Class I and Class II. Our research and dedication towards has enabled us to design a maintenance free system with insurance over price rise. AAD Tech was the pioneer in introducing EC Technology for AHU in INDIA. AAD Tech has an experience of 500 installations in all type of Industries. Our Products complies with ErP standard 2015, mandated by the European Union AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 7

8 Intelligent AHU’S Composite unit comprising Impeller, Motor and VFD Functionality. (Customer benefits by not having a separate VFD, Motor, Impeller ) Real time savings due to change in Fan speed ( 10 % Reduction in RPM = 27 % Reduction in Power) Optimum speed of Fan in all condition. Real time Close Loop function. ( Singularly the most important customer benefit of room air quality and pressurization) Eliminates the need for provision of extra air changes thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the cost. -By the European Union AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 8

9 Reduce Resource Wastage in AHU Extracting all good of the Centrifugal FAN Design. Even distribution of air inside the Air Handler to maximize the use of Filter Area, Cooling & Heating coils. Increasing life of Filters. Reducing Heat Imparted to the system. Why work at 65 ACPH when you can choose Optimum ? Reduce Deviation from Limits Up to 80% reduction in Reaction time of the drive to the system dynamics. Conformity to delivery of CFM in the room of up to +/- 5 %. Ability to Scale Up and Down with same efficiency Levels. CFM or Pressure in the room can be scaled up to 25%. AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 9

10 Reduce Fault Point Reduces Manual interventions Dampers Room Balancing etc. Life of the system is increased by 100% without maintenance Reduce Risk Reduced Amperage => Reduced Heat => Reduced risk Built in fail safe mechanism. Fault Reporting Fail safety activation Start when normalize Built in Harmonic Filtration 25%. AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 10

11 ErP 2015 & AAD Tech Goal of the ErP Directive - The goal of the ErP Directive (Energy-related Products Directive) is to protect the climate by increasing the overall share of renewable energy in the EU to 20 % by 2020 and to increase energy efficiency by 20%. All HVAC units designed and commissioned by AADTECH are designed to keep in mind the lowest specific powers in mind. Our drives abide by the European Standards and are compliant with the ErP 2015 guidelines.specific powers In ErP 2015 Directives EU is going to mandate a minimum efficiency for energy using products and fans which will not fulfil this requirement have to be replaced. AADTECH offers a wide range of HVAC unit drives that comes under ErP 2015 Compliance. AADTECH HVAC Units are deigned to meet all needs of both commercial and industrial buildings, complying with construction and operational standards for international markets. AADTECH HVAC Units come with ready integration to the building management system to further aid the ease and operability of the system AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 11

12 What’s in it for Engineer? Engineering DescriptionConventional Air Handling UnitsAADTECH Air Handling Units Drive Motor Efficiency at varying load40-80%More that 90% Motor ControlThrough VFDBuilt in Motor Impeller Coupling (Balancing)High Attention Reqd.Composite unit ; factory set Motor Winding/Manufacturing QualityQuestionableBacked by German Engineering Range of Motor HP (Standardized)8 to 93 to 5 (allows for flexibility of operation) Power Grid Connected load100%Reduction up to 20-30% Ease of operationsrequired skilled labourNo labour required once set MaintenanceTimely maintenance requiredNo maintenance required FiltersLocal or standard Large Pack size filters for low static and long life Coils DesignManual or AutomaticAll selection through software Insulation & Thermal Breaks Aluminium extruded thermal breaks with Puff or rock wool insulation AutomationVery difficult without BMS Autonomous units with high level of automation possibility without BMS AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 12

13 What’s in it for QC & Safety? Quality Description Conventional Air Handling Units AADTECH Air Handling Units Area Classification Pressure Balancing (Response time)PoorExcellent CFM: Claimed vs. Actual (This has huge bearing on room classification - ACPH)+/- 30%+/- 15% CFM Range (This allows for achievement of room classifications as desired with no loss of power as all ACPH are based on thumb rule)+/- 10%+/- 25% Safety Motor (Phase Protection)No ProtectionProtected OverheatingNo ProtectionProtected Fire( Due to Harmonics)No ProtectionProtected Phase ReversalNo ProtectionProtected AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 13

14 What’s in it for Finance? Finance Description Conventional Air Handling UnitsAADTECH Air Handling Units Power saving with control of RPM 25-40% of the Fan Laws with VFD 100% of the fan laws without any external device Power SavingPoor With VFD~ 40% on VFD driven systems Savings due to Heat ControlNil up to 50-90% of power savings as per 40 above Requirement of Connectivity Infrastructure investmenthighlow Reduction in Chiller requirementNil10-25% Generator capacity requirementhigh15-20% reduction Connected load Rated Capacity of Motive powerReduction up to 10% Life of filtersReduced Excellent (due to more that 95% control over delivered CFM) AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 14

15 What’s in it for Management? Management DescriptionConventional Air Handling UnitsAADTECH Air Handling Units Payback Period-1.5 - 2 Yrs. Risk management in case of failureNo recourse100% Manageable Ability to Scale upNilExcellent 10-40% Robustness of systemFairExcellent Trouble free OperationsFairCompletely With High Efficiency in the Running the high capital is very easily recoverable. AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 15

16 EC - Reliability AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 16

17 AHU Construction Made Easy AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 17

18 Less Components ~ Less Faults With Variable Drive With AECS Inside AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 18

19 Why decide when you can Combine ! In AECS we design the complete system for the client. AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 19

20 Thank You! Find Us At – 21, Papa Industrial Estate, 40 Suren Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai -400093 (India) Tel: +91-22-26836452, Fax : +91-22-26848322 Our Web Address :- AAD Tech (India) Pvt. Ltd 20

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