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Durable and Professional 4K Large Displays 98 84 TH-98LQ70 TH-84LQ70 LQ70 Series *Actual resolution : 3840 x 2160p Tentative.

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1 Durable and Professional 4K Large Displays TH-98LQ70 TH-84LQ70 LQ70 Series *Actual resolution : 3840 x 2160p Tentative

2 103 inch 85 inch FHD Large display 4K Large display -Plasma display -High reliability -Expandability & Flexilibity -4K Resolution LCD display -High reliability -Expandability & Flexilibity Building bridges into the 4K world… 98 inch 84 inch *Actual resolution : 3840 x 2160p

3 - Robust engineering design provides high reliability during installation and operation. - Rugged front glass and aluminum cabinet will protect 4K panel inside from sudden shock. Panasonic 4K Quality - 3,840 x 2,160 high resolution provides realistic image of the content - Panasonic’s new generation image enhancement technology provides fine life-like images. - Support various mount installation method w/ its identical screw hole configuration in current 103” & 85” PDP displays -Slot3.0 feature provides system expandability for various interface capability as well as future interface migration. High Durability for Long Term Operation Flexibility at Installation and System Expandability Begin shipment in September 2014 Durable and Professional 4K Large Displays

4 Public Space Rental Museum Durability and Reliability count on market Use Scene Broadcast studio 4K Quality count on market Control roomDesign, Simulation Board room Large Format Custom Home Theater Correspond to various scenes with 4K quality and high reliability Able to use current PDP peripherals. Possible to be labor-saving and cost reduction

5 Robust aluminum cabinet design Shock resistant protective front glass Iron ball High Durability for Long Term Operation The front of the display is equipped with a protective glass, and the cabinet uses ruggertized aluminum frame. This concept of robustness is carried over from Panasonic’s large format plasma display business. These displays can be used in public spaces, such as commercial facilities, train/bus stations and airports, where a lot of people pass by, and Rental & staging..

6 1. Superb picture quality with FHD (by using next generation image enhancement technology) Superb picture quality at a closer distance (4K) H 3H FHD 1920x1080 4K is... Four time resolution compare to FHD 4K 3840x2160 H 1.5H Superb pic. quality even at a closer distance (cannot see a pixel) H: Display height Provide superb picture quality even with FHD content by using super- resolution & adaptive enhance technology. 2. Smooth motion image Superb picture quality even with FHD contents Standard Up-scaling Up-scaling(New tech.) Panasonic 4K Quality

7 Identical screw hole number and pitch position thus Current PDP peripherals can be reused. Panasonic peripherals3 rd party vendor’s peripherals New SLOT3.0 provides I/F change for different application usage as well as for future I/Fs SLOT 3.0 option ideas - 3G-SDI x 1 (w/ thru) for FHD input - 3G-SDI x 4 (w/ thru) for 4K & FHD input - 12G-SDI x 1 (w/ thru) for future support - Optical OPT x 1 *Understudy Can set i-bolts to installation screw holes for carrying up display with pulley or crane at installation i-bolt Pulley Top Screw holes for i-bolt Able to use current PDP peripherals Easy installation Can change I/F between different application usage Flexibility of Installation and System Expandability

8 TH-98LQ70TH-84LQ70 Panel Size / Type / Backlight98-inch / IPS / Direct LED84-inch / IPS / Edge LED Number of pixels/ Aspect ratio3840 x 2160 pixels / 16:9 Brightness(Panel)500cd/m 2 Contrast Ratio1300:11400:1 Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical)178 / 178 degree Cabinet / Protective glassDurable Aluminum cabinet / Rugged front protection glass InstallationLandscape / Portrait HDMI InputHDMI Type A x 2 (Up to x2 (Up to *HDCP supported DisplayPort InputDisplayPort x 1 (DP1.2) *HDCP supported DVI-D InputDVI-D 24pin x 1 PC InputD-SUB15PIN x 1 (Female) *RGB/YPbPr switchable DIGITAL LINKRJ45 x 1 SDI Input (option) SLOT3.0 Option: 3G-SDI x 1 (w/ active through) *up to 1080/60p SLOT3.0 Option: 3G-SDI x 4 (w/ active through) *up to 4K/60p External Control Serial: D-SUB 9PIN x 1 (RS-232C compatible) LAN: RJ45 x 1 (DIGITAL LINK, PJLink compatible) Power ConsumptionTBD Dimensions (WxHxD) 87.9”x50.7”x4.8” ±0.2” 2223 x 1288 x 122, ±5mm 76.7”x44.9”x3.9” ±0.2” 1949 x 1141 x 99, ±5mm Weight308.7, ±22.1lb / 140, ±10kg220.5, ±22.1lb / 100, ±10kg Product Information Tentative

9 FY 2014 LCD display line-up Line-upFeature Series Indoor Outdoor Video wall Public 55 LFV 70 LFV LFX 60 LFX 6N 47 ・ Ultra-super narrow ・ 24/7 operation ・ High brightness ・ IP55 ・ Digital Link ・ Professional display ・ 24/7 operation ・ Digital Link LF LF LF 60 LFV Series LFX Series LF Series 4K Large Format Prestige Standard LQ LQ Series ・ High Durability ・ 4K Quality ・ Flexibility at Installation ・ Slot3.0 Collaboration LFC Series LFE Series LFB Series LFB 70 LFC 70 LFB ・ Finger touch ・ PC-less interactive ・ Stylish ・ Portrait Installation LFE Interactive Network Standard LFB/LFC ・ Miracast ( for BYOD ) ・ Digital Link


11 Interface Configuration PC-IN RS-232C HDMI 4 DVI AUDIO OUT Video, Audio & Control HDMI 3 HDMI 2 HDMI 1 DIGITAL LINK AUDIO IN AUDIO OPT OUT DisplayPort Front Rear HDMI 2.0 SLOT3.0 (Option) 3G-SDI IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT X 4 IN OUT 3G-SDI X 1 Tentative

12 Specification Comparison Panasonic TH-84LQ70 JVC PS-840UD LG 84WS70 Christie QuadHD84 PanelIPS, 3,840 x 2,160 Brightness500cd/m2350cd/m2500cd/m2350cd/m2 Contrast ratio1400:11600:11400:11600:1 FHD Up-scaling quality ExcellentFair ? Viewing angle (H/V)178 /178 RobustnessYESNO (Slim design) Protection panelYES (Standard)NO Landscape / PortraitYES / YESYES / NOYES / YESYES / NO Screw holes for i-boltYESNO Multi-res. quad display YESNO External remote RS-232C, RJ-45, PJ-LinkRS-232C, RJ-45RS-232, RJ-45, IRRS-232C, RJ-45 Slot interfaceYES (SLOT3.0)NO SDI(option)YESNO HDMIYES (HDMI2.0)YES (HDMI1.4) DisplayPortYES (DP1.2)NOYES (DP1.1)NO DVI-DYESNOYES Analog I/F PC IN (RGB/YPbPr ) VBS 、 YPbPrVBS 、 PC INVBS 、 YPbPr 、 PC IN Picture Quality Picture Quality High Reliability High Reliability Flexibility Expandability Flexibility Expandability Tentative

13 TH-98LQ70TH-103PB1 Dimensions (WxHxD)2,223 x 1,288 x 122mm, ±5mm 87.9”x50.7”x4.8”, ±0.2” 2,412 x 1,419 x 123mm 95.0”x55.9”x4.9” Weight140kg, ±10kg lbs, ±22.1 lbs Approx. 189kg Approx lbs Power ConsumptionTBD1,250W - Comparison between TH-98LQ70 and TH-103PB1 Comparison with PDP TH-84LQ70TH-85PB1 Dimensions (WxHxD)1,949 x 1,141 x 99, ±5mm 76.7”x44.9”x3.9”, ±0.2” 2,015 x 1,195 x 99mm 79.4”x47.1”x3.9” Weight100, ±10kg lbs, ±22.1lbs Approx. 115kg Approx lbs Power ConsumptionTBD1,115W - Comparison between TH-84LQ70 and TH-85PB1 Comparison with PDP

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