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CCC/Coordination Sud/ CKN 31/10/14 Alain FRENAIS.

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1 CCC/Coordination Sud/ CKN 31/10/14 Alain FRENAIS

2 CKN in a nutshell Kram Ngoy Center : more than 20 years of integrated vocational and professional training to raise development in Cambodia

3 The CKN Project Objective : To be a contributor for developing national skills of Cambodia on a technological, economical, intellectual and cultural basis Mission : Running a vocational and professional training Center of Excellence

4 CKN is a long-term humanitarian work of development aid based on these pillars Moral strengthening character building Technical spirit and entrepreneurship enhancement The essential awareness of solidarity Philosophy

5 « To despise the dreams is the only mistake that the fate does not forgive to people s » Maurice Shumann 1992 : CKN birth. Cambodian charities in France decided to join their forces to help developing Cambodia with a focus on vocational training

6 1996-1998 : CKN France supports 4 Cambodian trainees 1998 : Creation of the first CKN training center in Ponleu Pich, Phnom Penh The first students

7 The first basic training program 1999-2000 : the first students could attend the basic training course. The first French trainers were coming to CKN Cambodia. This is the beginning of a technical skills transfer between France and Cambodia

8 The St. 318 Center in Phnom Penh 2002-2003 : The center is reorganized. CKN sticks to its concept and creates its new center with its partner PTM near the Olympic market The intermediate training programs are beginning

9 2002-2003 : First international scale partnerships International Organization of La Francophonie Polytech Montpellier Bricorama Electricians without borders/EDF And national with the Cambodian Education Ministry Our first partners

10 3 levels of training programs Wandering training to show technical matters in local secondary schools Trainers training, which is the CKN’s core objective 2001-2004 : CKN diversified its training programs EXCELLENCE is always emphasized

11 Siem Reap Kantuot 30km from Phnom Penh This center have training and internship premises 2002-2013 : CKN extends on different training sites 1 2 345 Phnom Penh today it is CKN Headquarter Phnom Penh Thmey Damber : Rural electricity power plant Banteay Dèk Rural electricity power plant

12 CKN trainings are based on technical theories, applied technical skills and hard work value The students learn skillfulness studying multiple sciences : Electricity, Electronics, Cold chain, Rural electricity, Automatism, Industrial maintenance, Renewable energy, Sun energy The different levels of training programs enable the motivated students to strengthen their skills. Training programs are: Sedentary (short, long, on a WE…) Wandering (province, remoted areas) Training methods

13 CKN training is a jack of all trades because of the economic and technical development of Cambodia. As a matter of fact, the country needs a pragmatic and operational workforce with a wide spectrum of knowhows Skillfulness

14 To develop quality courses, CKN needs qualified trainers. Therefore CKN focuses its efforts on its core point : trainers training to teach them : Technical skills Pedagogy Ability to handle responsability Mobility Solidarity Hard work value Furthermore CKN promotes in association with AAFK the women work as a technician or a trainer. Trainers training

15 The learning is theorical but practicing is a key element of a good training. The student practice at school but also participating in the Siem Reap Kantuot school construction. Guided by trainers they perform provision of services in companies. Theory put into practice

16 Production : Students knowhow to build pedagogical material, lamps… Trainers can perform training sessions on various domains such as rural electricity, battery charging efficiency… They also repair motors They can set up renewable energy sources or massive electrical installations They are in charge of industrial maintenance (rice mill, cigarette and incense factory..) CKN runs two electrical power plants in Dambêr and Banteay Dêk CKN works as a partner in technical exposition management, battery charging trainings or gasogene maintenance Train and produce

17 Exemple of CKN provison of services Cigarettes factory maintenance in Kompong Cham Hak Se Rice Mill maintenance in Skoun Electrical installation of Holiday hotel in Battambang Gasogene installation and maintenance in Sambaur

18 Through the years, CKN has grown up On a national scale : cooperation with the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vocational Training Ministry, Ministry of Industry, Education Ministry CKN activities are often relayed on radios or TVs As a result more and more students want to follow the CKN trainings. CKN won 3 years on a row the My Skills Cambodia competition in electrical installation. CKN represents Cambodia 3 years on a row in the Worldskills ASEAN competition, with good results in electricity, industrial electronics et automatism. Two of our trainers won twice the “BEST OF NATION” medal.

19 On the international scale Now known and recognized, CKN is supported by prestigious entities such as: Rotary Club finance funds a trainee’s formation in France as well as two trainers ones in Cambodia Schneider Electric (enterprise & fondation) support CKN in solar & photovoltaic energies and automatism. They also train CKN trainers and support the newer students. FORIM went in Cambodia to see CKN improvements and supports Kram Ngoy Center projects via PRA/OSIM programs Bricorama enables CKN to ship on containers to Cambodia every year

20 On the international scale ETC Fondation : Technical supports on transfering gasogene skills, battery charging skills and pedagogical skills for trainers International Organization of La Francophonie : Several cooperations on different projects. They invited CKN in a conference in Tunis. A video team from Quebec went to Cambodia to film the center activities. FONDEM : partnerships in rural electricity TOTAL : rural electricity technical support FACT Fondation (Netherlands) : nominated CKN to the renewable energy award 2012 EDF : partnership on sun energy

21 On the international scale World Bank & CEA (Cambodia Electrical Authority): CKN is in charge of training all the rural electricians of the country UNESCO : CKN organized several technical expositions and seminars UNIDO : CKN created for UNIDO solar dryers to produce dried fish around the Tonle Sap


23 CKN grows up To increase the national training capacity To contribute to raise the skills of the cambodian people To answer specific requests HOPE & OPTIMISM UTILITY & NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

24 Conclusion CKN continues its efforts to raise Cambodian technical capacities Long and hard efforts are remaining We would like to thank you for your attention!

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