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A guide to seeking, applying to and obtaining employment for the State of New York.

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1 A guide to seeking, applying to and obtaining employment for the State of New York

2 Employment in the Civil Service New York State Civil Service offers many job opportunities relevant to Sage Colleges students, including careers in health related fields, nursing, business and criminal justice, just to name a few.

3 Civil Service Positions New York State Department of Civil Service homepage: http://www.cs.stat http://www.cs.stat Select “Job Seekers” to continue on for employment opportunities

4 Choose type of civil service position Choose to view positions in New York State Government or positions in New York State Local Governments

5 Employment Opportunities with NYS government Choose from a menu of options pertaining to employment with New York State Government Click “Employment Opportunities” to continue on and view employment opportunities

6 Employment Opportunities Search employment opportunities by education level required View current vacancies, job openings, upcoming civil service examinations and internship opportunities

7 Currently Scheduled Examinations (under Employment Opportunities) Click on an exam title to learn about registration, minimum qualifications and duties of the position, as well as exam content

8 Minimum Education or Experience A listing of positions that do not require college or higher education Click on job titles for details about position, required exams and application process

9 Advanced Degree Required A listing of positions that require an advanced degree Click on job titles for details about position, required exams and application process

10 Professional Certification and/or licensing required A listing of positions that require professional certification and/or licensing Click on job titles for details about position, required exams and application process

11 Current Vacancies Links to specific agencies and departments in NYS to search for employment opportunities

12 Vacancy List Current Civil Service job openings in New York State

13 State Examinations Tentative schedule of upcoming state civil service examinations

14 Test Guides for state examinations Test guides and resource booklets for state civil service examinations

15 Internships in NYS Government Find internships for various majors in many NYS agencies/depts including: NYS Assembly, Education Dept., Senate, State Police, Governor’s Office and the Unified Court System

16 Featured Programs Links to pages for Nursing Information Technology Specialists, Selective Certificates and Workers with Disabilities Program

17 Nursing Search numerous NYS offices that hire Registered Nurses Nursing homepage: http://www.cs.state.ny.u s/nursing/ http://www.cs.state.ny.u s/nursing/

18 Nursing Locations Click on a region of NYS to link to offices hiring nurses in those areas

19 Nursing Titles and Specialty Areas Search common nursing titles and job descriptions, find examination information and apply to specific nursing jobs in NYS

20 Nursing Benefits View benefits NYS offers its nurses, including insurance, personal time and retirement.

21 Nursing FAQ Frequently Asked Questions regarding Nursing in New York State

22 Other Nursing resources New York State Nurses Association: neral/links.htm neral/links.htm Career resources, job opportunities, nursing organizations, union/labor and other helpful resources

23 Information Technology Specialist A featured program suitable for students majoring in Computer Information Systems Select “Full overview” for details of position, minimum qualifications and unique examination process for IT Specialists

24 Law and Society Majors Under “Current Vacancies,” Departments of particular interest include: Office of Attorney General, Correctional Services, Commission on Judicial Conduct, Office of State Comptroller, Division of Parole, State Police and Unified Court Systems

25 Potential Jobs for Law and Society Majors Corrections Officers State Trooper Judge Work in Court System Lawyer Child Protective Services Specialist

26 Business Administration Majors Under “Current Vacancies,” Departments of particular interest include: Tax & Finance, Division of the Budget, Banking Department

27 Education Majors Teaching positions in specialty areas (ex. Art, English, Mathematics) Positions for Bilingual teachers (content area and bilingual extension) English as Second Language teachers

28 Health Sciences Majors Under “Current Vacancies,” Departments of particular interest include: Health Department, Office of Mental Health and Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities

29 Potential Jobs for Health Sciences Majors Pharmacist Medical Technologist Physician/ Medical Assistant Working with people with disabilities Mental Health Care Worker Public Health Work in Hospitals

30 Working as a therapist in NYS Advanced degree and/or professional license required Available positions: Occupational Therapist Physical Therapist Recreation Therapist (positions for Physical Education majors, as well as Art, Music or Dance majors)

31 Careers in Public Health NYS Department of Health: Search career descriptions and benefits of a career in public health

32 Other careers with NYS related to Sage majors Dietitian (Nutrition Science) Psychologist Health Services Administration Accounting Visit sections “Advanced Degree Required” and “Professional Certification and/or Licensing” for more careers and position details

33 Employment with local government Click on a location in NYS to view exam announcements and local available civil service employment opportunities in that area

34 Test Guides for Local Examinations Test Guides and Resources Booklets for local civil service examinations

35 FAQ about municipal civil service exams Answers to some commons questions about local (municipal) civil service exams

36 Workers with Disabilities Program in NYS If you are a person with a disability, review the requirements and eligibility for this program (Section 55b) if you are interested in employment with the NYS government

37 Workers with disabilities in local government See the details for Section 55a to employ workers with disabilities in municipalities

38 Working for NYC Job and Internship Opportunities in NYC: 0402d63e84407a62fa24601c789a0/ 0402d63e84407a62fa24601c789a0/ NYC Summer Internship program: mmerintern.shtml mmerintern.shtml Opportunities across agencies, including Department of Corrections, Office of the Mayor, Department of Small Businesses, Health and Hospitals corporation and more

39 Preparing for the Job Search For help preparing a resume and cover letter and/or further guidance in your job search, contact the Office of Career Planning: Albany campus: (518) 292-1793 Library-3 rd floor Troy campus: (518) 244-2272 Hart Hall-2 nd floor

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