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Disruptive Healthcare Innovation Initiative

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1 Disruptive Healthcare Innovation Initiative
Professor Daniel Steenstra Mr Simon Potter Overview

2 Personal Introduction
Royal Academy of Engineering’s first Visiting Professor in Medical Innovation Medicine Design & Innovation Management in Automotive sector (Jaguar) Consultancy in Innovation Management (Unilever, Alstom) HealthTech at WMG / University of Warwick (170 projects; 800 jobs and £50m in sales for SMEs) Developing and commercialising healthcare product and services (Innovations Factory based at Heartlands Hospital)

3 Outline Healthcare challenges Need for innovation
Why disruptive innovation The £1000 scanner Cranfield Disruptive Healthcare Innovation initiative Visionair Deliverables Ongoing project opportunities

4 Healthcare challenges
Rapidly increasing need for healthcare Demand to provide better quality of care No extra funding

5 Demand and Expenditure in the NHS
Simon Potter

6 Need for healthcare and funding
(£) Position? time

7 Need for healthcare and funding
(£) Position? time

8 Increasing efficiency and productivity does not suffice

9 Joseph Schumpeter ‘The Theory of Economic Development’
Need for innovation Innovation is critical to economic change Responses to change in business environment: ‘adaptive response’ – Incremental Innovation ‘creative response’ – Radical Innovation Joseph Schumpeter ‘The Theory of Economic Development’

10 Disruptive Innovation - Theory
e.g. Sony IBM Apple Virgin Performance most demanding customer Sustaining innovation Disruptive innovation least demanding customer Time Clayton Christensen – The Innovator’s Dilemma

11 Disruptive Innovation - Enablers
Simplifying technology Business model innovation Disruptive value network

12 Disruptive Innovation - Why
Focussed on the US healthcare system Lacks practical methods, tools and techniques However disruptive innovation is most appropriate: affordable products and services shift diagnostics, therapy and care out of expensive hospitals back into the community.

13 £1000 Scanner - History Diagnostics in primary care
Inspired by $100 laptop Based on Open Source (OS) and PSS models £1,000 primary care medical scanner

14 Scanning technologies
X – Ray / CT UV Ultrasound NMR / MRI PET / Gamma ray

15 Dedicated MRI - Positioning

16 Dedicated MRI - Pathways

17 Dedicated MRI - Layout

18 Dedicated MRI - Infrastructure
Integrating product and service design


20 Availability contract Vs Pay-per-scan

21 Ultrasound image processing

22 Key Challenges Market pull instead of technology push
Involving patients and other stakeholders Viable business model that provides return on investment for companies investing in manufacture Identify sources of funding for product development Perceived threat to established OEMs Assess infringement of their IP rights Get end-customer buy-in and support PR campaign Regulatory approval Technical files Accredited supply chain

23 Disruptive Healthcare Innovation initiative - Vision
Disruptive Healthcare Innovation Initiative supports sustainable healthcare by leading the development and implementation of practical methods and demonstrators of disruptive healthcare innovations.

24 Disruptive Healthcare Innovation initiative - Elements

25 Disruptive Healthcare Innovation initiative - Demonstrator

26 Integrated system

27 Product / Service System
OK Ultrasound scanner ? Further investigation Aneurysm Intervention Product / Service System

28 Product / Service System
? OK Ultrasound scanner ? Further investigation ? ? ? ? Aneurysm ? Intervention Product / Service System ?

29 Thank you

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