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Raimo P. Hämäläinen Systems Analysis Laboratory Aalto University, School of Science MILESTONES OF SYSTEMS ANALYSIS.

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1 Raimo P. Hämäläinen Systems Analysis Laboratory Aalto University, School of Science MILESTONES OF SYSTEMS ANALYSIS

2 Why Systems? We live embedded in systems. Structures of active agents and elements with interaction and feedback. Environment, climate, societies, organizations, economies, industries, family… The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

3 Being Better with Systems Systems evolve over time. Can be complicated sometimes complex. Provide leverage points for improvement. Seeing – thinking – acting Better structures and behaviour

4 Systems Tools Structuring, Identification Modelling, Simulation Statistics Optimization, Games Decision making, Control Risk-, Efficiency Analysis Better decisions and improved understanding “Operations Research - The science of better”

5 20 th Century – The Systems Century

6 Systems Communities Systems Thinking Systems Theory Systems Science Systems Engineering Operations Research Systems Analysis System Dynamics Cybernetics Complex Systems

7 Tektology Tektology: Universal Organization Science Russian 1912, German ed. 1928. Alexander Bogdanov 1873-1928

8 Systems Thinker’s Encounter Before the Soviet System was Created Bogdanov, Gorgi and Lenin in Capri 1909

9 General System Theory Ludwig von Bertalanffy 1901 - 1972 A new approach to unity of science 1951

10 Operational Research Patrick Blackett 1897-1974 World War II Tactics in antisubmarine warfare Introduction of the term Operational Research 1937

11 Optimization Theory Leonid Kantorovich 1912 - 1986 Mathematical Methods of Organizing and Planning Production 1939 Nobel Prize 1975 George Dantzig 1914 - 2005 Linear Programming Simplex 1947

12 Utility and Game Theory John von Neumann 1903 - 1957 Theory of Games and Economic Behavior 1944 John F. Nash Jr. 1928 - Nash equilibrium, 1950 Nobel Prize 1994 Oskar Morgenstern 1902 - 1977

13 Cybernetics Norbert Wiener 1894 - 1964 Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine 1948

14 Operations Research Introduction to Operations Research 1957 C. West Churchman 1913-2004 Russell L. Ackoff 1919-2009 The Systems Approach 1984 ”OR is not mathematics only”

15 System Dynamics Industrial dynamics 1961 Jay W. Forrester 1918-

16 The Silent Spring A wake-up call to realize the systemic nature of our environment Rachel Carson 1907 - 1964 Silent Spring 1962 Pesticides in the food chain

17 Global Modelling Donella Meadows 1941-2001 The Limits to Growth 1972

18 Decision Analysis Howard Raiffa 1924- Decision Analysis: Introductory Lectures on Choices Under Uncertainty 1968 IIASA's first director from 1972 - 1975

19 Systems Thinking Peter Senge The Fifth Discipline 1990 Society for Organizational Learning Peter Checkland 1930- Systems Thinking - Systems Practice 1981

20 Systems approaches towards sustainability Living better in social systems Managing systemic risks Using computational power Analysing Big Data Acting with Systems Intelligence Today: Acting with Systems

21 Systems Analysis Laboratory Established in 1984 Helsinki University of Technology (HUT)

22 Systems Pioneers in the Helsinki University of Technology (Aalto U.) Operations Research Honorary Chairman of the Finnish OR Society 1983 Hans Blomberg 1919 - 2006 Industrial Operations Research Olli Lokki 1916 - 1994 Systems Theory Sampo Ruuth 1936 -

23 Finnish Operations Research Society Established 1973 Christer Carlsson Åbo Akademi 1993 Pekka Korhonen Aalto, BIZ 2003 Raimo P. Hämäläinen Aalto, SCI 2008 Jyrki Wallenius Aalto, BIZ 2013 Honorary Chairmen

24 Alumni in Different Disciplines. Jussi Keppo finance NUS, Singapore Bengt Holmström economics MIT Leena Suhl management science Paderborn U. Risto Lahdelma energy technology Aalto Veijo Kaitala evolutionary biology Univ. of Helsinki Annikki Mäkelä silviculture Univ. of Helsinki Hanna Kokko evolutionary ecology Univ. of Zurich Tuomas Sandholm computer science Carnegie Mellon U.

25 Systems Analysis Laboratory Professors Raimo P. Hämäläinen Founder and Director Harri EhtamoAhti Salo Enrico Bartolini Kai Virtanen Esa Saarinen 2001-2008 Dept. of Ind. Eng.and Managem.

26 21 st Century – Mankind’s Greatest Challenges are Systemic We create and live in systems We flourish with systems

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