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Regional Coordinators Preparatory Meeting 5th November, 2007 16:30-18:00.

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1 Regional Coordinators Preparatory Meeting 5th November, 2007 16:30-18:00

2 Agenda of the meeting Clarification of regions Role in selection of topics/sessions Linkage with the existing initiatives Selection of regional coordinators Expectations Budget

3 Some discussion points Regions should make an effort to include small island states in each sub-regional process, as part of their overall umbrella process. Regions may involve themeselves in the call for participation in sessions. The coordinators may wish to know if a minimum number will be guaranteed for each region (PC Should discuss this) The coordinators should use the regional reports from the 3rd and 4th Forum as a springboard in preparing the 5th Forum.

4 Some discussion points (Cont’d) Coordination between thematic and regional coordinates should much closer than in the past. Part of January’s meeting should address this linkage. The Regional Cordinators have a responsibility to involve new stakehlders in the Forum through their planned activities. Links must be established with existing initiatives A specific meeting will be organised to coordinate efforts in the in the overlapping regions of –Turkey and its surrounding area –MENA –Mediterranean

5 Forum Regional Preparation Process Africa AMCOW + AfDB Asia-Pasific JWF America A – Latin America B – North America ANA, IADB, CONAGUA, ANEAS USACE Europe EWP Special Regions –Sub-Regions in/around Turkiye –Mediterranean –MENA DSI / Turkey Near East University; GWP-MED; IME AWC (Arab Water Council)

6 National Meetings inside Türkiye ErzurumSnow hydrology – water security27-28 Mart 2008 Adana + MersinIrrigation and drainage – food security10-11 Nisan 2008 AfyonkarahisarThermal waters - health24-25 Nisan 2008 AnkaraWater management / Drought – water security15-16 Mayıs 2008 AntalyaKarst Hydrology – water security in karstic areas22-23 Mayıs 2008 Bursa Water use / Treatment / Re-use – health and water security 29-30 Mayıs 2008 Diyarbakır + Gaziantep + Şanlıurfa Water and salinisation – food security12-13 Haziran 2008 EdirneFlood – risk management19-20 Haziran 2008 İzmir Basin pollution / Historical Water Structure – protecting respouırces 26-27 Haziran 2008 KayseriWetlands- protecting respurces10-11 Temmuz 2008 SamsunWater / Flood / Disasters –risk management24-25 Temmuz 2008 TrabzonProtection of river basements – mitigating risk07-08 Ağustos 2008 VanLake hydrology- protecting lake resources21-22 Ağustos 2008 KonyaGroundwater / Drought – protecting respources11-12 Eylül 2008 Artvin Water and Energy – energy for water – water for energy 25-26 Eylül 2008

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