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DOMICA RESORT WELLNESS The rest and the recreation that you deserve. A unique form of relaxation Come and meditate in the Spa that is located in the.

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3 The rest and the recreation that you deserve. A unique form of relaxation Come and meditate in the Spa that is located in the middle of a natural paradise. Commitment, the hustle and bustle – the stress raisers – quite a common matter. You should take a break and spend some time just for yourself. Be selfish for a while and think only about yourself.

4 „15 minutes in paradise“ - Whirlpool You will experience 15 minutes in a spacious whirlpool in the shape of a circle which is waiting for YOU. Up to 15 people can meditate there at the same time. This cradle of wellbeing and rest is able to ideally regenerate your body and your soul. Perfect water and air massage in combination with romantic underwater light. Recommended length of stay: 15 – 20 minutes Water temperature: 32 – 37 °C

5 „Warming embracement“ - Amphitheatre A warming is waiting for you just next to the whirlpool and creates its inseparable part. Amphitheatre of peace is an ideal possibility to relax in the position which is the most comfortable for you thanks to the heated seats. Temperature of seats: 25 °C Recommended length of stay: Unlimited

6 „Tears of happiness“ - Mexican wave The combination of business with pleasure helped to create another jewel – so-called Mexican wave. On six heated ceramic seats you will be able to relish the touch of the smooth roundness via “Tears of happiness” that will refresh and wake up your body. Continually changing light in the form of Color therapy will „reset“ your brain. Recommended length of stay: 20 minutes Temperature of the seat surface: 30 °C

7 „Revitalization while one waits“ - Finnish sauna and the bath of courage Do you need to „replace batteries“?! Just relax, breath deeply. During the stay in the sauna and then during the cool down of your organism in the ice cold pool, the immune system is being stimulated and the amount of red and white blood vessels is increasing. Indulge your organism and you will feel like reborn. Recommended length of stay - sauna: 3 x 15 minutes Air Temperature: 90 – 105 °C Air moisture: 20% Recommended length of stay – ice-cold pool: 10 – 20 seconds Water Temperature: 6 – 8 °C

8 „I am breathing, therefore I am“ - Salt inhalation Close your eyes, take a deep breath and forget the whole world. You have got only one body and you should take care of it. The salt therapy has a beneficial effect on the increase of the blood circulation of the skin and helps to cure illnesses of upper airways diseases. Salt also has detoxicating effects and it has favorable effects on skin complexion. It ensures the natural peeling as well. The space is draught by natural air circulation. Recommended length of stay: Air temperature: 36 °C Seat temperature: 25 °C

9 „Wet adventure“ - Children’s world A fairy tale adventure is waiting for you that you can experience only with us! So who would not like to splash in the middle of a dreamland? Recommended length of stay: Unlimited Water temperature: 25 °C Seat Temperature: 26 °C

10 „Oasis of relaxation“ - Tepidarium Find the space that is reserved especially for you and your mind. The stream of energy and the flow of thoughts harmonized with the etheric music, pleasant lights and heated beds. This creates an ideal combination for a real, perfect and undisturbed meditation. There are 10 ceramic, heated beds at your disposal in the wellness centre. Recommended length of stay: 20 minutes Air temperature: 24 °C Seat temperature: 25 °C Air moisture: 50%

11 „Bohemian routine“ - Roman steam bath Let yourself be transferred to the antique times. The steam causes take away toxic substances from the blood. Essential oil from the rose wood thanks to the steam acting stays in the complexion, eliminates the nervousness. Recommended length of stay: 20 minutes Air temperature: 40 – 45 °C Air moisture: 100 %

12 „Aromatic therapy“ - Menthol inhalation The power of menthol in the leaves of peppermint and its cushion effect have been known for ages. It will get “under your skin”. The feeling will be even stronger, when you stick to this breathing technique – breathe easy through your nose at first, then deepen your respiration. Let the scent be beneficial for your organism, breath and dream. Recommended length of stay: 20 minutes Air temperature: 38 – 40 °C Air moisture: 50 - 60 % Seat temperature: 25 °C

13 „The Snow White“ - The snow production The snow white blanket covered the nature that’s asleep for the winter. Cool down your glowing body with the white cover that will be appropriate after a pleasant sauna visit. The snow is used to refresh you between the separated procedures. However, fantasy is boundless. The expected amount of produced snow: 5kg / hour

14 „Magic chamber“ - Pandora’s box The youngest visitors attention! Close your eyes and make a wish. The magic box is able to grand your secret wish. You have to believe in the magic at 100% and follow your dream! Then the box will take care of everything :-) Seat temperature opposite the box: 25 °C Air moisture: 60% Recommended length of stay: unlimited

15 “Way of knowledge“ - Kneip’s bath The hot and warm water change in separated bathing bowls will stimulate your blood circulation. Indulge your feet in the care that they really deserve as they accompany and carry you the whole days. Recommended length of stay: 3 circles Temperature of separated bathing bowls: 12 °C/38 °C

16 „Blue lagoon“ - The large pool You can go swimming, you can relax in the spacious pool of the size 5,5 m x 11 m with the depth of 120 cm. In the swimming pool are a few attractions in the form of a fountain, bubbles and contra-flows. Underwater illumination will provide a romantic atmosphere in the evening hours that many couples will appreciate. Recommended length of stay: Unlimited Water Temperature: 28 °C

17 „The storm“ - Visual-sound effects Visit our resort and become a witness of “the tropical storm” of your senses in our wellness centre.

18 DOMICA CAVE The Domica Cave is situated in The National Park Slovak Karst up on the Silicka Plateau.The entrance of the Domica cave is nearby the village Kecovo 10 km southern of the town Plesivec. Passages of the cave overcome the Slovak- Hungary state border and continue in the Hungary as the Baradla Cave.

19 The cave is created in the light limestones. The passages of the Domica Cave were shaped by erosion by waters of the underground stream Styx. The cave is mainly horizontal with small vertical parts. The decoration inside is impressive. The shields and drums, the cascade lakes, the onion-like and breast-like stalactites, the guano crusts can be counted to unique types of decoration. In addition the cave is important for the archaeology and biospeleology. The Domica Cave is the richest cave finding place of the Bukk Culture (6400 - 6100 before Christ) and of other cultures too. A part of the cave is shown for public in two tours.

20 We are looking forward to meeting you in person. :-)

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