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Going Home! God has blessed him.. Peace with Esau?

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1 Going Home! God has blessed him.

2 Peace with Esau?

3 Esau wanted to kill him Now he has a family

4 Sends messengers ahead to ask for peace Genesis 32:3-5

5 He’s coming with 400 men Genesis 32:6

6 Jacob has a plan Divide into two groups Genesis 32:8-12

7 Present for Esau 200 female goats 20 male goats 200 ewes 20 rams 30 camels with babies 40 cows 10 bulls To make peace with Esau Genesis 32:13-15


9 Sent his family over the brook of Jabbok Genesis 32:22

10 They wrestled until day is breaking Genesis 32:23-28

11 Who was the man who wrestled with Jacob? Peniel He had seen God face to Face Genesis 32: 29-32

12 What would you do? Jacob bowed to the ground Genesis 33:1-3

13 Esau ran to meet him Jacob journeyed to Succoth and built a house Genesis 33:4-5 Genesis 33:16-17

14 Jacob bought land in Shecham for 100 pieces of money He built an alter El Elohe Genesis 33:18-20

15 Dina is hurt and her brothers kill all in Shecham Genesis 34 Return to Bethel

16 Genesis 35:2-4

17 Jacob remembered that God had been with him on the day of his distress. (Genesis 35:3b) It is good to remember how God hears us and helps us as he did Jacob.

18 Genesis 35:5 And they journeyed, and the terror of God was upon the cities that were all around them, and they did not pursue the sons of Jacob.

19 Israel Yashar Means straight and upright El Means God Genesis 35:9-10

20 Arise and do not be afraid Matthew 17:17

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