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Welcome to... A Game of X’s and O’s. 789 456 123.

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1 Welcome to... A Game of X’s and O’s

2 789 456 123

3 789 456 123 Scoreboard X O Click Here if X Wins Click Here if O Wins

4 1 Paragraph headings are words at the beginning of a paragraph—printed in full capitals or in a typeface different from the continuing text—that serve to ____ the important issue of the paragraph.

5 1 highlight 17.1c Home

6 2 The Library of Congress and many other agencies require that the title of the book (or a portion of it) be placed at the top of the page as a ____ heading for convenience in collating braille books.

7 2 Running 17.1d

8 3 True or False: When required, the running head must appear consistently on all braille pages of the transcription with two exceptions.

9 3 True 17.1d

10 4 True or False: Paragraph headings are not emphasized in braille and print capitalization is followed.

11 4 False, are emphasized 17.1c

12 5 True or False: Like a centered heading, when a cell-5 heading starts a new braille page, a blank line is left between it and the running head.

13 5 True 17.1b

14 6 True or False: The fully capitalized title, rather than a portion of it, is used: (1) on the title page and (2) on the first page of text in each volume.

15 6 True 17.1d

16 7 When, in print, a dash follows a reference marker, in braille a ____ is left between the two.

17 7 space 17.3

18 8 Do not confuse paragraph headings with purely stylistic letters at the beginning of a chapter or unit, which are not ____ in braille.

19 8 italicized 17.1c

20 9 When condensing Biblical quotations, do not divide these chapter and verse numbers between braille lines. Print colons and commas are ____.

21 9 ignored 17.5b(2)



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