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Center for Teacher Education Pre-Internship Teacher Candidate & Mentor Teacher Orientation August 7, 2014.

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1 Center for Teacher Education Pre-Internship Teacher Candidate & Mentor Teacher Orientation August 7, 2014

2 Purpose of the Meeting To review the details of your pre-internship teaching experience To review the role and responsibilities of the intern, mentor teacher, supervisor, and level coordinator

3 Agenda Welcome and Introductions PowerPoint Presentation Pre-internship Questions/Discussion Contact Information Break-out Sessions Elementary Secondary K-12

4 Communication CANDIDATE CMU Level/Undergrad Coordinator Course Instructor(s) Supervisor Desire 2 Learn Social Media FIELD Mentor Administrators Resources PLCs

5 Professionalism Dispositions Attendance and Punctuality –Notify mentor and level coordinator –Record on program time log Dress Communication –Oral –Written –Social Media/Cell Phones Attitude ** See handbook for more detail

6 Pre-Internship Overview START and END with school district calendar – not by hours completed or CMU calendar Balance between coursework, observation, and working with students. –First methods courses –Full load Pre-interns spend time in the classroom building relationships with mentors and students Learning the classroom routines and the logistics of the school

7 Pre-Internship Observations & Evaluations Observation – CMU Faculty –Minimum two formal lesson observations Lesson Observation – Mentor Teacher –Some courses may require formal lesson observations Pre-Interns are expected to have written lesson plans for any lesson they teach Evaluations (Pre-intern and Mentor) –Midterm and Final –Scoring: 3s and 4s are not expected at pre- internship level

8 Pre-Internship Field Paperwork Due (see checklist) Schedule –All secondary must set a regular schedule within two weeks and provide copies to mentor teacher and undergraduate coordinator ( –Traditional elementary every Monday and Tuesday –ITL elementary—see calendar Evaluations (Pre-intern and Mentor) –Midterm and Final Time Log –Pre-interns log hours and absences (daily/weekly) –Mentor’s signature is required on time log Growth Plan –Candidates and mentors will fill this out together at the end of the pre-internship semester

9 Pre-internship Guidelines for Continuing into Internship To continue in this placement and into student teaching, pre-interns must: Pass content area exam (PLACE or Praxis II) Pass all EDUC courses with a “B” or better Overall and content GPAs a minimum of 2.8 (Secondary English candidates must have a 3.0 in their content area) Turn in updated background check and complete CPR/FA training *See handout “Guidelines for Continuing into Internship”

10 Internship Requirements Internship Paperwork-- Due October 13 th for all programs except ITL; ITL has until Dec. 1st -CPR/First-Aid/adult and child -Passing scores on PRAXIS II or PLACE test -Updated background check CPR/FA -CPR/FA will be scheduled through Health Sciences. The date will be posted on our website and sent to your CMU email. Spring 2015 (required attendance) -Colloquium 1 – Date TBD -Colloquium 2 – Date TBD **Check website and CMU email for dates

11 The Center for Teacher Education will use your CMU email address to contact you or share important information with you It is your responsibility to monitor your email account Check it daily! You do not want to miss deadlines.

12 Contact Information Valerie Dobbs, Director of Center for Teacher Education 248-1953 Dr. Lisa Friel, Elementary Coordinator 248-1106 Dr. Blake Bickham, Secondary Coordinator 248-1729 Dr. Cynthia Chovich, ITL Coordinator 248-1462 Dr. Jennifer Daniels, K-12 Coordinator 248-1413 Sandra Murray, Distant Learning Coordinator 248-1438 April Cackler, Undergraduate Coordinator 248-1732 Tina Snover, Graduate Coordinator 248-1618

13 Follow Us Website – –All forms are located on the CTE website Twitter –@cmuctesec Like us on Facebook – -Mesa-University-Center-for-Teacher- Education/118936204936644

14 Questions/Discussions (In Break-out sessions )

15 Thank you! A final thank you for attending the mentor orientation and your willingness to serve as a mentor teacher! Please remember to fill out your evaluation form and give it to your level coordinator before you leave. Thank you.

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