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Thank you for coming. Please have a seat.. My name is Cheryl Cook. This is my 13 th year of teaching, and my 9 th year here at Wilson. I have taught 4.

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1 Thank you for coming. Please have a seat.

2 My name is Cheryl Cook. This is my 13 th year of teaching, and my 9 th year here at Wilson. I have taught 4 th, 5 th, and 6 th grades. Middle school science is my favorite though. Bachelor of Science in Geology from U of A. Teaching Philosophy: Science will be hands-on as much as possible. Science investigations always start with inquiry. Science and engineering practices will coincide and overlap. Science class should be challenging and sometimes frustrating, but it will always be fascinating and enjoyable.

3 Advanced Science Classes High School, College and Career Readiness Familiarizing students with the following process: 1. Asking questions (for science) and defining problems (for engineering) 2. Developing and using models 3. Planning and carrying out investigations 4. Analyzing and interpreting data 5. Using mathematics and computational thinking 6. Constructing explanations (for science) and designing solutions (for engineering) 7. Engaging in argument from evidence 8. Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

4 Environmental Science Biomes, food chains and webs, interactions of organisms in an ecosystem, interactions of humans, hazards, and the environment Space Science Moon phases, tides and the moon, eclipses, reason for seasons, identifying major constellations Earth Science Identifying minerals/rocks, properties of layers of the earth, explain erosion, deposition, plate tectonics, volcanism, rock cycle, plate tectonics, earth quakes

5 Some homework that will require computer use (creating documents using excel, word, Prezi, etc.) Science Fair – optional for some and required for advanced science Information coming this Fall (final projects due early February) Science or Engineering Project options Enrichment opportunities (STEM projects, competitions, etc.)

6 Except for projects, homework is usually something that is started in class. This should take just a little time at home to complete. These are due the next day unless otherwise noted. Labs and Projects may take longer to complete. Some time in class is given to work on these. Students should pace themselves to do a little each day to get the lab or project completed. Students are given due dates of projects well in advance. Homework is posted in the classroom as well as on my homework calendar on my website.

7 If a student is absent, he/she has 1 day per day absent to make up the assignment. The student is responsible for getting the missing assignment. Late, regular assignments are recorded at half credit, and projects are 10% off per day late. If a student is unable to finish an assignment due to an unusual circumstance, a note or email from the parent explaining the situation is required.

8 Please visit my web site. It has a homework calendar as well as helpful links and worksheets posted there too. staff/cheryl-cook.aspx staff/cheryl-cook.aspx My preferred and quickest method of communication is email. Email me at For communication via phone, my classroom phone number is 696-5891.

9 I believe it is my job to teach your child. Students who pay attention in class can never ask too many times for me to explain a concept. I am a firm believer in positive reinforcement to shape student behavior. Often a warning will be enough to stop a negative behavior. For repeated behavior issues the student may be removed from the classroom to fill out a behavior journal/lab safety referral, the parent notified, or office referrals may result.

10  A section in your binder for science and/or lab science  One pencil box/zipped pencil bag containing mechanical pencils/extra lead, grading pens (red or blue), pencil sharpener, eraser, scissors, colored pencils, and 2 highlighters (2 different colors), glue stick  Composition book (not a spiral notebook)  Flash drive and calculator

11 April trips dates and cost will be determined very soon. -The cost is usually about $400 -$100 deposit due in the Fall -We need early commitment -Final payment due in February -Use your remaining tax credit this year and next year’s. We need and love our chaperones!

12 Please sign up to make chili for the Chili Cook-Off. Please consider donating to PTO this year (Fill the Boot!). It will only improve your child’s quality of education. The PTO helps out many ways to help student learning.

13 Please see my wish list outside my door if you are interested in donating items to the classroom. The following items are especially needed: Electric Pencil Sharpeners Markers Gift cards for supplies Thank you!!

14 I look forward to a great year working with you and your child.

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