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Presentation Author, 2006 Funding Strings / Account Coding BATO Facts and Snacks October 7, 2010.

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1 Presentation Author, 2006 Funding Strings / Account Coding BATO Facts and Snacks October 7, 2010

2 Discussion Items 1.What makes up a funding string? 2.What to do if a transaction is coded to an incorrect funding string. 2

3 3 Six Elements of a Funding String Required for All Transactions: Fund Program / Activity Code Dept ID / Org Code / UDDS Account Not Required for All Transactions: Class/Subclass Project/Grant 144-2-175030-3100-PRJ19NQ

4 Definition of a Fund A Fund is a set of accounts segregated for a specific purpose. Link to UW-System Fund Listing: 4 144-2-175030-3100-PRJ19NQ

5 Common Funds 5 Fund 101 – General Purpose Revenue (expenditures directly related to educational/credit programs) Fund 189 – Extension Student Fees (revenue and expenditures for non-traditional credit programs such as on-line and off campus programs) Fund 150 – Indirect Cost Reimbursement Fund 133 – Non-Federal Grants and Contracts Fund 144 – Federal Grants and Contracts 144-2-175030-3100- PRJ19NQ

6 Definition of a Program / Activity Code The program code designates the function or purpose for which revenues and expenditures are incurred. Link to BFS Program Code Definitions (ASM 2.7.3): Link to UW-System Program Code Definitions: 6 144-2-175030-3100- PRJ19NQ

7 Common Programs Program 2 – Instruction –Salary and support costs for general academic instruction (includes departmental chairpersons and their staff) Program 4 – Research –All expenditures for activities specifically organized to produce research outcomes Program 6 – Academic Support –All expenditures to provide support services for the institution’s primary missions (includes: Academic Deans, Technology Support) Note : All projects / grants are NOT necessarily program 4 expenditures. Instructional grants should be coded as program 2. 7 144-2-175030-3100- PRJ19NQ

8 Dept ID / Org Code / UDDS Used to identify the spending unit: –The first and second digits represent the School / College 172029 – SOE ; 862029 – HBSSW –The third and fourth digits represent the academic department 172029 – SOE C&I ; 862029 – HBSSW Criminal Justice –The fifth and sixth digits are further breakdowns of the department 172029 – SOE C&I Grad Assistant ; 862029 – HBSSW CJ Grad Assistant Contact BATO for a listing of Department ID’s 8 144-2-175030-3100- PRJ19NQ

9 Common Dept IDs 9 144-2-175030-3100-PRJ19NQ

10 Common Sub Departments For SOE and HBSSW, departments ending in: xxxx00: Perm Faculty & Staff xxxx05: Student Hourly xxxx09: Ad Hoc xxxx29: Grad Assistant xxxx55: Summer Session 10 144-2-175030-3100-PRJ19NQ

11 Definition of Account Code The account code defines what the transaction is for. The Chart of Accounts provides a listing of all active account codes. Link to UW System Chart of Accounts: list11.html list11.html Note: We highly recommend creating a Chart of Accounts bookmark / favorites link on your computer! 11 144-2-175030-3100-PRJ19NQ

12 Common Account Codes 1052 – Academic Staff - Academic Year Salary 1053 – Academic Staff - Summer Salary 2100 – Travel – Employee – In State Business (Traveling within the state on regularly assigned duties) 2115 – Travel – Employee – In State Conference (Traveling within the state to attend conferences) 3100 – Supplies (General office supplies – paper, pens, etc) 3195 – Equipment & Furniture less than $5,000 (Computers, Tables & Chairs, Telephones, etc) 12 144-2-175030-3100-PRJ19NQ

13 A Note on P-Card Transactions The P-Card defaults to one account code only. The default account code for most users is 3100 – General Supplies. The account code should be changed for each transaction as necessary. Two ways to change the account code: – Preferable Method: Contact Chris Cigale (HBSSW) or Tanya Depp (SOE) before the end of each billing cycle. Chris and Tanya can access the US Bank on-line transaction management portal and change the funding strings. See Appendix 8 – Purchasing Card Manual for deadlines. –Other Method: A Non-Salary Payment Transfer (NSPT) may be completed. 13 144-2-175030-3100-PRJ19NQ

14 Definition of a Subclass Code A subclass code can be used to further define an account. The class code is required for four types of transactions: –Computer and Related Peripherals accounts require a computer class code. –Marketing Expenses (acct 3740) require a marketing class code. –Remodeling and Maintenance Projects require a building number. –Taxable receipts reported on a departmental deposit require a county tax code. Link to BFS Class Code Definitions (ASM 2.7.6): 14 144-2-175030-3100-PRJ19NQ

15 Computer Subclass Codes 15 Note: See ASM 2.7.6 for Marketing Subclass Codes, and Building Numbers for Remodeling and Maintenance Subclass Codes.

16 Project / Grant A project / grant number is assigned to track expenditures and revenues for a specific project. A project / grant number is not required for every transaction. A project / grant number IS required for all Fund 133 or Fund 144 transactions. 16 144-2-175030-3100-PRJ19NQ

17 Common Uses for Project / Grant Numbers The Graduate School assigns grant numbers for research grants on Fund 133 & Fund 144 –Examples: PRJ19NQ ; 133EW12 The Graduate School assigns project numbers for RGI awards on Fund 101 –Example: 101X182 17 144-2-175030-3100-PRJ19NQ

18 Correcting an Error in a Funding String Three ways to correct an incorrect funding string: 1.P-Card transactions – contact Chris Cigale (HBSSW) or Tanya Depp (SOE) within 10 days of billing cycle close 2.Non-Salary Payment Transfer (NSPT) 3.Salary Cash Transfer (SCT) 18

19 Non-Salary Payment Transfer (NSPT) The NSPT request moves payments/charges from funding already charged/credited to other funding (for non-salary items only). The NSPT form is completed by the department responsible for the charges and sent to BATO for review. Link to NSPT Instructions & Form: &d=1 19

20 Sample NSPT 20

21 Salary Cash Transfer (SCT) The SCT request changes the funding of salary charges already posted to the Accounting System. The salary cash transfer form is completed in BATO (often a revised PA form must accompany the SCT). Contact BATO (Jessica Russell or Heather Lee) if you have revised funding for salary charges. 21


23 WISDM Training Join us on Thursday, October 21, when BATO Facts & Snacks presents WISDM tips and tricks. 23

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