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Seminars on Academic Computing Kris Biesinger Advanced Learning Technologies University System of Georgia This slideshow was created for the University.

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1 Seminars on Academic Computing Kris Biesinger Advanced Learning Technologies University System of Georgia This slideshow was created for the University System of Georgia Board of Regents by Advanced Learning Technologies. August 2001


3 Guidelines for this Presentation System Perspective Wide Range of Related Topics Questions are Welcome Accommodate Your Interests Reference:

4 Stand-up Training Laptops for Faculty Professional Development Workshops Teaching and Learning Grants Web Conferences Ear-marked Funds to Campuses Just-in-Time Training Access Where We’ve Been

5 Sustainability Scalability Reliability Consistency Acceptability Flexibility Quality Best of Show Where We Are Today

6 A Bit About the USG

7 Increase in Distance Education Opportunities Fall Distance Education Reports: Fall 1994–2000 University System of Georgia Board of Regents

8 State University of West Georgia Total Number of Distributed Education Course Sections State University of West Georgia FY 1996–2000

9 A Decade of Innovation WebMBA™ Georgia G.L.O.B.E. eCore™ Board of Regents Technology Principles Desktop Distance Learning Initiative Investing in Instructional Technology Model Classroom Initiative Connecting Teachers & Technology Connecting Students & Services GALILEO — One Statewide Library GSAMS Distance Learning & Telemedicine Act PeachNet 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992

10 eCore™ Web-based general education curriculum Linked to student learning outcomes Developed and taught by USG faculty Compliant with technical, legal and pedagogical standards Supported by System services Priced to pilot a one cost model WHY: Access, quality, reduce expense

11 eCore ™ Courses High Quality Collaborative Content Rich Cost Effective Accessible Multi-perspective Interactive

12 …. Don’t Overlook the Academic Freedom Factor….

13 USG Certified Servers Secure, stable, supported platform. Available to all faculty and students. Regular back-ups and recovery procedures. 24x7 system support contact

14 Instructional Design Interface

15 Choice -- Multiple Perspectives

16 Course materials created by faculty and made available for preview and adoption by their colleagues Modeling Quality & Sharing Resources

17 If Mary designs quality course materials And John receives excellent teaching evaluations Then John and Mary will be good online teachers

18 Taught by a Faculty Associate with experience in facilitating online courses Authored by Rena Palloff & Keith Pratt based upon their textbook, “Building Learning Communities in Cyberspace” Faculty become students in an online course and explore models of interactivity and community-building

19 Taught in face-to-face workshop or used as a stand-alone online tutorial Acquaints students with the WebCT virtual classroom, community-building exercises, electronic research (GALILEO) skills, and problem-solving strategies.

20 Helps faculty develop instruction within WebCT Starts from a pedagogical perspective by: -exploring student learning objectives, -determining course structure, -suggesting appropriate tools, -and then giving the how-to’s. Rich self-paced resource that can be used as a guide or as a just-in-time reference

21 More on the Way Introduction to Library Resources Student Online Readiness Tutorial Accessibility Tutorial Others

22 Faculty don’t write, organize, edit, and publish entire books….and we don’t expect them to… …should we expect them to create entire courses online?

23 Syllabus

24 Student Guide

25 If you build it, they will come….. ……but they’ll want to register, buy books, take tests, etc. You’re only as good...... as your services.

26 Who are you going to call? A financial aid eligible student registers early for a full course load, and is dropped during the early registration for lack of payment. An older student, eager to participate in the online courses, encounters difficulties with compatibility between her machine operating system and the plug-ins used in the course. An online student taking instructions regarding all submissions to the faculty member spends hours trying to figure out how to get discussion group submissions to be double-spaced and in Times font. A student unexpectedly receives an Incomplete because the instructor did not receive the final exam in time to meet grade submission deadlines.

27 Because it’s the right thing to do is rarely enough motivation….

28 Technology Standards Multiple platform/browser combinations. Minimal additional requirements. Multiple connection speeds, including dial-up. Well-formed, accessible code.

29 Student Support

30 Accessibility Design Compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act “This focus…requir(es) all agencies to make all programs offered on their Internet and Intranet sites accessible to people with disabilities … consistent with the requirements of … the (Workforce Investment) Act.” Bill Lann Lee Assistant U.S. Attorney General Civil Rights Division January 18, 2001

31 Accountability Systemwide SACS Review Darton College Albany Clayton College & State University Morrow Columbus State University Columbus Floyd College Rome Georgia College & State University Milledgeville Georgia Southern University Statesboro Georgia State University Atlanta Kennesaw State University Kennesaw State University of West Georgia Carrollton Valdosta State University Valdosta Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Tifton Substantive change review Statewide coordination Twelve USG institutions October 2001 visit Totally electronic pilot A model for other programs Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta

32 When the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars….

33 In Summary Know What You Want to Accomplish Understand the Systems Approach Understand that What is Today, May Not Be So Tomorrow Take Opportunities When They Present Themselves Exercise Patience & Be Flexible Surround Yourself With Those Who Share the Commitment Believe That It is Worth It


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