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Community Service By: Callan Windham.

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1 Community Service By: Callan Windham

2 What is Service Learning?
is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities Cited Source

3 Benefits of Service Learning
Enhance social and academic learning Develop character and citizenship skills Learn about the issues Develop an action plan for service Engage in meaningful service by working on a project that will make a difference Cited Source

4 My Community Service Blazer Blast For Kids
Help set baseball tees for kids to hit off of Taught some children how to hit a baseball correctly Autographed pictures and shirts for the community Gave out free food Played catch with the children

5 My Community Service Crosspointe Church Disaster Shelter
Cleaned and threw old trash out Refurnished a room for showers Removed hazardous material and cleaned floors Set up the walls for a bedroom for people affected by disasters

6 My Community Service Landscaping for Hospice Removed overgrown bushes
Set out new straw on flowerbeds Swept and threw away all old straw Cut weeds to improve scenery Planted new bushes Removed trash from the area

7 What I Learned From My Service
Learned to give back to the community Be appreciative of what I have Work hard Help the less fortunate

8 Photos

9 Photos

10 The End

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