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LAHTI REGION. The Lahti region is part of the Helsinki metropolitan area LAHTI REGION – EASY TO REACH.

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2 The Lahti region is part of the Helsinki metropolitan area LAHTI REGION – EASY TO REACH

3 Excellent road and rail connections To Helsinki: –1 hour by car or bus –45 minutes by train –60 minutes to international airport by car or bus –1 hour to Vuosaari harbour To St.Petersburg: –2,5 hours by train (by the end of the year 2010) Distance by road (km) * Helsinki 104 * Helsinki-Vantaa Airport 99 * Tampere 126 * Turku 213 * Jyväskylä 167 * Lappeenranta 148 * Kouvola 62 * Hämeenlinna 73 * Oulu 505 * Saint Petersburg 356 Lahti-St.Petersburg 314 km Connection viaTrans-Siperia rail road to Vladivostok.

4 LAHTI REGION Map of the region of Päijät-Häme: The City of Lahti is the “capital” of the region of Päijät-Häme. Nowadays, you often hear the term "Lahti region". The term previously referred only to Lahti, Hollola, Orimattila and Nastola. However, with the increasing cooperation between the towns and municipalities of the region, the term has come to refer to different areas depending on the context.

5 HEINOLA pop HÄMEEN- KOSKI pop NASTOLA pop ARTJÄRVI pop SYSMÄ pop PADASJOKI pop HARTOLA pop ASIKKALA pop LAHTI pop KÄRKÖLÄ pop HOLLOLA pop ORIMATTILA pop The city of Lahti has more than inhabitants The region of Päijät-Häme inhabitants LAHTI REGION - POPULATION


7 FACTS ABOUT LAHTI Region: Päijänne Tavastia Subregion: Lahti subregion Charter: Area ( ): - Total km2 (59.7 sq mi) - Land km2 (52.1 sq mi) - Water km2 (7.5 sq mi) Area rank: 323rd largest in Finland Municipal tax rate: 19% Companies: Population ( ) - Total 100,944 ( : 100,963) - Density 747.4/km2 (1,935.8/sq mi) Population rank: 8th largest in Finland Population by native language: - Finnish 95.7% (official) - Swedish 0.3% - Others 4% Population by age: - 0 to % - 15 to % - 65 or older 18.1%

8 LAHTI REGION Population density AREA/CITY area km²InhabitantsDensity Päijät- Häme 5126, ,26 Artjärvi 177, ,22 Asikkala 563, ,18 Hartola 543, ,23 Heinola 676, ,12 Hollola 463, ,15 Hämeen- koski 187, ,32 Kärkölä 256, ,01 Lahti 135, ,73 Nastola 324, ,47 Orimattila 608, ,48 Padasjoki 523, ,59 Sysmä 667, ,58

9 LAHTI REGION Population density (ten largest cities in Finland)

10 LAHTI REGION – Age structure AGEMENWOMEN CITYMEN %WOMEN % Päijät-Häme48,451,6 Heinola48,651,4 Hollola49,250,8 Lahti47,452,6 Nastola50,249,8 Orimattila49,350,7 Year 2009

11 LAHTI REGION Income average (ten largest cities in Finland)

12 LAHTI REGION Income Level and Purchasing Power: 1) Average income (over 15-year-olds): € / year 2) Average size of a household: 2,0 Persons 3) Single households: 43,2 % 4) Average living area: 39,4 m2 / person 5) Apartments: 90,7 % of residences 6) Rented apartments: 31,1 % of residences


14 BIGGEST EMPLOYERS IN LAHTI REGION COMPANY:AREA:TOTAL: Osuuskauppa Hämeenmaa Lahti region 2627 Isku Yhtymä Oy Lahti 1140 Koskisen Oy Kärkölä, Heinola 1132 Starkki Oy AbLahti 980 L-Fashion Group Lahti, Nastola 890 Versowood Oy Heinola 616 Fazer Leipomot Lahti 569 Oy Hartwall Ab Lahti 508 Eurokangas OyOrimattila 500 Kemppi Oy Lahti, Asikkala 465 Wipak OyNastola 453 Raute-konserni Nastola, Lahti 400 Vaahto Group OyLahti 400

15 LAHTI REGION Unemployment rate 7/2010Lahti region 13.7%

16 LAHTI REGION Education

17 Tertiary Education: Lahti University Consortium International Institute of Applied Aesthetics University of Helsinki, Department of Ecological and Environmental Sciences University of Helsinki, Palmenia Center for Research and Continuing Education, Lahti Unit University of Helsinki, Open University, Lahti Unit Helsinki University of Technology, Lahti Unit Tampere University of Technology, Lahti Unit Lappeenranta University of Technology, Lahti Unit Lahti Region Educational Consortium Lahti University of Applied Sciences Lahti Community College Wellamo LAHTI REGION Education


19 VISION Lahti region in 2015: Finland’s most ecologically efficient and business-friendly region

20 KEY AREAS OF EXPERTISE Areas of expertise recognised as our particular strengths, which are given special attention and which form a part of our regional profile in terms of business, research, education, and public sector investments. 1.Clean technology 2.Design expertise 3.Practice-driven innovation

21 STRATEGIC FOCUS AND OBJECTIVES FOR The most innovative European region in developing and applying cleantech solutions 2.Finland’s number one hub for industrial design 3.Best Finnish region in terms of profitability of R&D investments 4.Top availability of competent workforce 5.Finland’s most business-friendly decision-making culture and service offering 6.A northern population growth centre in the Helsinki metropolitan area


23 WHY LAHTI REGION ? 1.Excellent location in the metropolitan area 2.Excellent connections: -1 hour to Helsinki by car or bus -45 minutes to Helsinki by train -1 hour to Vuosaari harbour -2,5 hours to St. Petersburg by train 3. Half of the population of Finland lives within 2 hours from Lahti 4. Capital of industrial design 5. Leader of the Finnish Cleantech Cluster -Energy and material savings -Eco-efficient solutions -Recycling and the conversion of waste into energy 6. Strong consortium of universities and universities of applied sciences 7. Possibility to get support for investments and education from the government

24 Municipal economic development companies and their responsibilities Lahti Regional Development Company Ltd - LAKES Coordinates industrial policy Provides business services regionally Represents the interests of the region both nationally and internationally Promotes and markets the region Lahti Science and Business Park Ltd Growth and innovation services and the related national and international relations Development and operation of innovation environments Lahti Travel Ltd Sales and marketing of tourism services Lahti Region Enterprise Agency Consulting for start-up companies

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