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1 Group 4 Project O. GÜZEL Ü. Y. MİDİLLİ G. ŞAŞMAZEL

2 What is Group 4 Project? Project stages – Planning – Action Research Question Poster Exhibition Reflection 2TED Ankara College Content

3 3 It is a collaborative activity where students from different G4 subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) work together on a scientific topic, allowing for concepts and perceptions from across the disciplines to be shared. TED Ankara College What is Group4 Project?

4 4 to develop and apply your information and communication technology skills (ICT) in the study of science, (Aim 7) to raise your awareness of the moral, ethical, social, economic and environmental implications of using science and technology, (Aim 8) to encourage an understanding of the relationships between scientific disciplines and the overarching nature of the scientific method. (Aim 10) Aims of the G4 Experimental Sciences addressed by the project are; TED Ankara College

5 5  to decide the main focus, make sure that all the subjects are included.  to decide which practical activities you will carry out and what equipment you will need… You should communicate with the appropriate science technician and teacher.  to keep communicating among yourselves… You need to let others in your group know how your part of the project is going! What you do during this work is; TED Ankara College

6 6 10 hour activity is allocated to the G4 project which can be divided into three stages: Planning (2 hrs)Planning (2 hrs) Action (6 hrs)Action (6 hrs) Evaluation (2 hrs)Evaluation (2 hrs) TED Ankara College G4 Project Stages

7 7 Since we have large group of IB students, the subject will be selected by science teachers. Then, you must decide what subtitle that you will study during G4 project. The subtitles of the three subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) must be as related as possible. TED Ankara College Planning

8 8 All investigations should be simple enough to be carried out in school lab conditions. The activities that will be carried out must be clearly defined before moving from the planning stage to the action stage. At the experimental stage, apparatus should be specified so that there is no delay in carrying out the action stage. TED Ankara College Planning

9 TED Ankara College9  There are 226 IB students. 185 from Mathematics-Science and 42 from Turkish- Mathematics track.  Each group may have a different number of students depending on the number of students in each class.  Only one student must be from Turkish- Mathematics (TM) track.  It is your responsibility to build your groups. Planning

10 TED Ankara College10 Class Number of students in the class Number of groups Number of students in each group 11/D1644 11/E2054 11/F2054 11/G1644 11/H2464 11/I1736 (2 groups), 5 (1 group) 11/İ1945 (3 groups), 4 (1 group) 11/J1535 11/K2054 11/L1836

11 Group 4 planning form was prepared to help you organize your work in the planning stage TED Ankara College11 Planning form:

12 TED Ankara College12 Planning form:

13 13 TED Ankara College

14 Approval Sheet Group 4 approval sheet was prepared to let you know about the deadlines for: –First draft –Approved draft –Data collection –Final essay TED Ankara College14

15 TED Ankara College15

16 16TED Ankara College

17 17

18 TED Ankara College18


20 20 Form teams of students 10 DECEMBER 2014 Get Group 4 Project Approval Sheet from assistant principals 12 DECEMBER 2014 Submit subtitle of Group 4 project for each group to supervisors 15 DECEMBER 2014 Design first draft 19 DECEMBER 2014 Design approved draft 31 DECEMBER 2014 Data collection 12-16 JANUARY 2015 Submit reflection form 23 JANUARY 2015 Exhibition of posters16 FEBRUARY 2015 G4 Project Calendar TED Ankara College

21 21 Research Question (RQ)  Clear  Sharply focused  Should be answerable  Arguable TED Ankara College

22 Unclear: Does concententration affect the rate of chemical reaction? Unfocused: What are the the factors affecting the rate of a chemical reactions? Too simple : How does the temperature affect the rate of a chemical reaction? TED Ankara College22

23 23  Too broad RQs  Unclear RQs.  Multiple RQs.  RQ which does not lead to a systematic investigation. Common errors made by students: TED Ankara College

24 24 Some RQ examples TED Ankara College

25 Assume a school selects the G4 Project to be Energy Assume a group picked the subtitle "Light energy“ TED Ankara College25

26 26  In Physics, students are investigating “how is the angle of deflection affects the rate of photosynthesis of Elodea canadensis”.  The correct form of the RQ is; “how does the angle of light deflection affects the rate of photosynthesis of Elodea canadensis by measuring the volume of oxygen gas produced”. RQ Examples: Physics TED Ankara College

27 27  In Chemistry, students are investigating “how does the exposure to light affect the Vitamin C in orange juice by determining the vitamin C content by titrating it with iodine solution.”  The correct form of the RQ is; “how does the time of exposure to sunlight affect the decomposition of Vitamin C in orange juice by determining the vitamin C content by titrating it with iodine solution.” RQ Examples: Chemistry TED Ankara College

28 28  In Biology, students are investigating “how does light affect the rate of photosynthesis, by counting the number of produced oxygen bubbles”  The correct form of the RQ is; “how do different wavelengths of light affect the rate of photosynthesis of Elodea canadensis, by counting the number of oxygen gas bubbles produced” RQ Examples: Biology TED Ankara College

29 29 Here is an example from G4 project of previous years: The school topic was choosen to be “Water.“ A group of students picked the subtitle “ Conductivity of Water" TED Ankara College How can a subtitle be related with G4 subjects?

30 30 In Biology, students investigated “How does the type of water affect the transport in xylem of celery which is indicated by the height of water at a certain temperature and pressure?” RQ s of the Group was : In Chemistry, students investigated “How does the concentration of sodium cloride (NaCl) affect the volume of hydrogen collected during electrolysis process?” In Physics, students investigated “How does the type of water affect the conductivity of water indicated by the potential difference that is shown in voltmeter using a simple electric circuit and metal plates?” TED Ankara College

31 31 At the end of the G4 Project : You are responsibe for preparing a reflection with 50 words You are expected to write your opinions about what you obtained from this group work You are NOT responsible for preparing an investigation report such as exploration or analysis. You will give a copy of the reflection form to each supervisor in the end. Reflection TED Ankara College

32 List all of the things that you want to say, and put them in the order of importance. Remember that this is a poster to give a quick overview of your research. Plan on limited text and strong images in the poster. TED Ankara College32 How to prepare a POSTER?

33 TED Ankara College33

34 34 GLOBAL WARMING TED Ankara College Our School Subject This Year is:

35 Determine a subtitle Relate all your experiments (Biology, Chemistry and Physics experiments) to this subtitle. TED Ankara College35 CAUTION!

36 TED Ankara College36

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