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Common Core & LOTE Part Deux FLACS Meeting: January 15, 2013.

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1 Common Core & LOTE Part Deux FLACS Meeting: January 15, 2013

2 Instructional Shifts in ELA … and what are the shifts for LOTE? ý X

3 What are the shifts in LOTE ? Provide challenging texts: “authentic” texts (created for native speakers) are a rich source of current language and culture Teach “reading”- how to dig into a text and read between the lines Design writing and speaking tasks that require students to evaluate and integrate evidence gleaned from multiple sources (audio, video, and print media) Design written and oral tasks that require students to advance an argument (persuasion) or explain or shed light on a topic (explanatory)

4 What would a LOTE Common Core- Aligned exam look like? Instead of isolated, discrete listening and reading passages Speaking and writing tasks that require students to use evidence from listening and reading texts to support an argument or expound on a topic Reading tasks that require students to dig for meaning, including inferred or implied meaning Instead of simple who, what, when, how questions In addition to authentic documents, such as schedules, tickets, ads, etc. Reading and listening texts that are culturally rich and instructive Feedback on performance of assessment task based on rubrics Aligned to LOTE and CC Standards In addition to numeric grades,

5 Environment: Students listen to man on the street interviews regarding the proposition to ban cars from city downtowns. Students read an article on the impact this ban would have on the city’s economy. Students advance an argument supporting or opposing the ban using evidence from the two sources. Travel: Students hear a travel ad for a tourist attraction in a target language city Students read an article describing sites of interest in a target language city. Task: Teacher is inviting student input on a travel itinerary for an upcoming student trip to ______. Students write a letter to the teacher explaining which sites (or cities) they wish to include in the itinerary using evidence from the sources. School: Students read an article on how to ease anxiety and prepare for entering high school. Students visit a school website listing required school supplies. Task: Students write an email to their younger cousin advising them on how to prepare for the new school he or she will be attending.

6 Physical Environment/Leisure Students hear or read a weather report for the weekend. The students have to write an email to their friend to make plans for this weekend based on the projected weather for the weekend. Meal Taking/Restaurants Students read two different restaurant menus. Based on the restaurant’s menus, the students have to write an email to their teacher suggesting which restaurant would be better for the class to visit if several of the class members are vegetarians and explaining why this restaurant would be the better choice. Health and Welfare Students read an article about the flu vaccine. Students have write an essay stating whether they think people should take the flu vaccine citing evidence from the text. School Students read about the school system a target language country. Using information from the text, present an argument for which system is better..

7 World Language Themes K-16 College Board AP Global Challenges Beauty & Esthetics Science & Technology Families & Communities Personal & Public Identities Contemporary Life IB Themes CORE: Communication & Media Global Issues Social Relationships OPTIONS: Cultural Diversity Customs & Traditions Health NY STATE LOTE SYLLABUS Personal ID House & Home Family Life Community/Neighbor hood Physical Environment Meal Taking/Food/Drink Health & Welfare Education Earning a Living Leisure Public/Private Services Shopping Travel Current Events

8 Proposed NYS WL Themes

9 Transitioning our teachers to LOTE à la Common Core Modules (SED) Curriculum Development Assessment Report Cards APPR Staff Development (ACTFL) Materials Public Relations

10 Steps……… Establish themes: allow for organizing language vocabulary and structure and facilitate the integration of the language skills Establish best practice reading and writing strategies for LOTE Expand text types for reading & writing: blogs, articles, surveys, essays, novels, poems, songs, letters, emails, journals Integrated performance tasks Rubrics aligned to CCSS and LOTE

11 FLACS/NYSAFLT Spring Conference Sessions Student Learning Objectives Inter-rater reliability on the FLACS Exams Danielson Framework & APPR Common Core & LOTE a Aligning to Common Core at All Levels There’s a App for That! Item-Writing FLES Digital Portfolios Study-Travel Programs

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