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INSETA Internships Policy

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1 INSETA Internships Policy
Work-based Experience Grant Policy Speaker: Aubrey Maseko – Learnerships Manager INSETA Internships Policy

2 Definitions Work-based Experience grants:
A program for learners who require work experience in order to complete a diploma or degree (e.g. “technikon” or technical college type courses) that require the person to have a certain amount of work experience in order to achieve the qualification. Internships: A program for learners who require work experience in order to gain occupational or professional registration (i.e. engineer, lawyer, chartered accountant) that require a person to have a certain amount of work exposure in order to register with a professional or occupational body. Definitions

3 Eligibility Criteria Companies can apply for grants for learners who:
have completed the Standard / FSC Learnership Programme could open their own new venture in Brokering, after the year’s internship programme have achieved the theoretical Accounting qualification need to comply with the theoretical Information Technology qualification Eligibility Criteria

4 Eligibility Criteria (cont)
Must be a resident of South Africa. Comply with selection criteria which include ability and potential, academic merit and the likelihood that the candidate will successfully complete their programme. Are prepared to undergo an interview by INSETA. Eligibility Criteria (cont)

5 Payment Matrix Learner Type Maximum Monthly Value Tenure
Completed Learnership graduates for FAIS compliancy R 6 months or one year Accounting interns R One year IT interns Payment Matrix

6 Application Dates No Closing date will apply to Internships / WBE grants applications Funding allocations will be subject to availability of funding. Application forms available on the INSETA website Application Dates

7 Submission after Provisional Approval
An employment/Internship contract for the duration of the programme signed by all parties. Have written endorsement of completion of the theoretical component of their qualification from their academic institution Certified copies of Interns Identity Document. A full programme layout. Contract Attachments

8 Non-performance Criteria
For a Learner In the event of an internship / work-based experience grant recipient not completing their programme, through absconding from the programme, the lead employer will be required to refund INSETA the internship / work-based experience grants or funds, based on a pro-rata amount. The lead employer will be responsible to recover the amount from the learner Non-performance Criteria

9 Non-performance Criteria (cont.)
For the Lead Employer Should work-based activities cease for any reason whatsoever, INSETA will require a pro-rata based amount from the lead employer refunded into the Internship / Work-based Experience account. The declaration signed at application stage by lead employer will contain such specifications. Non-performance Criteria (cont.)

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